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My Babies Are Growing Up Too Fast

My Babies Are Growing Up Too Fast

I know it’s cliche’ when you hear someone tell you that “It goes way too fast” when you’re raising kids, but its sooooo true.  When my oldest son was born, I cried every day for six weeks because I wanted him to stay a newborn baby forever.  I seriously did not want him to get bigger.  Anytime someone would tell me that it goes so fast, I would burst into tears at the thought of it.  But then he started smiling, and learned to sit up, and then he was walking! Right before my eyes.  It’s incredible how quickly and how much little humans learn to do in such a short time.  They can be incredibly frustrating to deal with too 😉 lol.  At times I have found myself wishing us all ahead to the next stage. I say things like, “I can’t wait until Bretton can ______” “I can’t wait until Bashy can ______”.  Each stage is fun and has its own set of challenges but  I often have to remind myself to enjoy each moment while it lasts.  Even complete strangers who observe our family out in public will say things to us like, “These are the Wonder Years, you will miss this someday” or “It seems like just yesterday we were in your shoes and now we look forward to when they come home from college on weekends”.  They say these things with both a twinkle and a tear in their eyes.  I’m totally starting to get it.

Bretton is about to turn 4 in a few weeks and Bashy is 2 1/2.  My sweet babes are indeed growing up so I cherish all the snuggles that I can get.  I love watching how peaceful and little they still seem when they’re sleeping. It’s quiet moments like these that give me a moment to reflect 😉

Will they ever know just how much I truly love them? Again, I am so thankful that I’ve had the foresight to videotape so many moments of their lives (Bretton’s First Year, Bretton’s Second Year, Bashy’s First Year, A Year with Dash & Bash).  I cherish these videos so much!

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Did ya’ll have a nice Halloween this year?

I did, for the most part.  Bretton and I stayed at my parents house on Halloween Eve, as my parents were planning to watch the baby while I was at work on Thursday (Halloween).  Our school district has never allowed students to dress up in costume for the holiday, however my school earned “crazy head day” on Halloween with good student behavior.  Anyone could wear a hat, crazy hair, wigs, bobble ears, etc.  I chose to wear the little black sultry wig I wore for Halloween a few years ago.  Bretton did not love my new hairdo and would hardly look at me until he realized who I was!!  The reactions of students and staff at work were also pretty funny…. many people didn’t recognize me at first…. including my boss!! lol.  Kids are so funny…. they thought I actually cut all my hair off.  When I told them it was just a wig, they couldn’t believe all my long hair was still underneath.  How did you do that, Ms Sauer????  I tell them I am magic 😉
bretton mommy halloween
After work I went back up to my parents house to meet Brian, Michelle, Erin (Shel’s sister) and all the kids for dinner and then trick or treating.  We dressed Bretton up as a purple octopus (aka Kid Kalamari).  We bought this costume at Babies R Us last November when we weren’t even half way through the pregnancy! It was on clearance and too cute to pass up.  I mean, have you ever seen a cuter octopus anywhere????!!! lol
bretton purple octopus 2013
We had a delicious dinner of tacos with all the fixin’s and then we went Trick or Treating around my parents neighborhood.  It was cold and rainy but we still had a good time.  Bretton was a champ and did awesome up until the last 5 minutes.  Here is the crew!

Annika=Poison Ivy,  Bianca=Surgeon , Bennett= Batman  Chandler= Mickey Mouse  Maverick=Puppy, Bretton= Purple Octopus.
cousins halloween 2013


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween too, I love all the pics of kids in costume that I saw on FB last night and I look forward to seeing more today!


I LOVE this video. 103 days too late to start?

I LOVE this video. 103 days too late to start?

I came across this video that some new parents put together of their son during his first year.  They took a couple of seconds of video every single day for the first 365 days then strung it together in this 6 min video.  The baby grows up before your eyes…. it is the cutest and sweetest video and made me cry throughout.  So beautiful.  Of course I am mad that I didn’t see this before Bretton was born because I totally want a video like this for Bretton’s first year.  I figure that as of today he is 103 days old but I do have a few videos from the first couple of months that I can use and a ton of photos.  I have a Flip video camera handy so I have just replaced the batteries and I am excited to get started videoing my little guy 😉

Check this out…..

