May 242013

My grandparents have a house in Arizona where they live for 7-8 months of the year, but they also have a home in  MN that they come back to every summer.  They came back to MN at the beginning of May so I gave them a couple of days to settle in before I brought Bretton to see them.  What a sweet meeting! My grandparents love babies and they are so excited for E and I.  Bretton is their seventh great-grandbaby and they adore him; they most certainly enjoyed holding him and talking to him.  It was very sweet.  I am ever so thankful that I still have my grandparents, especially after the major stroke my Gramps had two years ago when we thought for awhile that he wasn’t going to make it.  They are the last of the great-grandparents that Bretton has and I hope he gets to know them while we are fortunate enough to have them around.

We went to the Green Mill for lunch, which was Bretton’s first restaurant experience ( unless you count Culver’s).  He slept in his car seat the whole time and did great.  They gave him his first (and so far ONLY) Teddy Bear, which is so soft.  Teddy comes with us in the car seat everywhere we go now.  I plan to take Bretton’s monthly photos with it throughout the first year.


This is Bretton’s stink face.  It usually means either: 1. Bretton wants more milk!  2.  Bretton hates being in his car seat  3. Bretton is too hot  4.  Bretton has a dirty diaper.  In this case it was the first three 😉

We look forward to spending more time with Gram and Gramp this summer 😉

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  1. He looks like a Sauer in that last picture!!! 🙂

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  2. and btw, he is just precious. 🙂

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