Jun 232009

Spent Father's Day with my family up at my parents' house.  We had been planning to do some boating but it was very overcast and slightly windy, but we did get down to the marina for a little while.  The girls were trying to catch minnows in the little net my dad bought them for that purpose.
I don't think they caught many minnows but Annika was quite pleased with herself that she caught a "butterfly" in Grandma's garden (Made of wire! lol)
 Bennett trying to keep up with his big sis… this kid is always on the move and boy does he move quick!
Did you notice Bennett's adorable curls? When he would stop for a split second I had to get his pic no matter who had him! (Lots of Bennett pics today)



IMG_7369 copy

I have said it before, but my niece Bianca is the funniest little kid! She is talking so good and she has the cutest little voice and how she says things.  She is also the queen of funny faces. Here I caught a genuine smile and I just love it

IMG_7377 copy

For dinner we had Smoked Ham, cheesy hashbrowns, grilled veggies, baked beans, corn and dinner rolls.  Don't these grilled veggies look amazing? They were!
My Gram & Gramp also came to dinner.  The past year since their 60th Anniversary party went so dang fast! They celebrate their 61st in less than 2 weeks.

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day too!

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  1. Ha! Too funny. Ethan has that same little orange MVP shirt!! So cute!

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  2. His curls are adorable!!! He looks just like his dad!

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  3. I’ve said it a gazillion times before, but he’s such a cutie!! I love those curls!

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  4. What a beautiful family! I’ve always had insane blond envy. I know no matter what, I’ll never be attractive as a blonde! Probably why I date them haha.

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