Aug 252007

The end of August means it is State Fair Time!


I can’t remember a year since I was a very little girl that I didn’t go at least one time.  Some years (back when I was a teenager) I would even go to the Fair 5-6 times!  There is no way I would do that these days when admission is $11 for adults and $9 to park.  Sheesh!  For the past several years now, Erick and I will go with maybe a couple of friends for just a few hours with the sole purpose of EATING.  This is the place to go to get your fried-foods and food-on-a-stick fix.  Not to mention the cheese curds!  Most people here in MN wait all stinkin year long to go to the Fair to eat!

It seems that everyone I know was going to the Fair today, and since Erick decided last-minute to go fishing for the weekend, I had nothing else to do today but go to the Fair too!  I ended up going out there with my brother Brian, Michelle and the girls, with the intention of meeting Kim, Mary and the kids out there.  Kimmy was kind enough to give me an admission ticket for free last night (thank you!).  Our brother Jeff lives like 1/2 mile down the road from the Fairgrounds, so we parked at his house and had him drop us off across the street from the main gate.  Can’t beat that kind of service 🙂 

Look at the Sauers at the Fair!  And I am happy to announce to all my blogging friends that next year at Fair time, Annika and Bianca will have a little brother (or sister?).  Yes, you read that correctly! Michelle   just announced that she and Brian are expecting baby #3 due April 10th, 2008.  How exciting is that??!!  Go give Michelle a shout-out, she needs more comments on her blog!


So, back to the Fair.  First we hit up the animal barns:


Besides horses, we saw goats, sheep and pigs.  Pee-yew!!  Those barns are kinda stinky.  Michelle and I decided that pigs are very weird looking creatures.  Aren’t they, though??? Kinda creeped me out thinking about the fetal pig I had to disect in 10th grade biology.


Once we got our animal fix, we started to look for food.  Corn dogs, french fries, cheese curds, cookies. It took me forever to decide what to eat, but finally I decided on fried ravioli. Too bad I couldn’t eat them all! My philosophy is that it is better to share your food, that way you can try many different things 🙂 I will be much more serious about eating when I go back with Erick sometime next week!


We did end up meeting Kim, Mary and the kids at the Kiddie Land for a very short while, but they were planning to stay at the Fair for several more hours and I was ready to leave shortly thereafter with Brian and Michelle.  Before we met Jeff back at the gate, Annika went on a little ride (moving too fast so most of my pics were blurred).  She loved it!


And I must post a pic of Ms. Bianca smiling, because it is just so sweet!

_mg_8032 It was a beautiful short (cheap!) visit to the Fair. Would you believe I only spent $11.50 total?

$5.50 for fried ravioli

$3.00 Dole Whip cone

$3.00 Corn dog

I look forward to going back again with my honey 🙂

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  1. I Love fair food. We didn’t make it to our fair this year. I was so bummed. Looks like you had fun.

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  2. LOVE eating food at the fair!!!! Nachos and cotton candy are the best. That is a HUGE pig!

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  3. I want more cheesecurds! Glad you came with us! It was fun.

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  4. Oh it looks like you had such fun.

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  5. I love the fair!! and of course it is cause of the food! MMM MMM. I’m missing the Oklahoma State Fair so I can visit DH in Korea. Enjoy your yummy goodies and have a corn dog for me when you go back.

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  6. Looks like you had fun at the fair. Wish we could’ve come up to see you guys! I’m REALLY craving the choc cookies… and the fried ravioli! Maybe not together, but they both sound good! Hope you have a great first day back at school!

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  7. So funny that you mentioned cheese curds. I had never heard of cheese curds until I met my husband. He is from Wisconsin and that is like an everyday staple there. We brought some back after our first visit there so our friends and family could try them and now everytime we go we get requests for them.
    Fried Ravioli souds yummy!!

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  8. Love me some fair food, corndogs and cotton candy are the best!

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  9. oh man…
    fair food sounds so yummy!

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  10. OMG, I can’t tell you the last time I went to a Carnival or a Fair,, and summer is almost over, tee hee, on the pig 😉

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