Calling all Bacon Lovers ~ Bacon Novelties

Calling all Bacon Lovers ~ Bacon Novelties

Do you love Bacon?  Mmm, I do!  And as I was looking for something tonight I came across some fun bacon stuff and thought I'd make a post out of it…..

Did you know you could sign up for a Bacon of the Month Club at The Pig Next Door?  They boast bacon made from "America's finest bacon artisans".  Starting at $99 for 6 months (aka 6 lbs) of bacon

If you would like some bacon-flavor without the actual bacon, try some Baconnaise


Bacon Salt


Chocolate Covered Bacon  Two of the tastiest, unhealthiest items you could ever pair….I bet it is wonderful!

Pro photos of products 2009 123

Bacon Lollipop

Man bait composite

Now all the yumminess aside, have you ever cut yourself? You could have your very own  Bacon Bandages!


Or you could be really fashionable with this Bacon Wallet


Bacon T-Shirt


 Now who wants some bacon!?

7 thoughts on “Calling all Bacon Lovers ~ Bacon Novelties

  1. Tell me the Baconaise is real.
    Cuz I want it.
    EEEEEEEEEE!!!! What if it actually tastes good!??!!?? Can you imagine!??? I know I’d eat a lot more sandwhiches.
    That is so cool.

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  2. I was doing just fine until the bacon wallet . . . for some reason that just grossed me out. And I have to admit that the Baconnaise actually sounds good!

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  3. Baconnaise sounds good! Other than that, I’ll pass on it all. Chocolate Covered Bacon?! And Bacon Lolly Pops?! WTH?! No thanks! I didn’t know people loved Bacon so much.

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  4. NUH UHH!! OMgoodness we HAVE a super target here on the Tx side of the border that I always drive past on my way to Walmart.
    So I might actually be able to purchase this!? EEEEEEEEEEE!!! NO WAAAYYY!!!!
    Oh heavens to betsy and I’ve got to go to go that way this week for a return. If they have it I am SO buying it! EEEEE LOL how exciting! 😛
    And the chocolate covered bacon? I thought chocolate covered potato chips were disgusting until I tried one – and they’re fabulous! – so I’m not going to knock it just yet 😛

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  5. < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    Baconnaise is definitely real! I have not yet had it but you can buy it at Super Target! If you can't find it I would be happy to find some and send it to ya….

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