May 262013

I bought this adorable Sleepy Owl hat on Etsy before Bretton was born and even though we took a few of his professional newborn photos with it, I wanted even more!  One morning when he was about 2 weeks old and had just had a bath I did a quick mini-shoot….
This one is totally overexposed but I love that you can see that his eyes are blue here
Bretton owl hat 2
A close-up of the pic above……..  Just look at this little face!
bretton blues copy
bretton owl hat 4
Bretton owl hat 5
He was mad about something……   I guess I am a mean mommy but this photo makes me laugh!
Bretton owl hat mad
My little chunky monkey with a very serious face…..
BRETTON OWL HAT serious face

Gosh, he is too cute!!! I just love him to pieces in case you couldn’t tell! lol

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  1. He looks JUST like you in that last picture. What a handsome little man Kristi.

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