Jul 132009

I bet ya'll didn't know I was going to Texas, did ya?

Well, I didn't know either until last Thursday!  It wasn't until Thursday morning that the official call came offering me to come to Austin for 3 weeks to be an Assessor for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.  A paid position with all expenses paid? Count me in!  The perks are great but I am doing it for the professional opportunity.  I have always dreamed to be a National Board Certified Teacher, but the process is very lengthy (almost two years) and very difficult.  As an assessor I am part of a team of highly qualified teachers who are reviewing the portfolios of candidates in the area of Mathematics.  That is all I am at liberty to say, this is top-secret business, let me tell ya!  There are only 20 of us on this project and ten of them are local.  I am the youngest (by far) staying at the hotel, so it looks like I might be exploring this beautiful (and HOT!!) city all by my lonesome.  Don't worry- I will be very safe and always on the lookout 😉

Anyway, as you can imagine, finding out last-minute that I was going to be out of town for a month (3 weeks in TX, then a week in CO for a family vacation) involves a lot of scrambling around.  I have had a lot going on anyway…I have tons of photos from the past two weeks that I haven't even looked at yet, let alone edit or blog about.  It looks like I'll have plenty of time in the evenings to catch up.  I feel lonesome already.  I  brought movies and books along to keep me busy, and will be posting more of my favorites on the Photo Hunt Challenges blog this week. 

Since this is my first Texas post, I thought I'd post the few photos I have taken so far.

From the plane…


A view of Dallas from above (I had a short layover there on the way to Austin)


Cool shadow of the plane as we approached the landing


My rental car- 2009 Dodge Charger


And my suite for the next 3 weeks





I'll be back soon with many more blog posts (remember I need to catch up!)

Time to go find a bite to eat…….

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  1. Hi, I had no idea you were leaving. Jake’s surgery is this week. I would like to talk to you before he goes in. Lanee and friends are planning a benefit for him but it probably won’t be until you are back hopefully.

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  2. Really cool opportunity. Good for you.

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  3. yay for fun travel opportunities! Have fun and be safe. See you in a few weeks!

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  4. They are flying me home for the weekend late July 24th and then I leave again the 26th….I have presents for the girls so I will probably stop over to see you guys.  When is her party?

  5. Wow! I bet this was a fun surprise! Have fun down there and be safe. 🙂

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  6. have fun in texas! what a great opportunity!
    love the airplane shadow pic! very cool.

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  7. How fun!! Enjoy your trip!!

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  8. WoW! What an honor Kristi! I hope you have time to see some sites while you’re there and let us know what you think about the area. I’ve always wanted to go to Texas.

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  9. what a great opportunity! Have fun! I look forward to seeing the pictures!

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