Mar 272012

Howdy! Here I am finding myself with about seven minutes to blog before I have to leave for work and I wanted to get these pictures of my nephew’s 4th birthday up before he turns five! lol

Can you believe how fast the past four years has gone???!! Most of you reading this blog now were reading it then, too and may remember that he was born a month premature (just like me!) and had to spend his first few weeks in the hospital. This year Bennett got a ton of cool toys for his birthday as well as an awesome new bike. We got him a transformers Optimus Prime costume and some wacky animal figurines with inter-changeable parts (think Mr Potato Head).  Overall, he was one happy dude 😉

These trick candles on his cake were pretty funny to watch him try to blow out. ha ha!  The cake was from movie CARS.
Bennett Birthday Candles 2012

Ms. Annika showing a design-your-own-birdhouse she got. Each of these kids gets presents on each other’s birthdays.  They are spoiled well-loved kids!
Annika Bird House
Ms Bianca
Bianca with Toy
Brian and Michelle
Brian and Michelle March 2012
Erin and Stew
Stew and erin March 2012
Erin and Chandler
Erin and Chandler March 2012

It was a fun time and nice to see everyone.


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  1. The Optimus Prime costume sounds awesome! I’m jealous

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  2. Holy carp! Time flies!

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