Dec 152011

Elf on the Shelf

Have you seen this phenomena around Facebook or the internet??

A few weeks ago I saw a post on FB where my SIL Michelle posted this photo (below) and I had no idea what it was all about, but then I saw more elves doing more mischievous deeds and caught on to the idea.

It is the latest way for parents to bribe their kids into being good during the month of December.  Apparently you tell your kids that Santa sent this Elf to watch you and every night he reports back to Santa.  More info and ideas about Elf on the Shelf in this video (Youtube has hundreds of Elf on a Shelf pranks and ideas!)

Apparently you can find a ton of ideas for your Elf on a Shelf on various blogs……. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME to pull pranks (on behalf of your Elf) in the middle of the night.  No?  Check out what a blogger mommy at “People I want To Punch in the Throat” blog has to say about Over-Achieving Elf on the Shelf MommiesJenny posted the link to this article on FB last night and I thought it was simply HILARIOUS and had to share!! Even if you have no idea about this phenomena, it is a very funny read, go check it out!

What are your thoughts on Elf on the Shelf?  Do you do this with your kids? What is your Elf’s name? What kind of pranks has he/she pulled?


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  1. I think that I am the ONLY mom that is not doing Elf on the Shelf, or so it seems. I think it’s a fun idea. I don’t know how creative I would get with it. We will probably do it next year. I thought about it this year, but I am going to wait another year until Ruby is a little bit older.

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  2. I read a lot about it last year, what a great idea! Off to check out the link…

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  3. OMG, that blog post is hilarious! I found a picture this morning of what an Elf did. I can’t attach it here but I’ll send it to you by email. Funny stuff!

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  4. Lol that picture totally cracks me up, too funny.

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  5. My Boss told me about this. I was going to try it with Jake but I think he is still too small to understand. Maybe next year.

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  6. No kids, so no elf for us. Maybe we should prank the pets. :p

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  7. I haven’t done elf on a shelf, but after seeing some fun photo around the internet, I almost started, but really I already cannot keep up with the fish we have, so moving the elf everyday oy. I did see that blog post before this, and I had to agree on some of her points.

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