Jan 012008

As I mentioned previously, my family holds a Foosball Tournament every year when we all get together for the big Birthday Party.
This is serious business in my family, folks….. no kidding! For 21 years now we have been having the tourney and my dad is the official "Commissioner" of The  Foosball Tournament.
Partners are drawn from a name in the hat and then written into the tournament bracket system….

Winners from past years are recognized in a variety of ways:


The Championship pair must choose between them who will take home the coveted Toilet Bowl Trophy.  They are responsible for re-painting it for the next year’s tourney.  Check out the 2008 version! Looks pretty good considering there are 20 coats of paint under the current look!

This year I was paired with my cousin’s boyfriend, Tony.  He is really good…so good that we went all the way to the Championship Game!!! Unfortunately we lost 🙁
It was nice having so many of my cousins at the party….this is just a fraction of us!

Wanted to share a few other family pics from that day…..

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  1. what fun!
    I love that you guys have had that tradition for so long! congrats on the almost championship!

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  2. what a cool tradition!! looks like fun!

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  3. looks super fun!
    our family gets nutso like that with the brackets and tourney style with board games!! lol

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  4. That looks like some serious stuff…….but very very fun!! What a great tradition 🙂

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