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Sevendust Farewell Tour at Myth ~ December 2011

Sevendust Farewell Tour at Myth ~ December 2011

Last Monday night we went down to MYTH Nightclub to see SEVENDUST in concert. They are one of our favorite metal bands and we have seen them countless times since about 1998. My friend Janeen and I were able to sneak up the side of the crowd to get close to the stage and we had ourselves a blast!! This is SEVENDUST’s last concert for an indefinite amount of time so it was important that we see them one last time. It was a blast! Lajon Witherspoon is such a charismatic and awesome lead singer.  No doubt he has a ton of groupies and if you are up close watching him shake his thang, there is no doubt why 😉 lol
I didn’t bring my camera to the show but I did bring in my Flip Video cam. I love it, so small and perfect for concerts. If you want to see more of my Sevendust Videos, take a look at my Youtube page.

On this date in the paste I have blogged about…..

Devin Townsend Concert ~ St Paul

Devin Townsend Concert ~ St Paul

Several weeks ago now (10-8-11) I attended the Devin Townsend show at Station 4 in St Paul.  It was a great show! Station 4 also happened to be one of the stops on the Zombie Pub Crawl that same night.  I did not have my camera with me but I did have my Flip Video Cam and got some footage of the show….






Skywind Reunion 2011 {Benefit for Charlotte}

Skywind Reunion 2011 {Benefit for Charlotte}

A few weeks ago some of my old-time buddies from the band Skywind came together after several years apart, for the sole purpose of playing at a Benefit for a very sick little baby girl named Charlotte.  Charlotte is the daughter of the lead singer, Wally, and was diagnosed with a mass around her liver that kept her in the hospital for nearly 4 months (out of the six since she has been born).  Read Charlotte’s story on Caringbridge.

Back in the day (1997-2003) Skywind was an immensely popular rock band made up of guys from my HS.  Rich, the drummer, is one of my man’s Bffs.
I didn’t take many photos that night because I was busy rockin out next to the stage (with Ang and Steve)but  I took several videos at the show…. find them at the bottom of this post.  Apparently there were tons of people we went to HS with at this show but I didn’t see many of them because I was rockin out.  I did see a couple fo people that I never in a million years would have thought would be at the show…. check this out: Just before Skywind comes on I am up in front of the stage and a short person moves next to me.  I look down and see these big brown eyes looking up at me…”Ms. Sauer, is that YOU?” OMG, it was one of my students (a second grader) who was there with her sister (6th grade) and her mom.  I  was like, “what are you guys doing here?” “We know Wally, our mom works with him!” They were there to support Charlotte and it was an all-ages show. Small freakin world.  Thank the lord I wasn’t shitfaced or anything.  I can’t go anywhere without watching my back!!
Here are the few photos I got of the evening (after the show):
Skywind Reunion- Steve
Tanya, Dana, Me and JamieTanya, Dana, Kristi Jamie
Richie and Angel
Angel and Rich
Colleen and Matty (who loves to make goofy faces in pics and annoy his wifey)Colleen and Matty
Tasha and Gabe
Amy, Raylene, Cassie and MeDSC_3117
Make sure to let the videos stream all the way before you play any of them 😉
Before Skywind played, Wally brought his oldest daughter (Josie) up on stage to play a song together

Here is an OLD song from Skywind, one of their first from the first album

Sade in Concert {Chicago & Minneapolis}

Sade in Concert {Chicago & Minneapolis}


Ohmygoodness, what can I say about this woman to express how

Lovely, Class, Sexy and Beautiful she is?

I am so incredibly blessed to have had the experience of seeing Sade (pronounced Sha-Day) live in concert.  Most people have never had that experience and this past week I got to see her not once, but 2X!!  When the tickets went on sale last spring, we splurged and bought awesome seats to see her in Chicago and also in Minneapolis.

The Chicago show was at the United Center on Sunday, August 7.  Our seats were on the main floor, dead center in the middle section, row 16.  Amazing seats!!  John Legend opened for her and even though I didn’t know any of his music, he put on a good show. I was upset that security made me check my camera because I would have gotten some amazing shots, however halfway through the show I remembered that we had an iPhone with a camera so I started taking a few pics.  We were much closer than these appear…..
Sade in Chicago 11

Her encore was Cherish the Day

The show in Minneapolis was just two days later, on Tuesday August 9. We went to this show with our Bff Rich and his father. Our seats were 17th row, main floor, but in the section on the far right.  Not as good as our seats in Chicago but they were still darn good! I took photos and videos of the first half of the show using my brother Jeff’s Canon G12 but I took so many long videos that the battery ended up going dead halfway through, around the same spot in the show that I started taking pics in Chicago!

