Mar 012013

Oh, how did it get to be the month of March already??  Time has been flying.  That means that April and the arrival of my baby boy are just around the corner!! Yikes!! I need this month to slooooooooooooow dooooooowwwwwnn.  Seriously.  I need a super power that allows me to freeze time.  I checked in on Facebook yesterday to see several friends posting pics of their new babies who have grown so much since they were born…. how does 3 months or 6 months pass by so quickly?? Bretton hasn’t even been born yet and I am already sad at how fast his tininess and newness will pass.  Is that weird??  he is already growing so fast, I mean… look at me! I took this pic a few days ago (32wks 4 days)
33weeks! Sorry if you're tired of seeing my big preggo self! Want to document this belly weekly from this point on!

I pray every day that he waits until his due date, but I know that I don’t have control over that.  I know that we will be just fine if he arrives early but the truth is that I don’t want to have to go back to work at the very end of the school year.  If he waits until his due date I won’t have to officially go back until the end of August 😉

So, while I welcome Spring, I hope it doesn’t come too fast

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  1. You’re in luck, because the last month draaaaaaags. 😉

    Seriously, though, I know that feeling of “stay tiny! stay tiny! I’m so sad that you’re not going to stay tiny.” The way the baby blues took shape for me was to get all weepy about how she was never going to be this small again.

    But, you know what? They get better when they get bigger. I’ve heard tell that this stops being the case when they’re teenagers, but for now it’s actually pretty awesome. Last night, I took our daughter to Target and put her in the little sitting area of the shopping cart for the first time. Not only is that waaaay easier than trying to figure out how to schlep her and push a cart at the same time, it’s so much fun to watch her laugh and smile as the cart goes over bumps.

    So, yeah, they keep getting bigger. But that just means that there’s more fun stuff you can do with them. 😀

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  2. Agreed with Hope, while the itty bittyness is sweet and oh so fleeting, they get so fun when they walk and talk, then form into little people. I do miss the chubby toddler years at times, and that snuggly baby feeling, but my kids are at an age where we can have real conversations, talk about hopes and dreams, mold into good people and hey, they still love to snuggle, so it’s fantastic! Time will go slowly in these last weeks, believe me, been there 3 times! AHHHH!

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  3. You’re so cute! I hope he arrives on time. That would be perfect planning to have the entire summer with him!

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  4. You look GREAT!!!! I hope he waits until his due date as well, that would be awesome to have that extended time home with him instead of having to return to work. I am crossing my fingers for ya!!!

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