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Fab Five Back Together

Fab Five Back Together

Mary had us girls and the kids over for a nice taco dinner this past Thursday night. Its been YEARS since the five us (Me, Kim, Mary, Lanee and Sonja) have all been together.  I’m not even exaggerating.  It might have been at my baby shower with Bretton? Anyway, it has been too long and I’ve missed these girls! We’ve been friends for 25+ years.

Thanks to Mary for initiating our reunion and hosting dinner.  Let’s do it again soon!

Mariah’s Graduation Party

Mariah’s Graduation Party

I’m behind on my blogging (what else is new?!) so I am just posting now about Mariah’s graduation party from mid-June.  Mariah is the oldest daughter of my bestie Sonja and I have known her since before she was born.  It is completely amazing to me that this beautiful young woman is 18 years old and on her way to college to become a veterinarian.  Mariah lives in Iowa with her dad and has been an avid horse lover/owner for the last decade.  She plans to specialize in Equestrians.  To celebrate Mariah’s graduation from HS with friends and family here in MN, Mary hosted a very nice party for her one weekend when she was in town.  Mary is the “Hostess with the Mostest” if you recall my beautiful baby shower that she and Bradie threw for me back in March.  Everything was very nice and we had a good time.  It was nice catching up with Mariah; we talked about things she remembered we used to do together when she was a little girl when I would babysit her.  She is such a smart, sweet, beautiful young woman.
Mariah and Sonja June 2013
Mariah and Mary
Mariah and Mary June 2013
Mariah and Bretton
Mariah Bretton June 2013
Bretton with Godmother Mary
Bretton and Mary
The theme of the party was Tropical.  These fruit skewers were so colorful! Just realized now that this photo didn’t turn out very well.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Hibiscus cookies

Pretty dipped pretzels

Tower of colorful cupcakes!
Congratulations, Mariah! Good luck at college, my dear girl!

Dinner with my Besties {Mary’s Bday}

Dinner with my Besties {Mary’s Bday}

Its been a month now since Mary’s birthday, but since we took a few photos to commemorate the event (as we always do!), I wanted to make sure to post them here.  We met at the new Cossetta restaurant, Louis Ristorante.  While it was great to socialize and hang out with my girls and a few of their husbands, the food was rather disappointing.  Especially because I love Cossetta’s so much.  Sonja was sick and unable to come out so that was kind of a bummer too, but Kara was able to join us which made me happy!  I cherish these times with my friends, they have become few and far between.
Lanee Kim Mary Kristi Kara Jan 2013
Mary and me
Mary & Kristi Jan 2013
The newlyweds
Brent & Kim Jan 2013
Kim and Lanee
Kim & Lanee Jan 2013
and a group shot…
Mary Bday dinner group 2013

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mary Ellen! xoxoxo

Sony’s Birthday Party

Sony’s Birthday Party

Last weekend my besties and I got together at Doc’s Landing to celebrate Sonja’s birthday. Once again we all coincidentally showed up wearing the same color scheme. This happens a LOT! Sonja and I were dressed like twins, as were Mary and Kim. Kind of funny! We took a few photos like we usually do 😉

Mary Sonja Kristi Kim Nov 2012


Tamie, Mary, Lanee,  Me, Sonja, Kim and Jamie



Troy and Brent




It was nice to get together…. this was the first time I’ve seen everyone since Kim & Brent’s wedding back in October.


On this date I have blogged about:

Kim & Brent’s Lovely Wedding {Long Awaited!}

Kim & Brent’s Lovely Wedding {Long Awaited!}

My sixth wedding this season was that of my dear friend Kim and her husband, Brent.   This wedding was a long-time coming and it was wonderful to see the two of them tie the knot after a long journey together.  Many of you may remember that their son Jake is visually impaired (we had a benefit for him back in 2009).  Well, if that wasn’t challenging enough, Brent was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks after they got engaged (August 2010).  He was very sick for a long time and all wedding plans were put on delay until he was on the mend.  After a long battle and many, many surgeries, chemo and radiation, Brent is finally doing better and they were able to move forward with their wedding plans.

