Dec 112012

So what happens when you blog for nearly a decade, get dramatic, (let the mama bear out) and decide to take your blog down??

You freak people out, making people think something is wrong when everything is good.

And you have regrets about it.

Clearly, I love this blog or I wouldn’t have kept it up for so long.  I appreciate all the friendships I have made over the years through blogging, but even more so is having a visual journal of my life for me to look back at and reflect on.

I thought about starting a new blog with a new URL but it seems like a big PITA.  I’ve been persuaded to resurrect this blog and just make it more private.  It is fairly easy to password protect individual posts with the platform I use, so I think what I am going to do is just put a password on the posts that involve topics of a personal nature and those with photos of my family and friends.  I’ll make it simple and use the same password on all of them.  I will know who has access to the blog because I will have to personally give the password to those who want it.

So that’s the scoop! Now I just need to figure out how to retrieve the 1400+ posts that I made disappear and how to put a password on many of them.  That may take some time!!

I hope ya’ll will welcome me back 😉


Dec 072012

Dear blogging buddies,

Thanks for reading over the years but I have pretty much decided to take this blog down.  I really don’t want the blog associated with my name any longer, its very hard to know who exactly is lurking in the shadows.  While I am not the most private of people, I have a baby on the way to think about.  I have taken down all the posts from the past eight years and I may soon be disappearing from the public eye.

No need to worry about me, everything is fine.  I don’t think I am ‘done’ with blogging, so I may be moving to a new URL in the near future.  Until then, you can send me an e-mail from time to time if you want to say hi 😉

Peace out, friends.  Thank you for all your support over the years!

Apr 182012

Hey peeps!  This week is my Blogiversary and I nearly forgot!  I am such a terrible blogger of late that it seems almost hypocritical to even type this post, but after seven years I feel like I should acknowledge the history 😉

Thanks to all of you who read this, whether today is your first day or if you have been with me on my blogging journey for the past seven years.  It wouldn’t be nearly as fun without my family and friends (that includes all of you!) reading

Up-to-date stats (2005-2012) for the record:

  • 1,943 Blog Posts (213 in the past year)
  • 9,535 Comments (893 in the past year)
  • 308,486 Pageviews (55,046 in the past year)
  • 80 Categories (8 new added in the past year)

A look back at my other Blogiversary posts……


Jan 252012

I have been wanting to blog all week but I have been swamped.

Want to hear something really awesome????!!!

The Twin Cities Restaurant shattered all personal records yesterday with 6,910 page views and 2,968 hits so far today.  (Average is 1500/day)

Why the big number???

I think I can finally announce some big news…. I have partnered with Yahoo! to bring my restaurant reviews and news to the Yahoo local home page.  Any article that I publish on the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog will also be seen by the thousands of people in the Twin Cities who use Yahoo.  This has been in the works for several months now and everything is still in “Beta” mode so I am not sure that everyone can see the changes yet, but it is starting to roll out this month.

The article that I published a few days ago “TCRB Editor’s Pick: Best Ribeye” got a ton of traffic and a ton of comments.  Of course there are urban food snobs out there who were not happy with my selections but there were also many people who were very supportive and complimentary.

Hopefully all this traffic puts some more money in my pockets 😉


Aug 042010

Hello Mi Vida Ocupada Readers!

For those of you who are regulars here, have you noticed for the past 6 months that my blog keeps track of how many comments you leave? I think it is cool because it is a bit of an incentive to leave more comments.

However, the way these comments are tracked is based on Commenter Name, Commenter E-Mail, and Commenter URL.  These three things must match on every comment you leave or it tracks you as a separate person each time!!  ANNOYING for those of you who sometimes decide to put your last name, other times not. Or have changed your e-mail or website over the years.  Not only that, but it is case-sensitive and it also matters if you put a / (backslash) after your url or not so you have to be extra careful when entering your info!

Fortunately with my blogging platform I have the ability to easily change any or all of the Commenter Name, Commenter E-Mail, and Commenter URL  so that it is consistent throughout the entire 6 year history of comments on this blog!! Cool, right???