Most of the photos I took were really bad until I figured out how to use manual settings on Jeff”s camera.  Once I did that I got some decent shots.  Then the battery died, go figure!

I took some videos too, check them out

It was an amazing experience, worth every penny!

Eric Gales Band at Famous Daves BBQ & Blues

Eric Gales Band at Famous Daves BBQ & Blues

Last weekend a few of us headed down to Famous Dave’s at Calhoun Square to see a guitar legend play…..

Mr. Eric Gales

We had been waiting several years to see him play.  He was a guitar prodigy at the age of 14 and taught himself how to play the guitar upside down…. he is a lefty who plays a right-handed instrument.  Crazy! Absolutely love his earlier stuff (Picture of a Thousand Faces) but the new stuff is cool too.

Our seats weren’t very good but the show was kick ass.
Eric Gales Band 6
Eric Gales Band
Eric Gales Band 3
Eric Gales

Looking forward to seeing Eric Gales again this upcoming Saturday in St Paul. If anyone is interested in details of the show and wants to meet up, let me know!

Thoughts for Thursday: Traveling for a Concert

Thoughts for Thursday: Traveling for a Concert

Whoa! Has Kristi Sauer made a comeback with the blogging?

Yes, folks, I believe I have 😉

Gonna make a better effort, anyhow.

Its Thursday……. why not do a TFT? Its been over a year since I last posted one and I used to LOVE this feature.

Today’s topic?  Traveling to see a concert.

We love seeing live shows and have been to many, many concerts over the years.  (My Top 10 concerts as of 11-09 are listed here & a list of concerts I have been to as of 9-08 can be found here).  We have traveled long distances specifically to see a few different shows.  Ex:  Santana in Vegas on 12-31-99  and last spring when I bought a new car and then drove to Boston the next day to see Massive Attack.

We also just bought tickets to see Sade in Chicago late this summer which I am beyond excited about!

So my question for you today……..

What is the farthest you have traveled, specifically to see a concert?

What bands do you love enough to travel long distance to see?


Other TFT’s this week:

Kim- Thirsty Thursday

A Rockin Friday Night

A Rockin Friday Night

Despite feeling extremely exhausted and overworked, I mustered up a bit of energy this past Friday night to go see a rock show at Station 4 in St Paul.  Filter was headlining and Whither the Tide was opening for them (my friends Rich & Jeremy’s band).

This may be the first show I brought my D-SLR to, but I didn’t get very good photos…

whither the tide singer 3Mr. Jeremy Montoya of Whither the Tide

whither the tide drummer 2Richie Z of Whither the Tide

One of the best parts about going to the show was getting to see Heather, my dear friend who I get to see only rarely.

Heather Kristi

Filter was pretty good too, but extremely LOUD. I had a good time but honestly should have just stayed home because I was tired and crabby and wasn’t my usual cheery self.  I stayed up way too late and ended up sleeping until the next afternoon (whoa, unheard of!)

Sevendust Tonight!

Sevendust Tonight!

Tonight I am heading down to First Avenue in Minneapolis (THE First Avenue made famous in movie Purple Rain!) to see one of my all-time favorites bands, Sevendust.  I’ve seen these guys a million times in the past 12 years but it is always fun to go anyway.  We’ve got a big group going and it should be a ton of fun!

I know I won’t be able to bring my camera in (oh how I desperately need a Canon G9 G10 or G11 for concerts and other night events) so I will share photos I have taken of Sevendust at past shows….

Snoop Dogg with Method Man & Redman at Epic Nightclub

Snoop Dogg with Method Man & Redman at Epic Nightclub

Wanna know what I did last night?

Well, first I worked 12 hours.  But who cares about that!?

I got to see Method Man, Redman and Snoop Dogg at Epic Nightclub!! 

It took some deliberating about whether to go or not since the tickets were kinda spendy, I had worked a ton that day already and I also haven't been feeling good for the past few weeks.  You know me though…. rarely do I  pass up a good time or a good concert.  So glad we decided to go! Since Myth Nightclub recently closed it's doors, Epic is hosting many concerts now instead.  The club is very cool with all of it's remodeling, much better than when it was The Quest. 

