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Remembering Nelson Mandela {RIP}

Remembering Nelson Mandela {RIP}

The World lost a great soul this past week with the death of Nelson Mandela.  This morning the World News was showing video of all of the world’s leaders who joined together in South Africa last night in remembrance of such a great man.  It will go on record as being the biggest gathering of World leaders ever in one place at one time.  Why was Nelson Mandela so great? Well, have you ever heard of Apartheid? (pronounced Uh-Par-Tide).  If not, you probably went to public HS in the USA where this was never discussed.  I didn’t know about it until I was a sophomore in college and took an African Studies course.  Wow, was it eye opening! I learned a lot about what it would be like to grow up during Apartheid South Africa from reading Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane.  Nelson Mandela was instrumental in leading the anti-apartheid movement and became the first black South African to become President of the country.  He was a hero to all of the oppressed people of South Africa and to the many of us who believe in Human Rights.  No surprise that Mandela was also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.  God bless this man, may he rest in peace 😉

Sade {My Favorite Diva of All Time}

Sade {My Favorite Diva of All Time}

Sade in concert is absolutely AMAZING!!!
I saw her on Sunday night in Chicago and will be seeing her again tonight in Mpls. We had amazing seats for both shows. I wasn’t able to bring my big camera into the show in Chicago but I got a few with the iPhone. For tonight I borrowed my brother Jeff’s camera and I expect to get some awesome photos, stay tuned.

For the time being, here is a video of  Sade performing Love is Found in her show. Can you believe she is 52 years old?

Thoughts for Thursday: The Royal Wedding

Thoughts for Thursday: The Royal Wedding

If you have watched any news at all this week, you know that tomorrow, Friday April 29th is the BIG DAY for Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The whole world will be watching as the future King and Queen say their vows.  This is a B.F.D in case you didn’t know!!!  Kate is truly living out the dream that I am sure every little English girl dreams about her whole life (as well as many little girls around the world). 

I vaguely remember when Princess Di married Prince Charles…. I was maybe 5 years old at the time? A Royal Wedding is a B.F.D. and since they come around so rarely, it is a special and momentous occasion.  One the world will never forget.  I am glad I am old enough to appreciate this one!

Although I have to work all day Friday I am hoping I can catch some of the event on TV.  Yes, I am excited to see the DRESS that Kate wears and the whole shebang.  I think she is gorgeous in her own right but I am sure she will truly look like a princess for her wedding.  I am sure William will be handsome and regal as well, not to mention all the royal guests.

So what are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding? Are you excited to watch it? What do you think of all the hype?  Do you think William and Kate will live a Fairy Tale life together?? Will they get started on a heir ASAP?

Meeting Governor Dayton

Meeting Governor Dayton

A few weeks ago my school had a visit from some special visitors: Our Superintendent, the Commissioner of Education and the Governor of MN.  We were told a day ahead that the Governor was coming to read a book to one of our 2nd grade classes, so our team quickly prepared for their visit.  Since we are a Music Academy, a small group of our 6th grade musicians prepared to serenade the Guests as they arrived.

When I heard the horns a tootin’ that afternoon, I made my way to the main hallway to see the guests as they arrived.  It was a small circus, no doubt!  I watched as the Gov met and talked with our principal and a few of our teachers as he made his way through the library toward his classroom destination.

I honestly had no intention of meeting the Governor so I hung toward the back of the group.  After a few minutes he turned around and walked straight toward me.  He says, “I haven’t met you yet, I’m Mark.”  I introduced myself and told him I taught the gifted & talented program.  He had all sorts of questions for me so we talked for a couple of minutes.  Someone happened to snap a few pics:

I am not a political junkie at all (quite the opposite) but it is kind of cool having a brush with some of our Head Honchos when given the opportunity (like the time I touched George W Bush’s arm!)

Hanging with Celebrities {In my Dreams!}

Hanging with Celebrities {In my Dreams!}

I have never been one to sit and read a lot into the meaning of my dreams, but I am starting to wonder WHY I dream of hanging out with celebrities all the time.

