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A New Challenge (PH#6) has been posted over at Photo Hunt Challenges for the month of February!  Go sign-up if this looks like something you would like to tackle ;)

Here is the list, all items are open to interpretation!

1. A tower

2. “Main Street”

3. Five

4. A dog or cat

5. Two of a kind

6. A clock

7. A game

8. Something sweet

9. B&W w/selective coloring

10. Your own reflection

11. A mirror image

12. Night image

13. Something homemade

14. Something pink

15. Something romantic

16. A candid shot

17. A portrait

18. A symbol of love

19. A landscape

20. Chocolate

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  1. I will be game :)!
    Cool – should be able to do it :)

    (And love the new blog!)

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  2. Look at your fancy new blog!! It looks awesome. Hope the switchover is going well. :) Excited to participate this month!!

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