I brought my dad's camera along and tried to get a few photos but none of the ones I used without a flash turned out very well.  These guys move around too much to get a clear shot, especially Redman! Here are a few of Meth and Red….


Hmmm, I wonder what Method Man is doing here!!!!?


This is the best shot I got of Redman


This shot is blurry but kinda cool; they were spraying water from a  water bottle


I was playing with my settings a little and thought this shot was kinda cool too


Meth & Red rocked! It wasn't the best show of theirs that I have seen but it was still a lot of fun.  After a short intermission the BIG DOGG himself came out to rock the house.

Snoop Dee-Oh-Double-Gee



I have never seen a public blaze fest like I did at this show.  Wow!


Unfortunately my memory card is only 2 gb and the camera is 14.7 megapixels.  Every time I tried to take a video my card would fill up and then I had to start deleting.  This was the only video I ended up getting and keeping…… Snoop with Lady of Rage

Snoop Dogg with Lady of Rage at Epic Nightclub 11-5-09 from kristi s on Vimeo.

Tuesday’s Top 10: Concerts

Tuesday’s Top 10: Concerts

In an effort to blog more, today I have put together a list of the Top 10 concerts I have been to (and ya'll know I have been to MANY over the years).  It was hard to decide but I chose the shows that were a combo of awesome stage presence,  emotional impact and just plain FUN!

1. Santana at Hard Rock in Vegas 12-31-99 (most memorable way I can think of to ring in the new millenium!)

2. Prince (can't pinpoint which has been my favorite, I've been to too many!)

3. Tom Petty (amazing)

4. Roger Waters (WOW! If only I had been old enough to see Pink Floyd back in the day)

5.  The Police Reunion Tour (kick ass)

6. Queensryche (many of their shows rocked my socks off)

7. Cynic (I am so happy they got back together and that I got to witness it. I love love love the album Traced in Air)

8. Pantera (RIP Dimebag Darrell)

9. Steve Vai & Joe Satriani (best guitar players in the world!)

10. Snoop Dogg (*this might've been the most fun at a concert I ever had!)

11. Sevendust (One of my all-time favorite bands, I almost forgot to add them to my list!)

Living Colour at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Living Colour at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Last Wednesday Living Colour was in town to play a gig at Fine Line Music Cafe.  We've been fans for about 20 years but  hadn't ever seen them before, we so jumped at the chance when tickets became available.  Before the show we met a friend downtown at Pizza Luce, where we ordered dinner in the restaurant.  It was really good; much better than I remember from a past experience with their late-night pizza-by-the slice.  I'll link to the review as soon as I have it written up.  After dinner the three of us went to the show, which was really good! It was loud but the guys sounded great.  My brother Jeff was kind enough to let me borrow his camera for the weekend, so I got a few decent photos. 






I also discovered that the G9 has HD video…. I owned the same camera for a year (until I dropped it) and must've had it set on the crappiest quality you can get because I was never happy with the overall quality. I took a few videos at the show but had to reduce the size of the video for Youtube. Check out "Cult of Personality" below

Taste of Minnesota 2009 ~ Judas Priest & Whitesnake

Taste of Minnesota 2009 ~ Judas Priest & Whitesnake

It is tradition in Minnesota to host a "Taste of Minnesota" Festival every year over the 4th of July.  I know that was two weeks ago, but I am finally able to post about it now.  The original premise of the Taste is to try different samples of food from various restaurants around Minnesota.  I hadn't been to the Taste in about 4 years but wanted to go this year to check out Whitesnake and Judas Priest who were playing a free concert.  Here are my pictures!




Judas Priest



Zas VS Food (I plan to someday blog about my friend Richie who thinks he can eat more than anyone.  I have a ton of pics of him eating like this one


We stayed to watch the fireworks which turned out to be pretty lame.  They only last 7 minutes! I remember them being much cooler at the Taste when I was a kid.



Here are a couple other random pics



Testament at The Rock Nightclub

Testament at The Rock Nightclub

I have already mentioned that Mother's day was quite busy.  I think I left out the part where I went to see Testament play at the Rock later that night ?? I was debating whether or not I should go because I knew I would be out late and I had to get up extra early the following morning for a Dr. appt.  Its sometimes hard to start the week off with 4 hours of sleep, ya know? But like I ever let that stop me before, didn't let it stop me this time either.







