Vikings & Foosball- Better luck next year!

Vikings & Foosball- Better luck next year!

I know its already old news, but despite the fact that I (along with my niece Bianca below) and thousands of other Vikes fans got all decked out in Purple Pride this past Sunday for the first round of the NFL playoffs, the $%&$*()&* Vikings lost to the Eagles.  Not really a surprise since they are so good at letting us down year after stinking year, but it is nice to have hope sometimes.  Better luck next year!

Sunday was also the 22nd Annual Sauer Family Foosball Tournament.  We have the tourney every year at the celebration of my dad, aunt and uncle's Famous Birthday
Guess who I was randomly paired with this year? Michelle! And we did NOT make it to the championship round like I did last year.  Oh no we didn't.  In fact, our team was shut out this year 🙁

Better luck next year!
IMG_3256This is the winning team in action.  My cousin Collin is really good, he has won the trophy 6 times now!!

IMG_3271The prize is the coveted Toilet Bowl Trophy, which the winner proudly displays in their home for the year of their Championship.  Each year it is repainted  by the previous year's winners.  Here is the 2009 design:


It was a fun time and I think it is so cool that our family has such a unique tradition!

9 thoughts on “Vikings & Foosball- Better luck next year!

  1. Yeah, I rock at foosball (note the sarcasm!). It is a neat tradition although I really don’t like playing 🙂 I’ve already forgotten about that craphole team that lets us down year after year.

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  2. how fun you were paired with michelle!
    bummer about the shut out though 🙁
    maybe next year you’ll win the trophy!

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  3. you have such a fun family and miss b is so cute! i have disliked the vikings since that a hole randy moss played….

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  4. I haven’t played Foosball in ages. Sorry about your Vikes, well not really, but at least you and Miss B look good in purple.

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