This phenomenon started about seven years or so ago, when I started having dreams about meeting PRINCE.  Every dream was a different scenario, but in all of them I finally had my chance to meet the little purple midget I have obsessed over for most of my life.  We were cool, hanging out in all of them.  I have had probably 10 of these dreams of meeting Prince.  By the way: NONE of these dreams were sexual in any way 😉

Then I started dreaming about hanging out with other celebrities including:

  • Rob Zombie (yes, its weird I know!)
  • Britney Spears
  • Ryan Reynolds (ya got me!?)
  • Snoop Dogg- This one was just a few months ago when I was living in Austin for the summer.  I was at an old-school party ON STAGE with Snoop Dogg and we performed “Nothing But a G Thang” for the first time and blew the crowd away (This dream was bad ass!)

And just this morning before my alarm woke me up I was having the coolest dream that I was DATING JOE MAUER (MN Twins).  We met somewhere or another and started hanging out and the next thing I knew he was telling me to get dressed up so he could take me out for a nice dinner.  Whoa!! I think Joe is cute but he’s not really my type (Although I would still go on a date with him if I were single! lol).

Where the heck do these dreams come from???  I am totally not into celebrity gossip and I am truly not obsessed with celebrities in any way, yet they still sneak into my dreams to hangout with me!!

Have you ever dreamt of any celebrities??

Celebrity Look Alikes

Celebrity Look Alikes

My friend Jules e-mailed this to me and I had to share in case you haven't seen it yet!

Tonight Show Host Jay Leno totally looks
like Roger Ramjet

jay leno, roger ramjet, the tonight show
Actor Ron Perlman totally looks like Harry the
Bigfoot from the movie Harry and the Hendersons

ron perlman, harry
Actor Val Kilmer totally looks like a caveman

val kilmer, caveman
Metallica frontman James Hetfield totally
looks like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz

james hetfield, cowardly lion
Actor Tom Selleck totally looks like the
Red Baron from Red Baron Pizza

tom selleck, red baron
Self-help talk show host Dr. Phil totally looks
like a walrus

dr. phil, walrus
Guitarist Eddie Van Halen totally looks
like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons

eddie van halen, crazy cat lady, the simpsons
Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice
from the Spice Girls, totally looks like Falcor from The Neverending Story

posh spice, falcor
Pope Benedict XVI totally looks like Darth
Sidious from Star Wars

pope benedict xvi, darth sidious
Rockstar Mick Jagger totally looks like a

mick jagger, batfish, rolling stones
Christopher Lloyd, actor from the Back to
the Future trilogy totally looks like a startled marsupial.

Christopher Lloyd totally looks like a marsupial
Actor Matt Dillon totally looks like

matt dillon, wild things, frankenstein, mary shelley
Actor Elijah Wood totally looks like
adulterer Hester Prynne from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book The Scarlet Letter

elijah wood, frodo, hester prynne, the scarlet letter
Chris Kemp, the most “unfortunate” looking
burglar ever, totally looks like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead

chris kemp, beavis, beavis and butthead
Comedian Carrot Top totally looks like Liono
from the cartoon Thundercats

carrot top, liono, thundercats
Cindy McCain, wife of Republican Presidential
candidate John McCain, totally looks like the Borg Queen from Star Trek

cindy mccain, borg queen, star trek
Rapper Sisqo totally looks like Donkey

sisqo, donkey kong, nintendo
Comedy writer Bruce Vilanch totally looks like
Sweetums from the Muppets

bruce vilanch, sweetums, muppets
Senator Fred Thompson totally looks like Vigo the Carpathian from
Ghostbusters 2

fred thompson, vigo the carpathian, ghostbusters 2
Jamie Hyneman from the television show
Mythbusters totally looks like a walrus

jamie hyneman, walrus
Fashion designer Donatella Versace totally looks
like Janice the Muppet

donatella versace, janice the muppet, the muppets



Politician John Kerry totally looks like Herman Munster from the
television show The Munsters

john kerry, herman munster



Bob Dylan the musician totally looks like
Snidley Whiplash from Wacky Races

bob dylan, snidley whiplash
Flava Flav, rapper and reality television star
totally looks like Stripe from Gremlins

flava flav, stripe, gremlins
Wilford Brimley, actor from Cocoon and The Thing
totally looks like Diabeetus Cat

Wilford Brimley, Diabeetus Cat
President George W. Bush totally looks
like a Chimpanzee

George W. Bush, Chimpanzee


Goodbye, Kirby

Goodbye, Kirby

I am no longer a huge baseball fan by any means, but I was still saddened to hear the news that the great Kirby Puckett of the 1987, 1991 World Series Champion Minnesota Twins had died yesterday after a massive stroke. 


