Sep 262013

Okay, so I am 2+ months late in posting this but I continue to believe BETTER LATE THAN NEVER ­čśë

My niece Annika celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday, July 20th at Brian & Michelle’s cabin on Lake Chisago. ┬áThis was a very sad day for us as Phoenix passed away earlier that morning. ┬áDespite our sadness, we went to her party and put on our party faces (or kind of?). ┬áNot easy to do when you lose your best friend.

Anyway, it was a nice day…. not too hot for mid July.
Annika received many nice gifts. We got her a neat game from the Brainiac store at Rosedale (I can’t remember the name of it but they carry really cool mind games) and a Lego Friends set that Uncle Erick ordered online.
Bianca and Bennett had to get in on the present-opening-action

My mom made Annika a custom quilt and matching pillow for her American Girl Doll, using leftover fabric from Bretton’s owl quilt. Turned out so cute and Annika loved it!

Annika and cousin Maverick (5 months old). They are hair twins!
Maverick (5 months) and Bretton (3 months)


We had homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner but E and I were unable to stay for the birthday cake as we had other plans for the evening.

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  1. Maverick and Bretton look like they could be twins!

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