Halloween Weekend…..

Halloween Weekend…..

Ahhhh, what a busy but fun weekend!
Time flies when you're having fun!

Friday night I passed out candy for a little while and then got together with a bunch of the neighbors for a little fire.  Its great having cool neighbors to hang with and still be within feet from home!
Saturday night was the annual Halloween Party at our friends' place.  I have to give a huge Thank YOU shout out to Denise for helping me put my costume together and doing my makeup.  It was a musician-themed party so I went as……. Crazy Britney!! Many people wore costumes that were not music-related and it was still cool!
Here I am with my friend Heather (aka Poison Ivy)

There were some great costumes at the party and I don't think I took nearly enough photos, but here are a few.  Some of the guys jammin out on Rock Band




Unfortunately I am unable to post a photo of my favorite costume of the party……the Snake Charmer! Seriously too funny!!!

On Sunday night I went with a big group of friends to The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement.  We were brought deep down into the chambers below the Factory (in groups of four) and had to discover our way out (ALIVE!)  It was the scariest haunted house any of had ever been in, but I think I was more disoriented that scared.  I was more concerned about finding my way out and making sure I didn't trip in the dark that I didn't really allow myself to be scared.  It was still cool and glad I got to go!

Hope everyone else had a nice Halloween weekend too!

8 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend…..

  1. OMG, I would never be able to do the haunted basement thing… NEVER! I’m glad you made it out alive!!
    Love the costume!

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  2. i handed out candy for the first time at my house there must have been a couple hundred kids, it was fun for my first time alot of neet costumes

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  3. Looks like you had fun. Wish I could have made it. I love your wig and makeup. You should send me photo album of all the pics from that night, including the snake charmer, whoever that was! That basement thing sounds so scary! I would never be able to do that. I’ll have to tell my sister about that! She loves that stuff.

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