Oct 252012

Do any of you remember when I used to change the banner on my blog every two weeks??

I’ve been wanting to create a new banner for months now and  last night I actually had the time and motivation to do it.  Big surprise that I used my favorite colors, purple and teal! It isn’t quite what I was envisioning but it is better than looking at the same old scheme for almost a year!  Having a cute new look is the key to getting me to blog more often,  so be prepared to see more of me!


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Jan 072012

This blog needed a major Facelift and I think I had about zero creativity in 2011.

Need to work on it in 2012 but here is a start!

PS There is so much html behind the scenes of this blog and it is tricky to monkey with.  I have no idea how my blog turned white but I’ll take it! lol


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Nov 012011

November is here! That also means it is National Blog Posting Month.  I won’t make any promises but I am going to try my best to post here every day.  I know you probably don’t believe me since my blogging is so sporadic, but I have completed it nearly every year and want to make the effort again.

I have made a new banner in hopes it would get me to visit my own blog a little more often.  I found a color palette on Pinterest that I liked so I used it for inspiration.  It is as boring as can be, but so be it.  It is new and it is fresh.  A good place to start for a new month 😉

Who else is in for NaBloPoMo?

Apr 012011

Happy Friday, Peeps.

I am SO SICK of this banner that has been headlining my blog for the past year.

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time (I’ve been at it six years!) you must remember that once upon a time this blog was much more fun to look at.  When I was using Typepad for my service it was easy as pie to change up my banner and color scheme.  Of course I had to design my banners but it was something I enjoyed doing and I did it often.  I had a new look going on here every 2-3 weeks.  You can check out several of my “old” looks here. (I am so glad I have always taken the screen shots of every new look)

Once I moved my entire blog to a word-press hosted blog in February 2010, I haven’t changed my banner or scheme at all.  You see, once I change one little thing (besides the banner), I will lose all the customizations I worked so hard at creating.  I will have to start completely from scratch.  That’s a major PITA that I just haven’t set time aside for.

I love banners with photos but most of my photos these days are of food.  I suppose I could do a food-banner but I don’t think that would go too well with my magenta/purple!

Would it be lame to recycle one of my old banners? I am thinking that may be the only way the banner gets changed…… unless someone wants to design a new one for me?!

Either way I am thinking you will notice a new look sometime this weekend.

Nov 292009

I wish it was ME I was talking about, but I was actually talking about this blog.  Don't ya hate it when the site of your own blog starts to disgust you to the point where you can't blog again until you do something about the ugliness? I am a freak like that.  So my current excuse for not blogging all week was my ugly blog.  I am not dead-set on this new scheme either, but at least it is something different to look at for the time being.  This also reminds me that I desperately need a new profile pic



Now that my blog is looking a little cuter, I will be back soon with updates from the past week….

Mar 312009

You dig the new banner?

I was desperately in need of a new look around here. 

Something more Spring-like.
Have I mentioned this week is my SPRING break?
The weather has been pretty yucky for at least a week straight now.  Not that I am surprised….  I am pretty sure this is the 3rd year in a row that it has seemed as un-spring like as possible over my week of vacation.  Boo!

Even though the weather is dreary, I decided to get as tropical as I could without paying a dime.   Como Park Conservatory is where I spent some time yesterday.  The Sunken Garden with the seasonal flower show is always my favorite.  My partner in crime and I  got several cool photos, including all of the tropical flowers that are pictured in the new banner and those seen on my Daily Photo blog.

Dec 042008

Wow, this is post #1,000.  Hard to believe!
In honor of this milestone, I decide to make banners for all four girls who registered for my banner giveaway.  I love this kind of stuff!! Hope these lovely ladies like their new banners!

For Leanne:


For Dana


For Denise


And for Mel


All of the papers and elements have been downloaded for FREE from a variety of sites.  If you're into digital scrapping or just want some resources to work with, check out  Scrapping with Ikea Goddess, her blog links to several digital freebies.  That is where I have found a good bulk of my digi stuff over the past year.

Nov 162008

This is post # 983 on this blog.  Wowsers!!! 983 also happened to be my house address growing up.  Anyway, I made a new banner with my favorite little barn.

According to my stats on site meter, I have 98, 836 hits.  That is just 1,164 hits away from 100,000!  (According to Typepad I hit that mark long ago).  That is a lot of posts and a lot of hits.  If only I knew who keeps using Google to search for my name multiple times on a daily basis then I would feel much more comfortable keeping this blog public.  Anyone want to confess? It is much easier to just bookmark the site…..