Mar 012008

Last night was a really fun night…..a personal shower and bachelorette party for Kelly, one of my college girls.  Up until Friday night I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it, having been sick earlier in the week and overworked the rest.  Laura (brown) told me I better go…it was too long since "party Kristi" had come out with them.  Too true…I couldn’t let my girls down and I knew I’d have fun.  It was a pretty wild night, very few of the pics Laura and I took will actually make it to this blog!
We started with a personal shower for Kelly. Whoa, nelly! I think the "cleanest" gift that she received was this pink John Deere hat  (Kelly will soon be living on a farm after her wedding) I don’t dare show you any of her other gifts, but you do realize this was a bachelorette party….use your imagination!

Here is Laura (blonde) with her 10-day old baby girl, Keira.  I’d kill to have a body like hers just days after having a baby! Laura didn’t come out with us on the bus, but we sure missed her…


After the shower 19 of us girls piled into this bad boy: The Pink Panther bus.
We started the night at Shamrock’s, then to Moose Country to shake our booties, then finished the night at Bogart’s to see the Johnny Holm Band.  Such a fun time!  I still had a ton of fun even though I kept it pretty tame…I tried to drink but they just didn’t want to go down so good. Being there with everyone and seeing the drunken fun was worth it!

Me and Laura.  Notice the wavy hair? I used my three-barrell for the first time since this time. I kinda felt like a had a fro! I also bought a new outfit on the way to the party.  Gotta love that!

We got back to Kelly’s sister’s house late at night, ate a ton of munchies and then had a giant sleepover.  Laura and I stayed up most of the night, looking at all of our pictures and laughing our asses off! Ah, it was almost like the old days when we all lived together in college.  I miss those days so much when I hang with these girls.  I love them! I will post a group picture when Laura sends me her photos.

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  1. my first comment is – she did NOT just have a baby 10 days ago! holy crap. that’s fantastic.
    you guys look like you had a great time. that’s such a cute photo of everyone looking down at the camera!

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  2. p.s. cute hair!

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  3. She looks GREAT!!! WOW! That is ONE pink bus!

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  4. it looks like you all had a blast!!! what a precious baby and the mom looks amazing. you seem to have so much fun. you go, girl!

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