Queensryche & a Long Night of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Queensryche & a Long Night of Rock ‘N’ Roll

This past Saturday I went to Myth Nightclub to see Queensryche.  I have seen these guys a handful of times in the past 5 years or so…. but who knew they would keep coming back so often?? And of course I went with the two biggest Queensryche fans in MN 🙂

I had planned to take a million photos but this is all I got before the battery in my camera died.  It was an awesome show!!









We had to quickly leave Myth as soon as the show was over and head to the nearby The Rock Nightclub in order to get Rich there in time to play drums for Crash Anthem (They were headlining, therefore playing last).  It was a fun time and I saw a few old friends from HS that I haven't seen in a long time.  My camera battery was dead at this point so I didn't get any photos, but had Amanda take a pic of this guy's dreads…they were the longest I have ever seen!

Crash Anthem show 5-2-2009 006 

Didn't make it home in bed until 4am but it was a fun night! My ears were still ringing the next day……..

Benefit Show……

Benefit Show……

This past Sunday night I went to a show that Buried by Hope was playing to raise money for the family of Bob, their bass player who died tragically a few weeks ago.  This is the band that my friend Rich plays drums for and the lead singer Jeremy is also my friend Heather's boyfriend.  I didn't know Bob at all other than seeing him play at shows, but I thought it would be a nice gesture to go out and show my support for my friends who lost their buddy and band member.
Rich on drums
Me and Heath
Heather and Jeremy

And that is all I have time to update for now.  So much to do and so little time!!

PS Let's all hope and pray that my brother Jeff and his girlfriend do not contract the darn swine flu and can make it back to the USA from Mexico safely.  They have been there since Sunday.

Sevendust & Black Label Society @ Myth Nightclub

Sevendust & Black Label Society @ Myth Nightclub

I was debating all weekend whether or not to go out Sunday night to see Sevendust, as I have seen them too many times to count, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to see one of my favorite bands perform at an awesome venue like Myth at least one more time.  Sevendust only played a 45 minute set before headliners Black Label Society played, but it was still a good time.  I snuck my camera in the same way I usually do, only to discover that the Myth actually allowed cameras for this show! I was way up front near the stage (after getting my butt-kicked in the mosh-pit trying to get there!)







IMG_4679-1000 And how about some of Black Label Society? I opted to get off the main floor when these guys hit the stage, so I wasn't able to see them as well or get as good photos, but here are a few of Zakk Wylde





To my boys in Sevendust……….. Thanks for the awesome show!!

Cynic at Station 4 ~ St Paul

Cynic at Station 4 ~ St Paul

Had the awesome opportunity to see Cynic at Station 4 later on Friday night.  They were really popular underground in the early 90's before breaking up.  A couple of years ago they got back together to create a new album, Traced in Air.  I love it! I was really looking forward to the show so I went despite having a monster of a headache for nearly 48 hours.  The show was pretty awesome! It was very hard to get decent photos of the band from where I was standing, but this one turned out pretty cool

I also captured a couple of videos (which reminds me that although my Canon G9 takes awesome still shots, it has horrible video quality.  Should look into a video recorder)

Here is Cynic performing Adam's Murmur and Integral Birth

Heather and Jeremy were down at the show as well, which was great because I hadn't seen Heather since the Halloween Party!
Heather and Jeremy

A Rockin’ Thanksgiving……

A Rockin’ Thanksgiving……

Gathered up a few friends late on Thanksgiving night and went down to The Rock to watch my buddy Richie play a show with Crash Anthem (formerly known as Skywind).




I went to high school with the singer and the guy on bass.

Here is one with me and Denise which I am happy about because we are together all the time but rarely ever take photos.

Me and Rich after the show

I just LOVE having long weekends!!

Method Man & Redman at First Avenue

Method Man & Redman at First Avenue

Went to see Meth & Red last night at First Avenue.  First time I had seen them since the Blackout 2000 tour! I was able to sneak my camera into the club but got pretty terrible photos and video.  Turned them into a little diddy anyway, however I do realize this video isn’t good at all and the sound isn’t synced too well from CD version to concert version- you can see exactly what I’m talking about about 40 seconds into it…..

 The show was a late one and I got approximately 3-4 hours of sleep just to wake up extra early to start a crock-pot for dinner, do my hair for school picture-day, and get to work for a staff meeting. Oh, and did I mention I had to work 12 hours for parent teacher conferences tonight?
Still feeling good though, not even very tired today 🙂
Throw your Wu’s in the Air Ya’ll!!!!!!