Feb 272013

Many of you already know what we’re naming our baby boy and since the time is quickly approaching (50 days or so!), I figured I might as well make it internet official 😉

E and I had discussed names for quite some time before we had our BIG Ultrasound to determine baby’s gender.  He had the boy’s name he loved picked out for years, and I instantly loved it as well.  We wanted a name that was cute, unique (especially with such a  common last name), and strong sounding for a boy (and future Man!).  Trying to choose a girl’s name was much more difficult…. we couldn’t seem to agree on many. As a teacher, I have heard thousands of kids names over the years and I didn’t want one that was too trendy, traditional, or associated with a student.  Tough job!!

When our ultrasound tech told us that the baby was a BOY, it was very easy to name him since we already had the name picked out that we both loved.

And that name is…….

Bretton Wayne L_ _ _ _ _

Wayne is a E’s grandfather’s name and the middle name of his father and brother. It seemed fitting for our first born son.

Don’t you love it?! We certainly do!!

So excited to meet our little guy!!

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  1. I love it! We had Sawyer’s name picked out for almost two years before we even tried to get pregnant and couldn’t decide on a girl’s name. I, too, was hesitant to share it online. It seemed to make it real. Our stories are eerily similar…I can’t wait to meet Bretton.

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  2. Even though I knew the name already, congratulations on the reveal! The name is definitely unique and I like it a lot. I also love the family tradition of the middle name and the legacy it holds. Not to steal your thunder here but this is my 500th comment on your blog! I’ve been with you for awhile!

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  3. What a great name!

    That’s funny, we had a girls name all picked out and couldn’t even agree on a short list of boy names. My husband didn’t like any of mine and didn’t have any suggestions of his own. Lilian is a family name and Jane is for a friend’s mom who died of cancer. We were pretty relieved to find out we were having a girl. If it had been a boy, he still probably wouldn’t have a name. :p

    Good thing I had a girl and you’re having a boy!

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  4. I have never heard that name before and I love it. 🙂 How original.
    50 days?! EEEEK! You are getting so close.

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  5. What a nice strong, unique name! Love it

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