Dec 262009

Last week my dear friend Noemy married Traves, the Love of her Life and I was appointed official wedding photographer.  My sweet SIL Michelle gave me a quick tutorial and let me borrow her "old" camera, a Canon DSLR to take photos and for a first-timer, they turned out pretty good!  I have been waiting all week to post some of the beautiful photos of the wedding party but wanted to make sure Noemy saw them first.   As of last night the bride has finally seen her photos, so I am now able to share them with you!


IMG_3562 copy



Congrats Noemy and Traves! 

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  1. Great job Kristi! The last one is my favorite. See you were jumping to conclusions last week. I think they look great! What a gorgeous bride to work with!

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  2. Awwwwwww how BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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    Thanks Adrienne!  It was fun although it was FREEZING!!!!  Next time I will wear some warm boots!!

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    Thanks, Michelle.  Considering I didn't know the camera at all, the pictures turned out better than I hoped.  Noemy and Traves were both great subjects and thanks so much for your suggestion of Manitou Island.  I am going to go out and play with cameras this week and make a final decision very soon.  Thanks again for letting me use your older Canon (is it a Rebel?)

  5. Your photos look great! Congrats to Noemy and Traves!

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  6. Great job, girl!! I LOVE that last photo with the sun flair, flag and pop of her roses. You are so sweet to have done this for them. They’re lucky to have these beautiful photos to help them remember their special day!

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