I was one of Kim’s bridesmaids and therefore I was unable to take any photos during the nuptials.  I did, however, take a few photos of the details before the ceremony began.  They were married in the Event Tent at the Mermaid Entertainment Center and their reception was in the Atlantis Ballroom.  It was very pretty!
Kim & Brent Wedding Alter
Kim & Brent Wedding Bouquet
Kim & Brent Wedding Cake
Kim & Brent Wedding Center Piece
Flower Arrangement
Kim & Brent Wedding Reception Tables
K & B photo banner 2
Kim & Brent Wedding Head Table
Our friend Leah did everyone’s hair. Here we are getting ready before the wedding….
I had Mary take an Instagram of me

Kim and her Dad
Kim Pinning Boutenair on Dad
Kim and Jake pre-wedding smooch
Kim Wedding Kissing jake

And now the reception….
One with Jake before he left for the evening
Kim and Brent wedding with Jake
Kim and I
Kim bridal with Kristi
Lanee and Kimmy
Kim Bridal with Lanee
Mary and her kids
Mary with Taylor and Chase
Tamie and her husband Michael
Tamie and Michael bw
Some of the Groomsmen
Brent's Groomsmen
Mary Leah and Me
Mary Kristi Leah

Kim and Brent
Kim & Brent Wedding Kiss
Brent Garter off

I had the most fun at the very end of the night when all the bridemaids and groomsmen were out on the dance floor, getting our groove on. We all love to dance!

Kim and Brent fun dance
Brent and his friends are really good dancers! It was fun to watch them.
Brent dancing

Us girls (Lanee is in the background fixing her hair??!!)
Kim's wedding girls

It was a great wedding and I am so very happy for Kim and Brent!!


On this date I have blogged about:

Greek Goddess Girls Weekend {Kim’s Bachelorette}

Greek Goddess Girls Weekend {Kim’s Bachelorette}

Back in September my group of besties spent the weekend at Mallard Lake Family Resort near Webster, WI, in honor of Kim who was soon to be married.  A special thanks to Mary, (the Maid of Honor and best friend a girl could have), for organizing such a fun weekend.
We rented a cabin at the resort and had a very quiet and peaceful weekend. The weather was lovely!
Our cabin was perfect for the six of us
We drove up Friday after work and spent the night relaxing at the bonfire and later playing a very funny game inside the cabin.
We woke up early on Saturday, made breakfast and then later spent the afternoon out on the lake on a rented pontoon.
Later that night we had a delicious, homemade Greek themed dinner

After dinner we drove to a nearby bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Mary assured us that there would be NOBODY there but us, however we arrived to a hopping place with another bachelorette party in attendance. We had made special T-shirts to stand out, we looked pretty cute!
We didn’t stay at the bar too long and ended up heading back to the cabin for another bonfire.  The following day we slept in, made something to eat, then packed up the cabin before leaving in the early afternoon.  It was an enjoyable weekend and I hope our group of girls can try to do this together every fall 😉

Out to Dinner {Kimmy’s Bday}

Out to Dinner {Kimmy’s Bday}

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with our little group in celebration of Kim’s birthday.  We went to Rudy’s Redeye Grill, an old favorite of everyone.  The food was good but the service was slower than ever, I will be posting a new review of Rudy’s when I can get to it.  After dinner we briefly stopped at a local bar to hear a band but it was super hot inside so we all just decided to head home early.  It was nice to see everyone and spend time together… its been too long.
Kims Bday Girls 2012
Sonja Mary Kim 2012
Kim and Kristi 2012
Kim Mary and Lanee

A Special Birthday {Kimmy}

A Special Birthday {Kimmy}

Happy Birthday today to my dear friend Kim!

We went out to dinner at Shorewood Bar & Grill on Saturday night and then hung out at Kim’s house afterward. Dinner was an interesting experience…. the food was wonderful but the service was the worst I’ve ever experienced.  I will be writing a mixed review and I am going to be honest about every aspect of the experience

Anyway, pics from the night…
Kim's Girls

Mary Kim

Kim Kristi Tamie

Gretchen Daria

Kim Brent

Happy Birthday, Kim. Hope you have had a great birthday so far!


