Jan 132017


Highlights from the week of Jan 6-12:

  1. Plexus Super Saturday- extremely inspirational and motivational!
  2. Drink Pink team dinner at Jimmy’s Kitchen
  3. Finally getting my hearing checked with confirmation that I have some hearing loss
  4. Teaching algebra to 3rd graders with Hands-On Equations
  5. Chorizo Egg sandwich at Einsteins
  6. Updating blog via Facebook Posts
  7. Catching up with Leslie
  8. My first time to Oasis Cafe
  9. My first Chicken & Waffles Experience
  10. Having the iPad as a backup TV (for the kids) now that our big TV is broken 
  11. Yummy chicken fingers at Raising Cane’s
  12. Finishing my 1st book of the year… Playing Dead
  13. Taco Dinner with my BFFs at Mary’s


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  1. The last two weeks have been killer for me so I hope you’re doing fabulous, girl. 🙂
    I’m craving tacos now, mmm!

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    • I’ll tell ya the truth…. Its important for me to focus on the highlights every week because there are often more downs than ups….. I just tend to pick myself up and move forward 😉

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