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For those of you following this blog, you know that back in June I traveled to sunny California to witness the beautiful nuptials of my little brother and his love, Amanda. While the wedding itself was small and intimate, and the wedding dinner was amazing, they wanted to be able to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family back home in Minnesota, so they threw one heck of a party at the Metropolitan Club at Target Field in September.
Amanda and Jeff Reception

One of the highlights of the reception was seeing a video of Jeff & Amanda’s wedding on the Jumbotron at Target Field.  Jeff had rented a high-tech professional video camera while we were in California and had a few other cameras set up as well.  He worked his videography magic and put together an amazing video of the event.  Read this post on his blog for more info! PS, if you don’t follow Jeff’s blog, you really should! He has been blogging for 11+ years.  He also has a new travel blog, Jeffsetter.com
Here is the short version of the video but you should also watch the longer version if you have the time!

Long version, It is almost like being there 😉

I could go on and on about the awesomeness of Jeffanda’s reception; the food and desserts were amazing, some of the best wedding food you could have.  And they had an OPEN BAR (anything goes!) the ENTIRE NIGHT (6pm-12am).  This mama-to-be didn’t touch a drop of alcohol, of course 😉

The best part of the reception was the fact that tons of my family members on both my mom and dad’s sides were able to make it!! I LOVE my family and feel so blessed that it is so big.  My dad is from a family of seven siblings and my mom a family of eight siblings.  Not everyone was able to make it but there was still a great turnout, especially the Sauer side.
I will start with photos from my dad’s side of the family since I hadn’t seen them since Heidi & Anthony’s wedding back in June.
The Magnificent Seven…. my Dad and all his siblings! (Not arranged by age)
Sauer Siblings
Newlyweds Heidi and Anthony
Heidi and Anthony
Cindy and Steve (my Godfather)
Cindy and Steve
Gene and Susan
Gene and Susan
My cousin Katie and her bf Mike
Katie and Michael
Joe and Mary
Joe and Mary
Nick, Jake, Natalie and Angela (Joe and Mary’s kids)
Nick Jake Natalie and Angela
My other cousin Katie and her husband EZ (yes, two Katies on one side of the family, both blood cousins 😉
KT and EZ
Joan and John
John and Joan
Janice and Bill
Janice & Bill
Some of the Sauer cousins
Sauer Cousins at Jeffanda's reception
Some of the Sauer men and their infamous Martini Toast
Sauer Men Martini Toast
Kim, Dave and Brian
Kim Dave and Kristi
My Mom and Dad
Fran and Jim

Okay, now on to my mom’s side of the family (many of my cousins live in other states and weren’t able to come, unfortunately)
Newlyweds Carol and Chris
Carol and Chris
Bob, Cassie and Chris
Bob Cassie Chris
Newly engaged Casey and Nadia
Casey and Nadia
Zach, Kristin and Gracie
Zach Kristin and Grace
Paul and his gf Patti
Patty and Paul
Daniel Boone (who flew in from AZ!) and me
Daniel and Kristi
Payton and Kristin
Payton and Kristin
Gram and Gramp
Gramp and Gram

Okay, I know this post is crazy long and photo-filled but the show must go on….
on to the dancing that is!!
Amanda and her Danicng Girls
Jeffanda Silly Dance
Me with my sisters Michelle, Amanda and LaShara, Amanda’s BFF
LaShara Kristi Amanda Michelle
Dancing Grace
A few more miscellaneous….
Tom and LaShara
Tom and LaShara
Toya and Hucky
Toya and Harlan
Mandy and Brandon
Mandy and Brandon
Me and Jeffrey
Jeff and Kristi
Christina and Matt (Amanda’s brother and SIL)
Christina and Matt Helbling
Alright, I better wrap this up!! Hope you enjoyed the wedding video and the recap 😉


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  2. Awesome post and pictures. Thanks for everything!

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  3. what a great night! glad you had a good time – it looks FAB!

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  4. My gosh that looks like an amazing time! I love weddings!

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  5. Your family has THE BEST events. Looks like a fun one!

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  6. Your brother is a fierce poser! :p

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