Jan 062017

Every year around the holidays, my group of HS girlfriends gets together for a big dinner.  Or at least we try!! It is very hard to coordinate schedules to make it work, and sometimes we end up rescheduling.  Its all good though because we have fun whenever we can get together.  This year we met at Saji Ya (as we did in 2005) and besides me, Bradie, Kelly, Jessie, Mandy and Andrea, we had Andy and Jason join us.  It was fun! We ate a ton of sushi, drank some hot sake, and enjoyed each others’ company.  Quite a few photos as well….. customary for us gals 😉

I apologize for the poor quality photos… not sure what is up with that?

For the record: Super Saji, Pablo Escolar, California, Spicy Tuna, and Philly… just to name a few.

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