May 182013

Highlights of the week:

  1. A visit with Lanee
  2. My first Mother’s Day
  3. Very sweet gifts from Bretton and his daddy
  4. Mother’s Day dinner with my family up at the lake
  5. Gram’s Turtle Bars
  6. Mini cheesecake desserts made by my aunt {Carol’s Creations}
  7. A visit from Richie, Angel and Jackson
  8. Going out to eat at Jethros and Great Moon
  9. Having the baby sleep while we are out & about
  10. Sewing repairs
  11. A sunny afternoon visit with my parents at the lake
  12. Dressing Bretton up in the outfit he will wear to my parents’ 40th anniversary party
  13. Steak grilled on charcoal
  14. Buying a baby life jacket

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