Mar 292011

I have been blogging for 6 years (but have had a personal website for 11 years) and I might be a bit guilty of a few of these (highlighted in magenta)…..

1. You speak in code. (My guy HATES this!)

2. Your twitter account links to your blog, which links to your tumblr account which links to your flickr account. (Not exactly that order but connected between my blog, Facebook and Twitter)

3. You are surprised when someone asks how you are doing. Don’t they read your blog? Haha!

4. You’ve ever wrote a post titled “Things Every Blogger Should Know“.

5. You count introducing your boyfriend/girlfriend to your blog as a significant relationship milestone. (6 years of blogging and I still haven’t officially introduced him, nor will that ever happen.  Unlike me he is very private)

6. You know the difference between a tag and a category.

7. You’ve spent way too long thinking of the perfect word.  And have lost sleep when you didn’t find it. (Never struggled with a word but i struggle with titles all the time!)

8.  You are addicted to pinterestetsyheartsy (!), regretsy or dropbox.

9. Steve Jobs is your personal Jesus. (Once you go Mac you never go back)

10.  You would shank your grandmother for a book deal.

11. You have ever taken pictures of your food. Boy do I ever!!!

12. Your first thought when you get a picture taken with any large mascot is “Yes! This is going on the blog”. (I definitely have mascot pics on this blog! lol)

13. You followed @shitmydadsays before it became a television show.

14. You could perfectly replicate the header of your top 5 favourite blogs but struggle to remember your home address. (I doubt I could ever forget!)

15. You are signed up for this.

Original is here.


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  1. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate!

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  3. Haha I can relate to several of those! Especially taking pictures of my food… my friends think I’m nuts.

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  4. #3 is funny because when someone asks, I just tell them to go to my blog! I take pics of my food a lot too. 🙂

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