Nov 012013

Did ya’ll have a nice Halloween this year?

I did, for the most part.  Bretton and I stayed at my parents house on Halloween Eve, as my parents were planning to watch the baby while I was at work on Thursday (Halloween).  Our school district has never allowed students to dress up in costume for the holiday, however my school earned “crazy head day” on Halloween with good student behavior.  Anyone could wear a hat, crazy hair, wigs, bobble ears, etc.  I chose to wear the little black sultry wig I wore for Halloween a few years ago.  Bretton did not love my new hairdo and would hardly look at me until he realized who I was!!  The reactions of students and staff at work were also pretty funny…. many people didn’t recognize me at first…. including my boss!! lol.  Kids are so funny…. they thought I actually cut all my hair off.  When I told them it was just a wig, they couldn’t believe all my long hair was still underneath.  How did you do that, Ms Sauer????  I tell them I am magic 😉
bretton mommy halloween
After work I went back up to my parents house to meet Brian, Michelle, Erin (Shel’s sister) and all the kids for dinner and then trick or treating.  We dressed Bretton up as a purple octopus (aka Kid Kalamari).  We bought this costume at Babies R Us last November when we weren’t even half way through the pregnancy! It was on clearance and too cute to pass up.  I mean, have you ever seen a cuter octopus anywhere????!!! lol
bretton purple octopus 2013
We had a delicious dinner of tacos with all the fixin’s and then we went Trick or Treating around my parents neighborhood.  It was cold and rainy but we still had a good time.  Bretton was a champ and did awesome up until the last 5 minutes.  Here is the crew!

Annika=Poison Ivy,  Bianca=Surgeon , Bennett= Batman  Chandler= Mickey Mouse  Maverick=Puppy, Bretton= Purple Octopus.
cousins halloween 2013


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween too, I love all the pics of kids in costume that I saw on FB last night and I look forward to seeing more today!


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