Mar 142013

Have you been watching the news lately about the resignation of Pope Bendict XVI and the search for a new Pope? In the past few days, the World has been watching the Vatican for news of a new Pope during Conclave and in case you hadn’t heard the news, a new Pope from Argentina was elected yesterday.

Pope Francis


The Pope is a BFD, even if you aren’t Catholic!  Apparently the new leader is very humble and chose his name after St Francis of Assissi.  There is hope that he will restore faith in the Catholic Church after so many years of scandal.

While I was born and raised Catholic and nearly my entire extended family still follows it, I do not consider myself Catholic and haven’t since I was 12.  I won’t get into the reasons, I just knew at that time that the Catholic Church wasn’t for me.  Despite this fact, I can see the enthusiasm of Catholics around the world who are thrilled that Pope Francis will be their new leader.

Any thoughts or excitement on your end about the new Pope? Or could you care less?



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  1. I was born and baptized Catholic but pretty much have never been a practicing Catholic and do not consider myself one. Despite this, I’ve still been interested about who was going to be voted in as the new pope. This guy seems like a really good choice based on what the news reports about him and will be good for the Catholic church however I can’t stand behind him with his orthodox thoughts about homosexuality, contraception and his thoughts about women’s role in the church but I won’t discount the fact of all he’s done for the poor and that he just wants to be treated like an ordinary person.

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