I grew up during Kirby’s hay-day and was a HUGE fan of the Minnesota Twins, especially Kirby.  I grew up going to games with awesome season tickets….Puckett was my guy!  I also attended both game #7’s when the Twins won the World Series and there is nothing like the excitement of being the World Champs!! I also attended the special game in 1996 when fans said goodbye to Puckett after his announced retirement due to eye problems.  Today our city mourns this baseball hero.  Rest in Peace, Brother 🙂

You can read more about Kirby in this article in the Mpls Star Trib: Goodbye, Kirby

Guest Blogger:Back from Hollywood

Guest Blogger:Back from Hollywood

Many of you know from my little brother Jeff's guest post last week that he was going to be doing a little security gig in Hollywood at a Celebrity Fashion Show. 

Well he is back and here is what he had to say about the experience:

As recently as February 2006, I was asked by a friend to describe my favorite traveling experience.

I didn’t have an answer.

It wasn’t due to a lack of experience; I have a travel resume that would inflict jealousy into the hearts of all but the most seasoned of travelers.

While I’m only 24 years old, I have already amassed an all-star itinerary of locales. I have bared sweltering temperatures while running (literally) through the African Rift Valley.

I have been viewed as a giant in cities as cosmopolitan as Tokyo.

I have fallen in love with several continents, and felt at home with people whose genetic makeup represents my polar opposite. I am an ambassador to the nation of travel, and my people are the world.

Until recently I have never been able to quantify traveling experiences into a humanized ranking system. How can one assign values of finality to such an intangible experience?

That all changed when I spent this weekend in Hollywood.

At the risk of breaking rhythm of my philosophically laced sentences above, I am going to make an attempt to explain to you the merits of what I now consider my favorite traveling experience. I got to see celebrities!

While I don’t want to give you the perception that I am shallow, I feel it’s important to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by celebrities. I’m not sure why I find celebrities as a source of enthrallment, it clearly defies logic.

As I explained to you earlier, I’m a computer guy. I should be relatively unphased by celebrity; I should continue with speaking in computer nerdery. 01101000 01101001 (That’s “hi” in binary).

However, I am sure that many of you readers are equally enchanted by the celebrity mystique. That may even be why you’re reading this particular post (other acceptable reasons are boredom and masochistic inclinations).

To document my hypnosis with Celebrity and Hollywood, I have posted my photos online at

Rather than bore you with pictures taken, and places visited, I will use my remaining space to summarize Hollywood’s impact. I realized that I am naïve. I guess I always knew that, but Los Angeles brings naivety to the forefront. I realized that celebrities come and go.

While being surrounded by people from “the business,” I quickly realized that celebrities (talent) have very little to do with an actual Hollywood production. They are merely pawns in the game.

I realized that there are more elements going into big-time productions than one can possibly fathom. For every super star (think Ashlee Simpson), there are 20 people responsible for their every move.

I realized that Hollywood isn’t nearly as beautiful as it seems. I commonly refer to myself as a man of average intelligence and below average looks. Prior to my Hollywood experience, I thought I’d be constantly embarrassed in Hollywood by people of greater beauty and power. I left feeling the exact opposite of these notions, and I ultimately realized that I’m overly self-conscious.

Last, I realized that Minnesota is way too damn cold! I need to move away, and soon!

Well, I’m glad that I could sum up my trip in ambiguity laced statements. For more lighthearted excerpts from my trip, follow the link to my website above, or simply visit my site:

There you are folks!!!  Give Jeff some love by leaving him a comment here or by checking out his website! I had to include this pic of Jeff with Sheila E!


Guest Blogger: Brush with Celebrity

Guest Blogger: Brush with Celebrity

I speak often of my younger brother Jeff.  This kid is pretty funny…cracks me up all the time.  Jeff just spent the past two weeks in Florida (comes back to Minneapolis today) and then is flying out to Los Angeles tomorrow for a special opportunity.  So I have asked him to be a "guest blogger".  Hope you like! He has his own website/blog that he has kept for YEARS. He also owns his own web design company.  Oh, and ladies, Jeff is single!

