May 102013

Shortly after giving birth to Bretton, we made calls to our families to give them the special news.  We were both exhausted after a very long and tiring night so we both planned on getting a few hours sleep before having any visitors.  E went home for a few hours to take a nap but I wasn’t able to get any sleep that day before the visitors started to arrive.  It’s all good

I had requests to send or post photos ASAP but it was very hard since I was pretty much confined to the bed.  I was able to take a few pics with my iphone while he was in the basinet.  Bretton’s poor little face was very swollen, especially around the eyes.  He was just a couple of hours old here….

My parents came up around noon. My dad took these next photos of me and Bretton, which I will cherish forever.

I was absolutely mesmerized by him.  Just a few hours earlier he was still inside of me!



My parents ate at nearby Cossetta’s after they left the hosptal, then later they brought us some salad and pizza.  While they were gone my aunt Carol surprised me with a visit along with Payton, Kristin and Gracie. Unfortunately we did not take any photos.

Then Brian and Michelle came, with Jeff and Amanda shortly behind them.  These shots were taken with their iPhones.
Then Erick’s parents came to meet their first grandchild.  Bretton with Grandma Judy.  I love his little squished up mad-face.  This has become one of his classic looks 😉

Then our dear friend Rich came to pay a visit with his 9-month-old son, Jackson.   Bretton and Jackson are going to be best buds.  We can say they have literally known each other since the day Bretton was born 😉

{Not shown here: photo of the daddies and their baby boys}



We asked all other friends and family to give us some time alone as a family for the remainder of Sunday night and held off seeing any more guests.  We enjoyed the pizza and salad my parents brought us from Cossetta’s and ordered room service as well.  Sleep came much easier that night and our lives were forever changed 🙂

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  1. I can’t get enough. Everything is so precious. 🙂

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