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This is 40!

This is 40!

OMG you guys!!!!!!! I am 40!!!!!! Here is me yesterday on my 40th Birthday!

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend, but a fun one turning 40. I was in denial about being over the hill and I didn’t plan anything in advance but I’m good at impromptu plans 😉

It started with happy hour at Ol’Mexico on Friday with some of my co-workers, then Saturday we had lunch at Taco House. I love tacos! Great start to a very nice birthday.

Lunch was followed by some shopping at Coach to get a beautiful new purse. Or two, because I couldn’t decide which of these beauties needed to come home with me 😉

I talked to my mom and dad for a brief call followed by a surprise call from my Gram & Gramp.  I think this is the first time they’ve called me on my birthday so that was pretty special.  They are 88 & 91 years young now. lol
Later I had a wonderful meal (sans children) at Bonefish Grill in the West End.  We had bang-bang shrimp, calamari, steak and lobster, wine and pomegranate martinis, topped by the best donut dessert I’ve ever had in my life. I will dream about those fluffy pillows of pastry for years to come. Oh! And complimentary cheesecake to boot!

I was tired, stuffed out of my mind, and had a few cocktails under my belt but wasn’t ready to call it a night yet. I met up with my BFF Mary and her husband, and my dear friend Cassie for a couple of hours at a local dive bar (Doc’s Landing).  They were playing old school music, the same stuff they played back in the day when I was just a kid hitting the bar scene for the first time 😉 

Earlier today I met Brian, Michelle and the kids for brunch at Green Mill. Yum! 

Later this afternoon we went to Maplewood Mall to get a few things for our upcoming trip to Florida.  We took the kids on the carousel and walked around the mall.  It was a nice ending to a great birthday weekend.

I have to admit, 40 feels pretty good.  I’m looking forward to the next decade, I hear your 40’s are the best!

My Peanut Butter Turns 40!!!

My Peanut Butter Turns 40!!!

Leslie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met in preschool when we went to Oak Hill Montessori and have been calling each other “Peanut Butter” and “Jelly” ever since. Leslie has lived out-of-state for the past 7 or 8 years, most recently in Colorado. To celebrate her big 4-0, Leslie decided to come back to MN to celebrate with some of her oldest friends. She stayed at Katy’s house for the first couple of nights. On Leslie’s actual birthday, the boys and I took her to lunch at Tokyo Sushi then hung out at our house for the afternoon. Later, we met Katy, Sandra, Sandy, and a few other friends, at Joe Sensors in Roseville for drinks and appetizers.  Then we headed to The Dog House in Maplewood for a couple of drinks.

The three of us hadn’t been together in soooooo long!

The following night I met Leslie and several friends at Grumpy’s in Roseville.  Dana, Mary (Troy) and Sonja met us out too.  And there is Andy Will, a mutual friend from the old neighborhood.  That’s how Minnesotans roll…. make and keep life-long friends 😉

It was pretty laid-back but I think Leslie enjoyed the company and had an overall nice trip back to MN.  It was so nice to spend time with her! Bretton has been talking about her ever since 😉

Cute picture but terrible lighting.  Oh well 😉

Bretton’s 1st Birthday

Bretton’s 1st Birthday

Bretton turned one on Monday, April 21st.  We had decided not to throw a traditional 1st Birthday Party for him being that it fell the day after Easter, so instead we celebrated with my family on Easter Sunday at Jeff & Amanda’s house.  It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day!

After a delicious dinner, we moved the party outside where Bretton had a beautiful carousel-themed cake made by his talented Auntie Amanda.   Boy did he enjoy it!! He also enjoyed being the center of attention as we sang the Birthday Song as seen below as well as at the end of his 1st year video. It was fun watching his first cake-smash although he didn’t get nearly as messy as I expected 😉


Thank you to my Dad who took these photos 😉
This kid is something else! Love him!

The day after Easter was Bretton’s actual birthday, and I was feeling extremely sentimental and emotional about him turning one and how fast the first year went. I cried a lot that morning thinking about him growing up and not being a baby anymore. My pregnancy hormones have turned me into an absolutely baby this time around and I can’t seem to help it 🙁 Luckily I got over it by the time I got home from work. That night Erick and I took him to Toys R Us to buy him a few presents. He had fun looking at everything and ended up getting a variety of balls and some sunglasses. For dinner we celebrated at Angelo’s Pizza and then had some leftover cake at home for dessert. It was just as good the second time around! lol

Annika’s 8th Birthday

Annika’s 8th Birthday

Okay, so I am 2+ months late in posting this but I continue to believe BETTER LATE THAN NEVER 😉

My niece Annika celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday, July 20th at Brian & Michelle’s cabin on Lake Chisago.  This was a very sad day for us as Phoenix passed away earlier that morning.  Despite our sadness, we went to her party and put on our party faces (or kind of?).  Not easy to do when you lose your best friend.

