Sep 092008

It was a beautiful, somewhat cool day on Saturday for Darrell & Denise's wedding.   They were married at the gorgeous Assumption Catholic Church in St Paul.



We had a limo for the evening with our other awesome neighbors and good friends, Jere and Shannon…(Thanks again for setting that up, Shannon!) It was nice to have all that space for just four people!


We made a stop at Il Vesco Vino for appetizers and drinks before the reception.  I will be doing a review very shortly! The restaurant is in an old converted mansion, with a gorgeous patio and gardens.


The reception was at Christo's in the Union Depot. 


The dinner was awesome!  The dessert was even more fabulous (Milopita~ Glazed apple slices baked in phyllo with ricotta and cream cheese ) …. too bad I never got to eat more than a bite of mine before it was cleared away 🙁

One of my FAVORITE parts of the evening was the Mariachi Band.  They serenaded everyone throughout dinner.  I love Mariachis!!!


I spent the night "getting low, low, low" and "dropping it like its hot".  I love to dance! My dang feet hurt so dang bad by the end of the night!(And my whole body hurt the next day when I woke up! LOL)


We all had fun dancing…..



Pics of me with the Bride…….


and Groom……


We stayed at the party until the very end and then Darrell and Denise jumped in the limo with us and we all went back to our neighborhood.  The bride and groom left just a few short hours later for their honeymoon 😉

Felicidades, mis amigos!

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  1. The bride is so beautiful. My cousin had her reception at the depot many many years ago. I like it there. Fancy wedding.

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  2. Looks like a fantastic wedding! Congrats to them!

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  3. The church looks very pretty and it looks like you had fun. I’ve been in the Union Depot for a reception before. Doesn’t it suck that we used to be able to dance all night and not be affected but now that were “old” we are all sore in the morning?

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  4. Love the new look of the blog! Great pics!

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  5. What a beautiful wedding! And you look great!!

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