Jan 092017

I debated whether or not I wanted to post about this, but I believe that honesty is the best policy.

I took my Plexus products consistently for eight months and enjoyed so many of the benefits; I felt better, I wasn’t getting sick, I had more energy and no longer needed caffeine, my aches and pains went away, my stomach aches and headaches went away and I was “regular”.  I no longer craved sugar and I also had a great attitude and was in a perma-good mood.

Then Thanksgiving rolled around, followed by the month of December.  The season of eating, right? And I love eating! I really wanted to be able to pig out and eat whatever I wanted.  So I quit taking all of my Plexus products except the ProBio5.  In some sick and twisted way I felt that if I weren’t taking my Plexus, I could justify eating ice cream and pie and all sorts of junk that I hadn’t eaten in months. (I know… I could have just used Block and eaten this stuff without the guilt.  But I didn’t).  I sabotaged myself.

If I ever had any doubt that my Plexus products were working for me, my month-long hiatus has made me an even bigger believer….

While “off plexus” my appetite came back and so did my cravings for sugar.  Good lord.  I was tired all the time despite being able to sleep until 9am every day (with 4-5 hours more sleep per night than usual), took a few naps, and drank a few high-sugar coffee drinks for the first time in months.  My stomachaches returned, I was no longer regular, and my post-op knee started hurting again for the first time in many months.  I was hungry and eating all the time and gained back 8 lbs that I had previously lost.  Overall feeling like crap.

Why the heck do I do this stuff to myself???????? I have all the tools I need to feel good and be healthy. But I wasn’t using them 🙁

On January 1st I got back on track.  I started back up on pink drink, BioCleanse, Block and Accelerator.  It has been just a week now but I’m already feeling so much better again! My knee stopped hurting within just a few days of using the BioCleanse and my tummy isn’t hurting anymore.  The Accelerator and pink drink have given me the natural energy again and my cravings have lessened.

If you were ever skeptical about Plexus products truly working, I will just tell ya that its like night and day.  No doubts in my mind!!

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