Feb 162013

Highlights of the past week:

  1. Baby Maverick’s arrival (Erin & Stew)
  2. Birthday wishes
  3. Long distance calls from my Gram & Gramp
  4. Group call on my birthday from my parents, Bri, Mich and the kids down in Florida
  5. Lobster Mac & Cheese
  6. 1:1 with my boss
  7. School dance
  8. Valentine’s Day gifts from my sweetie
  9. Steak dinner
  10. Progress on the school yearbook
  11. Visiting with Haley and baby Sawyer
  12. Collecting $ for Pennies for Patients
  13. Fresh haircolor
  14. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
  15. Resolution with the owner of Acqua
  16. w30 complete (only 9 more to go!)

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  1. If you get time, let me know what happened about your photo and Acqua!

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