So I am going to ask ya’ll a favor so that I can accurately change the information…….  Please leave a comment on this post with your updated Commenter Name, Commenter E-Mail, and Commenter URL. Since there are some people with common names, I suggest you leave a middle name if you don’t want to leave your last name!!!  I will go through all 8000+ comments and change the past comments so that it is updated with your current info.  From this point on you will need to type info into comment fields exactly as you do today!!  Then comment #s should be accurate.

If you could care less about comment counts, no need to respond but if you do, you can see how many registered comments you’ve left me 😉

Apr 162010

Yippee! Today is Mi Vida Ocupada’s 5th Blogiversary!!

For the record:

  • 1,525 Posts (including this one!)
  • 196,249  Pageviews
  • 7,722 Comments (Thank you!!!)
  • 126 Regular subscribers (Thanks again!)

Beyond all the stats, the important thing is that I have an outlet to express myself and to share bits & pieces of my busy life with all of you.  I have made many wonderful Bloggy-Friends (anyone have a better term?) over the years and thank each and every one of you for following me on my journey through space and time…………

And just a FYI- I now have a Table of Contents on this site that makes it much easier to sort through all my posts by category.  Check it out!

Mar 092010

I was just about to post something else and noticed in my blog dashboard that I had 1,499 previous posts, which makes this  post #1500.  Whoa!!! I know I don’t blog every day by any means but after nearly 5 years of blogging (come April), these posts sure add up!! (Of course at least 100 of the posts are photo posts that I imported from the former “Kristi’s Daily Photos” blog (which no longer exists!)

I thought I would highlight a variety of old material. I might even add more since this list is really old

Here are a few of the most common posts that lead people to this blog from search engines, etc

A million thanks to those of you who read this blog (especially to those who actually comment!)

Feb 192010

Jeff is THE MAN!!

Wanted to give a shout-out to my baby bro who has spent many hours helping me with the “behind the scenes” of my blogs these past few weeks.   #1 Excitement of last week??? He was able to retrieve all of my photos from this blog that had been lost in Cyberspace and  restored them permanently to this new blog platform.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!! The photos were actually restored on my birthday, what a great gift!  This means that all of my old photos are now back in the proper posts 🙂 (Of course I probably could’ve figured it out myself but it would’ve taken me an extra 100 hrs longer than Jeff to do it!).

The 2nd biggest task Jeff helped me with this week was figuring out some bugs with the new Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.  Not everything with that transfer went as smoothly as it did with this blog, so I ended up spending my three-day-weekend on the dang computer doing my best to fix the things that needed to be fixed.  Jeff helped with the rest and everything is now seemingly “right” with the blog again.

Jeff, Thanks for taking all the time to help me out with these things even though I know I was annoying and bugging the  crap out of you. (sometimes I think I got all the patience in the family).  Your computer/Internet skillz are amazing!!

Jan 312010

The day I have been waiting for is now here…….. the new blog is now live!

I know it hasn’t happened YET but I think we may even have worked it out so that you can still receive this feed in your feedreader without having changed the feed from what it was before (fingers crossed!).

New features include a Top Commenter ranking in the sidebar…… a little incentive to leave more comments!

PS I am aware that all the images I imported from my old blog at Typepad are currently not displaying. They should be back up within the next day or two 😉

Jan 292010

Hello to everyone out there who reads my little blog here at  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that this site is going through some major changes this weekend and it is is extremely important that you resubscribe using this feed.  If you fail to do so, I am 99% sure that you will no longer receive my feed when I update.  Make the switch now & resubscribe with this feed!!!  Otherwise you'll have to go to directly to visit me.

Have a great weekend!

Jan 142010

Apparently January 14th is Delurking Day.  What is delurking? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it’s defined as the following:

Delurking: Entering an online discussion after a time spent lurking, especially if suddenly prompted to do so.

Basically it means you’ve been hanging out, reading this blog for a
while, but you haven’t felt the need to leave a comment or reveal that
you are out there reading my blog…… today is the day that you should finally come out & leave a comment to
let me know you’re here 🙂


Thanks for reading, I hope I hear from a lot of you!

