Jan 272017

Highlights from the week of January 20- 26, 2017:

  1. Chicken-fried Steak
  2. Bashy got a haircut
  3. Bianca’s 10th birthday party
  4. Helping yet another friend with Plexus
  5. The boys got to spend time with Obachan
  6. Dance lesson with my colleagues at weekly staff meeting
  7. GT Cohort class with Dr Westberg
  8. Better behavior from Bretton
  9. STEP Testing winter window closes at work
  10. Finishing Gilmore Girls (original 7 seasons)
  11. Pennies for Patients kick-off
  12. Currently reading a YA book: As Brave As You

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  1. Hey girl! Happy Tuesday. I hope you’re having a great week thus far and that your weekend was nice and restful.

    Now chicken fried steak?! Whattt?! That sounds intriguing.

    You had a dance lesson at a work staff meeting? Your work meetings sound like so much fun compared to ours. Lol!

    Have a great week love. xo

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