Showing Support {Benefit for Brent}

Showing Support {Benefit for Brent}

Saturday night was a successful one, with an awesome turnout at the benefit for Kimmy’s fiance, Brent.  Brent has been battling cancer for the past two months and has just finished his first bout of chemo and radiation.  New tests will determine what step to take next, but it is likely to be a long road ahead.  Brent’s sister and family put together a wonderful benefit on his behalf and the number of people who showed up was overwhelming.  So many people praying and showing support for Brent’s speedy recovery!  Kim is an amazing woman for everything she is dealing with right now, so strong and positive. Brent too.  I really believe positive attitude can make a big difference.  Every little bit counts!
Kim Brent 2
My special girls
kim mary kristi

It was nice to spend some time talking to my girls, I need to do it more often.
kims girls

Troy and Mary

I look forward to the time when the big C is gone and Brent is feeling good again so he and Kim can get on with the wedding planning 😉


A Special Celebration {K & B}

A Special Celebration {K & B}

A few weeks ago Brent & Kim had an engagement/housewarming party at their beautiful new house.

It was a special time to get family and close friends together.  They got engaged this past August and plan to get married October, 2011.  This journey that they are on together has had more than a few bumps in the road, with Jake’s special needs and Brent’s recent diagnosis of Cancer, but they are a great couple and will get through it and grow together.  I look forward to being a part of their Big Day.  We are all praying that Brent’s treatments are a success and that he will be on the Road to Recovery very soon.

Can you believe how big Jake has gotten? He is such a sweetie and is now officially walking!

Congrats again, Kim & Brent!!


Long Awaited Girls Dinner at Chino Latino

Long Awaited Girls Dinner at Chino Latino

I had made future dinner plans with some of my college girlfriends at our last dinner together and unfortunately needed to change the date twice to accommodate my travel schedule this past summer.  We were finally able to get together the week after I came home from Texas and had a fabulous dinner at Chino Latino (click to read my review).  Many of the college girls weren’t able to make our dinner, but it was great the my bffs could join us.  Kim, Mary and Sonja spent so much time at my apartment during college that they are honorary alum.  Here we are:




Planning another dinner for early October sometime, should be fun!

Brunch with the Girls

Brunch with the Girls

Last Sunday Kim hosted a nice brunch with me and some of my closest friends (we used my birthday as an excuse to get together!).  It was really nice to see some of the kids and just hang out and relax.  Laura (brown) has also just gotten her first D-SLR  and will be taking Michelle’s online photography class with me this spring, so we both brought our cameras along to practice using them.

Old college roommies, Laura (blonde), Me, and Laura (brown)

Laura and her daughter Keira

Me and Bradie

Keira and Neven

Me, Kim and Bradie

Laura, Me and Kim

Everyone else was shy about getting photos taken but the Three Little Pigs showed up and didn’t mind me taking their photo (over and over again!)

Thanks for hosting, Kim! It was fun to get together 🙂

A Special Birthday Dinner

A Special Birthday Dinner

Many of my friends wanted to know what I wanted to do for my birthday this year and for once I felt like keeping it mellow and avoiding a big dinner at a restaurant somewhere.  I love doing that too, but with as busy as I have been lately, I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.  Lanee and Roger invited us over along with our neighbors for a delicious dinner of homemade shrimp stir-fry and fried rice.  I couldn’t have had better at a fancy Asian restaurant!

The table looked so pretty and festive

Lanee also spoiled me to the max be making her famous ice cream cake.  This was worth every one of the million calories, trust me!  Oreo cookie crust, peppermint ice cream, cool whip, chocolate sauce and more cookie crumbs?? Pretty much to-die-for.  I might’ve gone into a sugar coma after eating this!

Thank you very much to L & R for making me feel so special on my birthday! I love you guys xoxox

PS And a very happy birthday to Lanee today who celebrates just three days after me.  Looking forward to doing something nice for you too!

Dinner with my Besties

Dinner with my Besties

Last week was my Bff Mary’s bday and so our little group of girls (minus LVJN – we missed you!) plus a few of Mary’s friends from work went and had a nice dinner on Saturday night at Loring Pasta Bar .  You know we always take 79845245985754 photos when together, so here are a few to share!

Hope you had a great Birthday, Maria Elena!

Happy Birthday Sony!

Happy Birthday Sony!

Today is my bff Sonja's birthday and even though I know she doesn't read my blog very often ( no computer, no internet) I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday.  A few of us ended up going out last Friday for all-you-can-eat sushi/Japanese to celebrate.




I hope you have a great birthday Sonja!

PS Thanks to Lanee for bringing the camera 🙂

PPS Happy Birthday to Dana too!

Jake’s Benefit was a Success!

