May 082009

Be prepared to to be bombarded with a ton of awesome photos this weekend!

I couldn't choose just 5-10 items on the list as I mentioned in my update yesterday, instead I ended up with probably 22 of them (it was hard to leave anything out!). The number of photos I chose for each category item varies, but every single participant has at least one entry in the "favorite series" 🙂
I will keep each of these polls open for one week. Please vote based on your true favorite!


Lovingmom-Something Musical 


Jennifer-Photo Hunt 2009 067 












Djharner-winona 017

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  1. What a cool idea.
    My Fav is the pink piano 🙂
    Love it 😀
    Your red guitar is second, but can’t vote for that 😉

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  2. This is a such a great way to vote for the best pics. I went through and voted the ones I like best and Michael went through and did his favorites and our opinions are completely different which makes the voting fun! I like this format.

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