Apr 162009

It was on this day 4 years ago that I wrote my very first blog post after seeing Steve Vai in concert.  I can't believe how fast that time went! Last year on my blogiversary I made a list of favorite blog posts over the years.  Check some of them out!

So for documentation's sake, here are my current stats on Mi Vida Ocupada:

  • 1, 089 Posts (including this one!)
  • 136,202  Lifetime Pageviews

Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who keep reading and especially to those who have stuck around over the years 🙂

PS By coincidence, today is also the day that the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog will surpass Mi Vida Ocupada (aka in # of Pageviews.  That blog currently has 136,063 Hits (since March 2007) compared to Mi Vida's 136,202 (since April 2005).  I am very proud of the success that I have had with the Restaurant Blog (around 1,000 hits a day!)

PPS Keeping up with one blog takes a lot of time, keeping up with THREE on a regular basis???? I think I deserve some kind of blogging medal!! LOL

Jan 212009

A few days ago I mentioned that you could start getting posts to this blog by e-mail simply by subscribing in the box in the right sidebar.  For some reason it did not work before but I have fixed it.  You must re-enter your e-mail address but it should work this time!

Jan 162009

If you would like to be updated regularly when I post new entries to this blog, I have added two new tools to make it easier.  Direct your attention to the right sidebar >>>>>

  • The first tool is the  "subscribe in reader" button.  When you click this, it allows you to add the feed to whichever feed reader you prefer (I use Google Reader). 
  • The second tool is the e-mail subscription box.  If you would like new posts from this blog to be sent to your e-mail, just enter your e-mail address in the box, and then click the confirmation link that will immediately be sent to your inbox.  Once you do this, new posts will be sent directly to your e-mail.

I am using Feedburner for these services.  If you're a blogger, you might want to check it out.  It will automatically update and transfer any current feeds you have for your blog so that your readers will continue to receive updates without interruption ( I wasn't sure what would happen when I transferred my feed to Feedreader, hence the "test" of the last post.  It worked perfectly and I have already received the e-mail with my latest post).  The service makes it much more convenient for your readers to receive your latest posts and also allows you to keep track of how many subscribers you have.  This is a great thing for those of you who have photography or other business blogs!

Dec 042008

Wow, this is post #1,000.  Hard to believe!
In honor of this milestone, I decide to make banners for all four girls who registered for my banner giveaway.  I love this kind of stuff!! Hope these lovely ladies like their new banners!

For Leanne:


For Dana


For Denise


And for Mel


All of the papers and elements have been downloaded for FREE from a variety of sites.  If you're into digital scrapping or just want some resources to work with, check out  Scrapping with Ikea Goddess, her blog links to several digital freebies.  That is where I have found a good bulk of my digi stuff over the past year.

Nov 262008

So this blog reached the 100,000+ hits mark yesterday! Since roughly 60% of the traffic comes from  first-time visitors who found the site through a search engine, I thought I would highlight the most popular posts that lead to this blog.  Random stuff is apparently very popular!

1. Top 10 Hybrid Animals

2. Photoshop Disasters

3. Celebrity Look Alikes

4. Best Friend Forever Poem

5. Victory for Celtics

6. Genetics and Eye Color

7. Prince 07-07-07 Concerts

8. Fun Sites that work with Flickr Images

9. Wacipi Pow Wow

10. Loose Change Conspiracy Theory

11. Eating at the MN State Fair

12. Are you a Movie Buff?

There are several behind-the-scenes stats that I find interesting about this blog, but you know what I don't get?? Visitor Loyalty.  There are 511 visitors who have been to my site 100+ times, yet only18 people signed my guestbook.  WTF??!! 

Nov 252008

…….that this blog hits the 100,000 hits mark!!!  Less than 80 hits to go according to the site meter counter! 

PS Thanks to the 12 of you who signed my guest book in the past 24 hours (I especially appreciate the comment from my visitor in France- I was wondering who you were!) but who are the other 180 people who visit each day???  Like I said, the guest book is now a permanent feature, so its never too late to stop in and say hi :)