Aug 172013

We’ve had a great week in Chicago! Highlights of  the past week include:

  1. Grilling wienies on the pontoon
  2. Unexpected generosity that was really needed and appreciated
  3. Family dinner at Machine Shed
  4. Cossetta’s
  5. Sunday family dinner at my parents’ house
  6. Bretton getting to see all of his uncles
  7. A safe drive to Chicago
  8. Bretton sleeping almost the entire ride to Chicago
  9. Uncle Mike’s hospitality
  10. Lunch with Mike & Marisa at Prasino
  11. Dinner at Irish Times in Brookfield
  12. Shopping Fashion Outlets of Chicago
  13. Getting Bretton a ton of new clothes
  14. Dinner at King’s with Dana and Jas
  15. Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace
  16. Family dinner at Siam Thai Restaurant in Oak Ridge

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