Anyway, it was a nice day…. not too hot for mid July.
Annika received many nice gifts. We got her a neat game from the Brainiac store at Rosedale (I can’t remember the name of it but they carry really cool mind games) and a Lego Friends set that Uncle Erick ordered online.
Bianca and Bennett had to get in on the present-opening-action

My mom made Annika a custom quilt and matching pillow for her American Girl Doll, using leftover fabric from Bretton’s owl quilt. Turned out so cute and Annika loved it!

Annika and cousin Maverick (5 months old). They are hair twins!
Maverick (5 months) and Bretton (3 months)


We had homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner but E and I were unable to stay for the birthday cake as we had other plans for the evening.

Dinner with my Besties {Mary’s Bday}

Dinner with my Besties {Mary’s Bday}

Its been a month now since Mary’s birthday, but since we took a few photos to commemorate the event (as we always do!), I wanted to make sure to post them here.  We met at the new Cossetta restaurant, Louis Ristorante.  While it was great to socialize and hang out with my girls and a few of their husbands, the food was rather disappointing.  Especially because I love Cossetta’s so much.  Sonja was sick and unable to come out so that was kind of a bummer too, but Kara was able to join us which made me happy!  I cherish these times with my friends, they have become few and far between.
Lanee Kim Mary Kristi Kara Jan 2013
Mary and me
Mary & Kristi Jan 2013
The newlyweds
Brent & Kim Jan 2013
Kim and Lanee
Kim & Lanee Jan 2013
and a group shot…
Mary Bday dinner group 2013

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mary Ellen! xoxoxo

Family Foosball Tourney XXVI {2013 Edition}

Family Foosball Tourney XXVI {2013 Edition}

26 years of Family Foosball Tournaments!!!??? Heck yeah!

Who’s family is super awesome like that??  Mine! The Sauer Family!
Like all other years since I have been blogging, I am here to document this year’s event which always coincides with the “famous family birthday” of my dad, his brother and sister, who were all born on Dec 30, one year apart .  It was a BFD and made national news!). The Tourney was held at Brian & Michelle’s this year… nice and close for some of us!

This year I was paired up with my brother Brian. We rocked the first round and then lost a close game in round 2.  Neither of us has practiced or practiced since last year at Foosball XXV.  But then again, I don’t think anyone else does either….  Its just our once-a-year family tradition)Here I am playing at nearly 6 months pregnant! Side note: I thought I was huge at the time but looking back, I wasn’t even that big yet! lol (At least not from the looks of this photo)
My Dad is the Commissioner of Foosball, therefore he sets the rules. His new rule this year is that newlyweds would be paired together. Jefanda was representing, complete with matching Team Jefanda tshirts!
Newlyweds Heidi and Anthony were also paired together 😉

Some of the other foosball partnerings…
My Dad (champ of Foosball XXV) and Aunt Mary (Ring of Honor awardee after winning 4 championships over the year.  She also gets “Most Enthusiastic” honors. lol

Several of the next generation were also able to play this year for the first time!
Sheleigh.  Michele LOVES foosball and looks forward to it 364 days a year.  I jest… quite the opposite. lol
Intense final round…
Here is the final result
Congrats to Uncle Joe and Mike K (cousin Katie’s BF)

Here is the coveted Toilet Bowl Trophy sporting a fresh coat of paint and design.

Did I mention that Foosball Tourney XXVI was also the same day as the Vikings vs Packers game??? (Game 16 of the regular season ). The Vikings won themselves a spot in playoffs with a win. Skol!!! The Sauer family loves the Vikings and may have been more into watching the game than the foosball tourney…. but don’t tell my dad! lol. Oh wait, he is in the front row watching it too!
The birthday crew

It was a fun day and reminded me once again of how blessed I am 🙂

Sony’s Birthday Party

Sony’s Birthday Party

Last weekend my besties and I got together at Doc’s Landing to celebrate Sonja’s birthday. Once again we all coincidentally showed up wearing the same color scheme. This happens a LOT! Sonja and I were dressed like twins, as were Mary and Kim. Kind of funny! We took a few photos like we usually do 😉

Mary Sonja Kristi Kim Nov 2012


Tamie, Mary, Lanee,  Me, Sonja, Kim and Jamie



Troy and Brent




It was nice to get together…. this was the first time I’ve seen everyone since Kim & Brent’s wedding back in October.


