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26 years of Family Foosball Tournaments!!!??? Heck yeah!

Who’s family is super awesome like that??  Mine! The Sauer Family!
Like all other years since I have been blogging, I am here to document this year’s event which always coincides with the “famous family birthday” of my dad, his brother and sister, who were all born on Dec 30, one year apart .  It was a BFD and made national news!). The Tourney was held at Brian & Michelle’s this year… nice and close for some of us!

This year I was paired up with my brother Brian. We rocked the first round and then lost a close game in round 2.  Neither of us has practiced or practiced since last year at Foosball XXV.  But then again, I don’t think anyone else does either….  Its just our once-a-year family tradition)Here I am playing at nearly 6 months pregnant! Side note: I thought I was huge at the time but looking back, I wasn’t even that big yet! lol (At least not from the looks of this photo)
My Dad is the Commissioner of Foosball, therefore he sets the rules. His new rule this year is that newlyweds would be paired together. Jefanda was representing, complete with matching Team Jefanda tshirts!
Newlyweds Heidi and Anthony were also paired together 😉

Some of the other foosball partnerings…
My Dad (champ of Foosball XXV) and Aunt Mary (Ring of Honor awardee after winning 4 championships over the year.  She also gets “Most Enthusiastic” honors. lol

Several of the next generation were also able to play this year for the first time!
Sheleigh.  Michele LOVES foosball and looks forward to it 364 days a year.  I jest… quite the opposite. lol
Intense final round…
Here is the final result
Congrats to Uncle Joe and Mike K (cousin Katie’s BF)

Here is the coveted Toilet Bowl Trophy sporting a fresh coat of paint and design.

Did I mention that Foosball Tourney XXVI was also the same day as the Vikings vs Packers game??? (Game 16 of the regular season ). The Vikings won themselves a spot in playoffs with a win. Skol!!! The Sauer family loves the Vikings and may have been more into watching the game than the foosball tourney…. but don’t tell my dad! lol. Oh wait, he is in the front row watching it too!
The birthday crew

It was a fun day and reminded me once again of how blessed I am 🙂

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  1. Is it that time of year again already??

    Love the pics. Your family sounds like so much fun!

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  2. Your family sounds awesome.

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  3. You guys are so cute as a family!

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