Jake’s Benefit was a Success!

Well, the fruits of our labor were realized on Friday with a very successful Benefit on behalf of baby Jake.  Many friends and family were able to make it out for the event and we had a great time while raising $$ for Jake.  We only had one camera between all of us for the evening, so it got passed around quite a bit.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the evening….

(The t-shirts were designed by me and Mary)










Grooving it up on the dance floor…..




The BFFs


One of Dad Brent and Mom Kim


Thanks to everyone who came out, to everyone who made donations and to everyone who bought raffle tickets from me.  We all appreciate it!!

Benefit Planning for Jake: Hope for Sight

Benefit Planning for Jake: Hope for Sight

For those of you who really know me or have been reading my blog over the years, know that I have  20+ years of friendship with a very special group of BFF's: Mary, Kim, Lanee and Sonja.  We have been through everything together over the years and right now one of us is facing a life-long challenge.  Two months ago Kim and her fiance Brent learned that their baby boy Jake has a rare genetic eye disorder that has left him almost blind:

On June 20th, 2009 at the age of 4
months, Jake was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disorder called Familial
Exudative Vitreoretinopathy, aka “FEVR”. With this diagnosis it was discovered
that Jake has only “light sight” and minimal peripheral vision. On July 16th
& 17th, 2009 at 5 months old, Jake underwent double eye surgery
to reattach his retinas and remove fluid blockage. With his first surgery there
are hopes of him to have the chance to see at least shapes and shadows. It will
be 4-6 months before they will know if the surgery was successful. What is
known is that Jake will need extensive eye therapy, glasses and most likely
multiple surgeries. FEVR is a progressive disorder with no known cure. The only
thing that is certain is that Jake will be fighting for sight for the rest of
his life.

Brent & Kim have been through so much in such a
short time as they do what they can to help their little guy. On September 18th,
2009 there will be a benefit held in Jake’s honor. The money raised will help
ease the financial burden Brent & Kim are facing and will continue to face
as they provide the special care Jake will need.

The girls started planning this event over a month ago while I was out of town and have made great progress getting donations, etc.  Last Friday night Mary and I met Kim and her good friend Daria (Benefit Coordinator) to nail out some of the final details.  I hadn't seen Jacob in a few months and he has changed so much!


Kimmy with Jake


Here are me and Mary designing the Tshirts we will all wear at the Benefit.


The Benefit is going to be a very fun event and I would love to invite all of you to come! 

Friday, September
18th, 2009 4:00 pm-12:30 am 

Osbourne Road, Fridley MN 55432

*$5 Raffle-~many items including an LG 42” Flat Screen Television

*Silent Auction *Chili
Feed *Bake
Sale *Cash

*Live Music

Arena Freedomstation       

The Benefit is going to be a very FUN TIME, so please mark it on your calendars! We will start pre-selling Raffle Tickets starting later this week or next week, $5 per ticket will enter you in drawing for chance to win 42" Flat Panel TV, and several Gift Cards to local restaurants (need not be present to win). The Chili Feed and Bake-Sale are going to be amazing as well, not to mention cool cover bands playing later in the evening! 

Hope to see you all there!

If you would like more information, please visit Jake's Benefit Website, Our Visions of Hope.

Last-Minute Get Together with my BFFs

Last-Minute Get Together with my BFFs

I spent some time on Friday night over at Mary's house.  What was supposed to be a low-key evening with a few of us girls turned into a backyard get together with several of our group. Amazing that it worked out that way on a Friday night!
I was only able to take a few photos before my camera battery died….

Chase and Angelina dressed up with power tools

The kids checking out baby Jake


Isn't Jacob precious?


Lanee & Rog


Mary, Kim, and Me (This was the last photo and then my camera battery died)

IMG_6709 copy 

Luckily Kim has an phone with an awesome camera so we were able to get one of just us girls….


I hope we're able to get together a lot more this summer!

Big Laughs

Big Laughs

Whenever Bradie and I get together, we are bound to end up in a fit of giggles.  It has been this was since we were little girls, always laughing and egging each other on.  Especially when we reminisce about the olden days.  I have too much fun with this girl (even if it is just us sitting in a room alone laughing at each other!) These photos are of us late one night this past weekend.

Bradie and I have been friends for 29 years now.  I can just see us 50 years down the road as little old ladies….. still laughing and being silly 🙂