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Out and About {St Paul}

Out and About {St Paul}

A couple of Fridays ago (May 18) I had plans to go out with a few friends while the guys were playing their usual game of cards.  While we were enjoying a couple of cold cocktails on the patio at our local haunt, Manitou Station, I got a text from my brother Jeff (whose birthday happened to be that very day) saying he was at The Bulldog in St Paul with two of my college roommates and then he asked if I was coming out too?! What??!! You are hanging out with two of my favorite people that I haven’t seen in awhile on your birthday??!!  You know what this means! I convinced my friends to head to downtown St Paul.  Just as we were five minutes away from The Bulldog, Jeff tells me he left and was now at Moscow on the Hill with Amanda and a couple of her friends.  It was only a slight change of plans (ones that didn’t include seeing Laura Blonde and Laura Brown) and we were able to meet Jeff and Company at MotH.

A smurf took this very unflattering photo. (My rule from now on is you have to be over 5 ft tall to take my picture! Actually, the closer to 6 ft, the better.  lol)
Kristi and Jeff

One with the girls…
Gina Trisha Kristi Denise and Shannon

After we parted company with Jeff and Amanda, our party continued to Fabulous Ferns where we hung out on the patio.  It was nice that I wasn’t that designated driver that night however I kept things very tame since I had plans to attend Amanda’s Bridal Brunch and Bachelorette party the very next day 😉

Out to Dinner {Kimmy’s Bday}

Out to Dinner {Kimmy’s Bday}

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with our little group in celebration of Kim’s birthday.  We went to Rudy’s Redeye Grill, an old favorite of everyone.  The food was good but the service was slower than ever, I will be posting a new review of Rudy’s when I can get to it.  After dinner we briefly stopped at a local bar to hear a band but it was super hot inside so we all just decided to head home early.  It was nice to see everyone and spend time together… its been too long.
Kims Bday Girls 2012
Sonja Mary Kim 2012
Kim and Kristi 2012
Kim Mary and Lanee

Bennett’s 4th Birthday

Bennett’s 4th Birthday

Howdy! Here I am finding myself with about seven minutes to blog before I have to leave for work and I wanted to get these pictures of my nephew’s 4th birthday up before he turns five! lol

Can you believe how fast the past four years has gone???!! Most of you reading this blog now were reading it then, too and may remember that he was born a month premature (just like me!) and had to spend his first few weeks in the hospital. This year Bennett got a ton of cool toys for his birthday as well as an awesome new bike. We got him a transformers Optimus Prime costume and some wacky animal figurines with inter-changeable parts (think Mr Potato Head).  Overall, he was one happy dude 😉

These trick candles on his cake were pretty funny to watch him try to blow out. ha ha!  The cake was from movie CARS.
Bennett Birthday Candles 2012

Ms. Annika showing a design-your-own-birdhouse she got. Each of these kids gets presents on each other’s birthdays.  They are spoiled well-loved kids!
Annika Bird House
Ms Bianca
Bianca with Toy
Brian and Michelle
Brian and Michelle March 2012
Erin and Stew
Stew and erin March 2012
Erin and Chandler
Erin and Chandler March 2012

It was a fun time and nice to see everyone.


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Beebs’ Birthday Bash {She’s 5!}

Beebs’ Birthday Bash {She’s 5!}

Last week my niece Bianca turned 5 and this past Saturday we celebrated with a family party.

Here are the photos!

Bianca Happy Birthday 2012

Bianca blowing out candles Jan 2012

Bianca got a lot of nice gifts including an American Girl Doll named Kit

Bianca and Kit Jan 2012

I got her a little portable table/chair and Moon Dough. After she had opened all her presents I caught her sitting here, smiling to herself. She was very happy 🙂

A moment of reflection

Playing with the Moon Dough.  This stuff is a MESS. Sorry Bri & Shel, hopefully it isn’t ground into your carpet!! I thought it would be more like play-doh 🙁

Bianca and Lucy with Moon Dough

The boys thought the box that the table came in was their new fort…


Two Boys in a Box

Some family photos….