A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo.

My Adorable Little Owl Baby

My Adorable Little Owl Baby

I bought this adorable Sleepy Owl hat on Etsy before Bretton was born and even though we took a few of his professional newborn photos with it, I wanted even more!  One morning when he was about 2 weeks old and had just had a bath I did a quick mini-shoot….
This one is totally overexposed but I love that you can see that his eyes are blue here
Bretton owl hat 2
A close-up of the pic above……..  Just look at this little face!
bretton blues copy
bretton owl hat 4
Bretton owl hat 5
He was mad about something……   I guess I am a mean mommy but this photo makes me laugh!
Bretton owl hat mad
My little chunky monkey with a very serious face…..
BRETTON OWL HAT serious face

Gosh, he is too cute!!! I just love him to pieces in case you couldn’t tell! lol

Happy Birthday Bianca!

Happy Birthday Bianca!

It is hard to believe that my niece Bianca is five years old today.  Crazy how fast that time went, wow!!

Happy Birthday BeBe!


On this date I have blogged about:

Fall Portraits {Mason & Jonah}

Fall Portraits {Mason & Jonah}

A few weeks ago I met my friend Shannon and her two boys at a local park to shoot some fall portraits.  It was the most perfect, warm, sunny fall day you could ask for and the trees were gorgeous!

I am by no means a professional photographer but when my friends ask me to take photos of their kids and/or families, I generally find some time to do it.

I have known these two little guys since they were literally days old, as Shannon lived two houses down from me for nine years.  In fact, it is all Shannon’s fault that I bought the house I am in since she is the one who brought me to the model home just days after she signed her own purchase agreement.
Mason Jonah Oct 2011

Mason 2
Jonah 7

It was fun and I am glad I got to spend some time with them.  I miss having them as neighbors!

Bennett’s 3rd Birthday

Bennett’s 3rd Birthday

A few weeks ago my nephew Benett turned 3.  Time sure has flown since the day he was born and boy has he gotten to be such a big boy! (Especially when you consider he was born premature).

The theme of his party this year was Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Bud got a ton of cool gifts…..all toys and books! I am usually the one that gets the kids clothes but decided to go with fun stuff this time.  Everyone else did the same so Buddy didn’t get any new clothes, but a ton of fun toys! One of the things we got him was an interactive Chuggington book.  He loved it.

The kids all got new sunglasses from Grandma Fran because they were leaving the next day for a family vacation in Arizona.
DSC_0308 copy
The girls also got little jewelry boxes that they could paint and decorate
Some shots of the family. (Jeff was MIA due to leaving on a flight that day to Australia and I rarely have my picture taken anymore)
Brian and Michelle’s favorite pose
Michelle’s parents
Erin and Stew
My Mom and Dad

We had several pizzas from Criss Cross Pizza for dinner
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza at Criss Cross Pizza~ Vadnais Heights, MN

Then we had cake & ice cream.
Bennett got a little help from Bianca while trying to blow out the candles. You would think they’re twins from this photo!

It was a fun time!

Beebs turned 4!

Beebs turned 4!

My niece Bianca turned four a few weeks ago (wow does time fly!) and we celebrated at Brian and Michelle’s house last weekend.  She got a lot of cool gifts but I think her favorite is her little ipod with the headphones
All three kids got umbrellas
I got the girls these little zebra and giraffe outfits
Some of the adults
The cake
She didn’t take those headphones off that whole night!

Christmas Cuties

Christmas Cuties

When my bff Mary asked me if I wanted to get together to take some Christmas photos of her kids and her niece and nephew, I was honored to oblige.  Despite all the funny faces the kids were making that day, I was still able to get some cute shots
Mary’s sister and her daughter

Thanks for asking me take your Christmas photos, Mary and Leanne.  Hope you enjoy them!

Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Since Halloween was on a  Sunday this year, I spent most of my Sunday doing what I usually do on the weekends…… hang out with all the neighbors, watch Vikings and other football, eat whatever potluck goodness the neighborhood has thrown together, work on reviews for the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog, etc….. and I did pass out Halloween candy too, before heading out to a late-night dinner at my favorite Sunday restaurant, Norman Quacks (They have the best deal on Prime Rib on Sundays!).

A couple of photos from Halloween Night around my ‘hood…..






Spooky Halloween Halogram


Scary Halloween Grave

Frankenstein Blow Up

Jack O Lantern

These last two were taken a few weeks ago at a friends house 🙂

Halloween Cat 2


Fun Adventures in Minneapolis {with Bradie & her girls}

Fun Adventures in Minneapolis {with Bradie & her girls}

A few weeks ago when I had the day off of work I spent the day with my oldest girlfriend and her three little girls.  It was a beautiful, warm October day so we hung out at their house, went out for lunch at Jakeeno’s Pizza and Pasta, hiked around Minnehaha Falls, took a bunch of photos, watched airplanes coming in for landing, and hung out some more.  I love these girly days when we get ’em 🙂

Minnehaha Falls Panorama

Minnehaha Falls from Afar DSC_7584 Leopoldgirls-cash Beau Pumpkins 3 Beau leaves 1 mikhail pumpkins 4 mikhail4 Neven7

leopoldgirls5 DSC_7772

A Perfect Autumn Day at the Lake….

A Perfect Autumn Day at the Lake….

My parents had the family up to the Lake on Sunday.  My Gram and Gramp were supposed to be there too but were both feeling under the weather and decided not to come.  Its too bad, as they are heading back to their home in AZ next week.  That means I won’t see them until next May unless I find myself in AZ between then and now (which I hope happens!)

I spent most of my time down at the lake with these two, who loved running around the beach
Perfect chance for me to snap some pics

DSC_6843 copy
The lake was so calm!

Fishing off the dock was a success, here is a nice bass
My cousin Segen (who is from WI but goes to college in St Paul)
Bri and my dad

We had the BEST smoked beef brisket, coleslaw, skillet mac ‘n cheese, homemade apple crisp and apple turnovers.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

End of Summer Lunch

End of Summer Lunch

It had been way {way} too long since my friend Kara and I had seen each other,  despite multiple attempts that just never worked out.  A few weeks ago I was finally able to meet Kara and her little girl Olivia, along with our friend Angie,  for lunch at the Green Mill in St Paul.

Olivia is so big since I last saw her! Not to mention SO CUTE, so smart and so talkative! She turns three in October.
Kara & Olivia2

I had so badly wanted to go to the Pow-Wow in Shakopee last month, where Olivia made her debut as a Tiny Tot.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it down there this year, but Kara sent me a bunch of photos of Olivia in her hand-beaded outfit (photo below by Kara)

Anyway, back to our lunch.  I had the yummy deep-dish pizza.  I’ll be writing a review shortly 🙂

Deep Dish Pizza @ Green Mill

Deep Dish Pizza @ Green Mill

I look forward to more lunches and dinners with my friends this school year.  I haven’t done it enough in the past couple years but I always enjoy it when it works out 😉

4th of July

4th of July

While I was home for 4th of July weekend, I went to my cousin MacKenzie’s graduation party which was held on Sunday the 4th.

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I just love being patriotic and celebrating our independence and freedom. Even better to spend it with family and friends.

4th of July Centerpiece
This is Mackenzie and her mom
Mackenzie went all-out for her grad party and ordered one of those giant air-filled- bouncy castles for all the kids to play in. Its safe to say that my nieces and nephew had a BLAST!
They also loved the snow-cones made from the snow-cone machine…..
You won’t find a cuter blue smile than this one….
Love this one!

It was nice to see my grandparents as well 🙂

Weekend at Home

Weekend at Home

I flew back home to the Twin Cities for the weekend of the 4th.  I didn’t have a ton of time to do much beyond laundry and running errands, but I did make some time to see my family.  My parents had Bri, Michelle and the kids up for a day of boating so I joined them later in the day for a visit….


