Jan 042017

People all around me have been dropping like flies due to sickness. The lovely winter colds and even stomach flu have been running wild. My kids were sick over my entire winter break… coughing, sneezing and pouring out massive amounts of snot and phlegm. Such a joy!! We seriously went through eight boxes of tissues in a week.

I, however, feel great. Sickness can’t touch me!! I take a double dose of my amazing probiotic every night and faithfully use essential oils. My immune system is stronger than it’s ever been! I highly recommend that everyone take a probiotic daily; a boosted immune system is just one of many benefits. After taking care of my sick family for a week and a half,I am reminded that my kids and hubby need to take it every day as well.
Are you ready to boost your immunities too? Message me… let’s get you rolling with the amazing Plexus ProBio5 so you can enjoy the season 😉

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