Kriisti and Annika Jan 2012 copy

I finally got to meet Chan-Man, Erin & Stew’s new baby. I love all his hair!

Cronquist Family Jan 2012

Jeffrey and Annika

Jeff and Annika Jan 2012

Bennett and Bianca Jan 2012

And a few miscellaneous

Bianca's Pink Cake Jan 2012

January Baby Birthday Dinner

January Baby Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday to Dana Leigh (who had a birthday yesterday)

Last Thursday night I met Dana, Ang and Heather for Happy Hour drinks at Joe Sensers in Roseville.

After drinks we went down the street to Good Earth to meet Tanya for dinner. Review of that coming soon 😉 We had a nice time and we even got a picture of usKristi Tanya Dana Ang Heather Jan 2012

Looking forward to seeing these ladies again in February 😉


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Birthday Shout-Out {Ang joins the Dirty Thirty Club}

Birthday Shout-Out {Ang joins the Dirty Thirty Club}

Happy Birthday to my friend Ang who turns the BIG 3-0 today!

I know I am posting this super late but I literally have not sat down since 6am this morning (its now 10) and that has been the story of my my life every day this week.  Anyway, I wanted to wish Ang a happy birthday once again (besides the text msg and FB message).  You only turn 30 once, right? (although Ang celebrates for the entire month of December! lol)

Last night I met the Birthday Girl and Dana and Heather out for dinner at a place that none of us had tried before, Brick’s Pub.  I will add my review once I get a chance to write it.  We had a great time talking, eating and sipping a cocktail or two.  We even got a few photos.

Heather, Dana, Ang and Kristi
I probably should’ve used a flash instead of these crazy shadows I ended up getting without it. Oh well. Sorry ladies!
Dana and Ang Dec 2011
Me and (Heather)Cheddar
Heather and Kristi

Last night Ang and I were trying to figure out which year it was that we met.  Today I have the answer.  It was December 2003!! Know how I know? Well, we met through our mutual friend, Rich, and I took this photo of the two of them at XFest back on May 30, 2004.  So Ang, I guess that means this month is our 8th Anniversary 😉 wow, how about that? You were just a kid back then. lmao!

Hope you have a wonderful time at your shindig tonight!


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Gramps Turned 86! {Family Party}

Gramps Turned 86! {Family Party}

I feel fortunate that I have got to see my Gram and Gramp as much as I have this year, especially considering that they live in AZ for nearly 8 months every year.  They also have a house here in MN and they typically come up from May-Sept but for various reasons, they weren’t able to go back home to AZ until this week, which meant that Gramps was in MN this year on his birthday.  For that reason and because life is short (especially since he had a severe stroke back in March with a somewhat miraculous recovery), my mom and Gram planned a little party for him.  I honestly don’t ever remember celebrating my Gramps birthday with him, so this was extra special.

3 of my Gram & Gramp’s 8 children were at the party, as well as 9 of 21 grandchildren and 4 great grandkids (not to mention the many addition spouses and partners!).  The rest of our family live in AZ, WI, and WA.  It was a nice time catching up with a few of my cousins and of course I was Kristarazzi once again 🙂

Kristi Kissing Gramps Oct 2011
Bennet, Grace and Boanca helping Gramps blow out candles Oct 2011
Brian Zach Segen Jeff Oct 2011
Payton and Gram Oxt 2011
Cassie Kristi Oct 2011
Kevin Gramps Joelle Oct 2011
Jeff, Dad, Mom and Uncle Paul Oct 2011
Kristin and Zach Oct 2011
Brian Segen Payton and Zach Oct 2011
Kristi Gramps and Annika Oct 2011

Bianca Oct 2011Grace Oct 2011
Annika Oct 2011

Glad you had a special birthday, Gramps.

Love,  Your #1 Grandchild 🙂

Dinner Outing with the Girls {Bradie’s Bday}

Dinner Outing with the Girls {Bradie’s Bday}

Two weeks ago my dear, life-long amiga Bradie celebrated another bday.  (One that is a multiple of 5!)