Bianca with her funny faces…..
Hilarious Out-Take


My dad attempted to take a photo of me by the lake

and I took a ton of photos of my mom’s beautiful flowers…..

Colorful Garden

Dark Pink Lilies

Dark Red Lilies

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

For dessert my mom made her annual 4th of July Cheesecake….
Patriotic Cheesecake

Stay tuned for 4th of July post and many others coming soon!

Easter 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was an eventful day!

Started with brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt at Brian and Michelle’s

The look on Bianca’s face cracks me up! lol

Later we went to my mom & dad’s house where they were hosting the Sauer Family Easter with about half the Sauer Clan (35 or so?).  What can I say? My dad has a big family and I have a lot of cousins and many of them have a lot of kids now!

Another Easter Egg Hunt, Hillbilly Golf, Kiddy Rides on the “Lift” down to the lake

Video footage of the kids coming up the lift


Some of the girl cousins (plus Michelle and Kim)

Shel and Me

Then dinner later with the in-laws.

I ate about 8 deviled eggs.  Good stuff 😉

Bebe’s Birthday Bash

Bebe’s Birthday Bash

My niece Bianca turned three years old last week so we had a little family birthday party for her at Brian & Michelle’s house.

I took plenty of photos while practicing with my camera, you ready for them all??!!

The birthday girl

DSC_0667 copy



Bianca posing with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa Jim in their new “Chile” t-shirts……( Jeff and my dad literally got home from South America the night before the party)

One of Bianca’s big presents was a new bike! Big sister Annika helping with helmet

Speaking of Annika…..




Uncle Jeff is so silly….


I can’t forget the little dude! (who at this moment was in the mood for a photo apparently because he made this face and got all up in my camera!!



Last but not least, some pics of the cakes!!





Michelle has more photos from the party on her blog so go check them out 🙂

PS On an unrelated note….. will be moving to a new server and platform this weekend so make sure you subscribe using this feed otherwise you will not continue to receive my blog updates!

Pizza Time!

Pizza Time!

My dad's birthday was on Dec 30th and if you have been reading this blog over the years, you may remember that my dad has a very unique and special (almost famous) birthday.  Every year we celebrate together (usually more than once!) and we usually have pizza.  This year we met at Davanni's Pizza (after my bros took our dad to see Avatar earlier in the afternoon) for a quick dinner (review to come soon).  I had just gotten my new camera so I brought it with to test it out.


My niece Bianca


My nephew Bennett.  I know this isn't the greatest picture (sorry Michelle!) but I just LOVE that with the SLR only part of the photo is in focus with a blurred background.  Kick ass!!! This is with the 18-55mm kit lens, using flash. 


And there ya have it, my first pics with my new camera 🙂

Christmas Eve Fondue with the Fam

Christmas Eve Fondue with the Fam

Christmas Eve fondue is one of my family's favorite traditions….

This is our set-up


Marinated Meats (and its hard not to notice all the other traditional fryer-foods like mozzarella sticks, tater tots, jalapeno poppers, etc that my brothers have incorporated into the dinner over the years)


Spear meats with fondue fork and place in hot oil! (The kids sit at a separate table and it will be a few years yet before they are able to fondue their own foods)


The process is lengthy and the kids were impatient waiting for the adults to finish so they could open presents! Here are a few other photos from the night

IMG_0028 copy 

 IMG_0037 copy
IMG_0058 copy
IMG_0060 copy

The kids had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed all the gifts they got.  We got the kids each two sets of nice warm, soft Carter's PJs and I think they really liked them… they wore them home that night 🙂


They even enjoyed Chocolate fondue in their Pjs!


PS I wasn't sure if our Christmas Eve get together was even going to happen this year since local meteorologists were predicting the "Storm of the Century" with 30 inches or so to fall over Christmas.  We ended up getting only 8" and the roads were fairly clear and drivable (although slippery)on Christmas Eve but still bad on Christmas Day.  I hope weather didn't postpone Christmas for others, I know weather was bad all over this year!