Brush with Celebrity By Jeff Sauer

I’m just an average Joe. Well, that’s not entirely true. My name is Jeff. One sentence into this and I’m already lying to you. This bothers me.

I pride myself in being an honest man, so I’m not sure why I have already lapsed in talking to you. People have called me sincere, and even honest. One time, I even think I overheard a guy at the gas station saying that I was trustworthy. In fact, before that President Lincoln guy came around, I was known by honest Jeff.

So, it bothers me when people think I’m lying when I tell them about my plans for this weekend. You see, this weekend, I will be traveling to Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact, to be a security guard at a Celebrity Fashion Show.

I know nothing about security.

While I’m a sizable man, the notion of working security has never occurred to me at any point in my life. I work with computers. I’m a geek. I design web pages. I’m a dork. I think that playing with databases and working with numbers is fun. I’m a nerd.

I am an all-purpose pseudo intellectual with a penchant for the inane. That’s what I do.

That is why you may find it strange that when the opportunity arose for me to rub shoulders with celebrities, enjoy a backstage point of view to an exclusive event, and do something completely out of the ordinary, I volunteered my services in about 2.2 seconds.

Actually, I doubt that you find that strange at all. You may very well take the same opportunity if presented. I was presented this opportunity through one of my business partners, who is a former security guard for the artist Prince. While he has since retired from being a security guard for celebrities, he still has ties to many celebrities and still does security for special events. He was selected by his good friend Sheila E to be head of security for her fashion show, and he gladly accepted. He then needed to round up a series of volunteers to help staff the event, and I was an invitee. The rest is history.

I am excited for the event, and I have a feeling it is going to go very well. My lone inhibition is that I literally know NOTHING about security. While I’ve been assured that this will be an easy event, I still wonder if I’m getting in over my head. I will find out soon enough.

It’s hard to point out a single celebrity that I’m most interested in meeting, they are all great. I am probably most interested in meeting Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Bill Cosby, and Gabrielle Union. Check back soon to see how everything goes!

Good luck Jeff and Have fun!!  I wish you could get some good pics, but that'll probably be hard to do.  We want to hear all the details when you get back!

Peeps….give Jeff some love!

I **LOVE** Johnny

I **LOVE** Johnny

Johnny Depp that is.  Johnny21jumpstreer_1 Yes its true, I have had a crush on him since 1987-88? when I first saw him on 21Jump Street. Those brown eyes have always made me melt.  And his cheek bones?! Chiseled to perfection! Not to mention that he is somewhat of a bad boy!! Johnny has played many diverse roles in the last 20 years of his career and I think that just shows how talented of an actor he is.  My favorites of his (at least as far as admiring his looks!) are Don Juan de Marco and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Johnnydepp2 Jdepp4_1

So why did I choose today to bring up my crush on Mr. Depp?  Because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come out today, of course!  I haven’t yet seen this movie but I did go out and buy it at Target over my lunch hour.  The original Willy Wonka was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I know this version is like the super-psychadelic version.  I can’t wait!

Who else loves Johnny?  What is your favorite movie of his??

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

What can I say about Dave Chappelle Davechappelleshower2 except that he is freakin' hilarious!!!   The 2nd season of The Chappelle's Show just came out this week and I had to have it the day it was released.  I was only able to catch the first three episodes last night, but he had me ROFLMAO  for each of his "sketches". He likes to make fun of racism and does it in such a way that it is funny no matter what race you come from!  He also makes fun of popular celebrities, all in good fun, of course!  (You know I love Prince, but he did a hilarious Sketch of him last season that was too funny!) If you haven't ever seen it and like a good laugh, I highly recommend it! The sketches are funny to watch over and over again, especially with a group of friends!

"I'm Rick James, B**ch!"

Another Dream about Prince

Another Dream about Prince

Okay, so I must be TOTALLY obessessed with meeting Prince someday, because I just dreamt about meeting him again last night for like the 30th time in the past 5 years. Seriously!!!! Prince2 I do not know why I dream it so often or what it means, but I think I am secretly hoping it happens someday. I have loved his music since I was 8 years old, have seen him in concert (with front row seats I have to add!) and I have even been to Paisley Park several times. But never have I met the Man!