Jan 232017

Last weekend we set out on one of our impromptu scenic drives.  We don’t always have a destination in mind, we just drive and see where it leads us.  It’s great because the kids are accustomed to long periods of time in the car 😉 Anyway, last Sunday we set out south along Hwy 52 and ended up in the Inver Grove Hghts area along the Mississippi.

I made a quick video with video clips taken that day. Pictures and descriptions to follow below.

Our first stop was the Swing Bridge.  It was quite icy on the trail but we made our way up to the lookout point.  Very cool! Can’t wait to come back and explore this spring!

We spotted this map showing additional parks along the trail.  A good reference for people unfamiliar with the area (like us!)

Our next stop was Spring Lake Islands Park Reserve.  There was a boat launch area where we could get close to the water.  Here is an aerial view of the islands….


We noticed the strangest thing while walking near the shore…. a dead deer carcass up in the tree! Not sure how to explain that but a woodpecker enjoyed poking his head up from somewhere within the belly of this thing.  Weird!

Schaar’s Bluff…….

We can’t wait to go back for hiking and a picnic when the weather turns warmer!

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  1. Love your scenic drives. These are memories that your boys will always have. When I younger I used to go on drives with Jessie and her family. We would just load up into the car with a bunch of snacks and drive. Great memories.

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