May 232013

The first week after we brought Bretton home from the hospital was designated family time.  We were all exhausted and trying to adjust to life with a newborn, therefore we limited all visits to just the grandparents.  The following week seemed like a better choice for having our friends meet the baby.  When I felt ready, I decided to invite my besties over to our house to meet the baby and have a simple dinner.  Mary, Bradie, Lanee and Sonja (Angelina) all came over, unfortunately Kim was unable to make it.  (Bretton still needs to meet auntie Kimmy!)

We had a nice visit, all the girls had a chance to hold the baby and get to know him a little.  Thanks to Lanee for bringing her camera and taking pics.  Bretton was 11 days old….
Bretton and mommy 2

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