There were 9-10 of us who met for dinner at First Course in So. Mpls, a great little restaurant just a few blocks from Bradie’s house (review to come when I can get to it!).  We had wonderful food and great conversation.  Afterward most of us went back to Bradie’s house and hung out for a few hours.  It was a great night!
Bradie kristi SEpt 2011
Bradie's Bday Dinner with BFFs 2011
Eau Claire Girls 2011
Kristi Bradie Kelly Sept 2011
Bradie 35th Bday copy
Hope you had fun, Bradie! xoxoxoxoox

Birthday party for a sweet 6-year-old {Annika Leigh}

Birthday party for a sweet 6-year-old {Annika Leigh}

A few weeks ago my niece Annika turned 6 and a few days later Brian and Michelle had a party for her up at their lake home.  I didn’t take many photos and the ones I did take didn’t turn out very well but I would still like to post about it here as a way to document.  We had tacos, cake and ice cream.

I got Annika a couple of cute little skirts (purple plaid and dark denim) and a top to go with both.
Annika Bday 3
Annika Bday 2
Annika Bday 1
Annika Bday Cake

Fun times!

Time is flying, I can’t believe Annika is already six and starting first grade soon!

A Special Birthday {Kimmy}

A Special Birthday {Kimmy}

Happy Birthday today to my dear friend Kim!

We went out to dinner at Shorewood Bar & Grill on Saturday night and then hung out at Kim’s house afterward. Dinner was an interesting experience…. the food was wonderful but the service was the worst I’ve ever experienced.  I will be writing a mixed review and I am going to be honest about every aspect of the experience

Anyway, pics from the night…
Kim's Girls

Mary Kim

Kim Kristi Tamie

Gretchen Daria

Kim Brent

Happy Birthday, Kim. Hope you have had a great birthday so far!


Bennett’s 3rd Birthday

Bennett’s 3rd Birthday

A few weeks ago my nephew Benett turned 3.  Time sure has flown since the day he was born and boy has he gotten to be such a big boy! (Especially when you consider he was born premature).

The theme of his party this year was Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Bud got a ton of cool gifts…..all toys and books! I am usually the one that gets the kids clothes but decided to go with fun stuff this time.  Everyone else did the same so Buddy didn’t get any new clothes, but a ton of fun toys! One of the things we got him was an interactive Chuggington book.  He loved it.

The kids all got new sunglasses from Grandma Fran because they were leaving the next day for a family vacation in Arizona.
DSC_0308 copy
The girls also got little jewelry boxes that they could paint and decorate
Some shots of the family. (Jeff was MIA due to leaving on a flight that day to Australia and I rarely have my picture taken anymore)
Brian and Michelle’s favorite pose
Michelle’s parents
Erin and Stew
My Mom and Dad

We had several pizzas from Criss Cross Pizza for dinner
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza at Criss Cross Pizza~ Vadnais Heights, MN

Then we had cake & ice cream.
Bennett got a little help from Bianca while trying to blow out the candles. You would think they’re twins from this photo!

It was a fun time!

Family Dinner {Birthday Celebration}

Family Dinner {Birthday Celebration}

I turned another year older on February 11th and for the first time in many years, my family was actually in town that weekend to help me celebrate (although my parents had JUST gotten back from a 2 1/2 week Panama Canal Cruise) . I should have posted these three weeks ago after they were taken but I never even looked at them until a few days ago. No time to edit any of these (and I could care less!)

Me, 34 years old (wearing my glasses out in public and looking ultra-cheesy with this look on my face)
Pretty Flowers

Jeff spent the entire time playing with his new toy, the NEW Macbook Air.
Michelle and Annika

The rest of us were also pretty laid back that day, we spent most of the afternoon watching fun family videos that my dad was streaming from his computer  through Apple TV.  Once I get my hands on some of these I will make sure to post them on the blog.

Dude letting it all hang out

Except my mom who was cooking her Chicken Marsala for dinner.

My mom also made a rum cake for me, a dessert we haven’t had in probably a decade!!!
Here I am blowing out my candles…. (FYI- Everytime a photo with candles is taken I get the weird “halo” reflection off my lens filter)

It was nice to celebrate my birthday with my family this year 😉

Beebs turned 4!

Beebs turned 4!

My niece Bianca turned four a few weeks ago (wow does time fly!) and we celebrated at Brian and Michelle’s house last weekend.  She got a lot of cool gifts but I think her favorite is her little ipod with the headphones
All three kids got umbrellas
I got the girls these little zebra and giraffe outfits
Some of the adults
The cake
She didn’t take those headphones off that whole night!