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Kevin & Joelle’s Wedding

Kevin & Joelle’s Wedding

My cousin Kevin and his sweetie married at Dellwood Hills Country Club on August 16, 2014.  It was a very HOT and HUMID day for an outdoor wedding but luckily the reception was indoors where it was much, much cooler 😉

I just got a new camera the week before the wedding and this was my first real chance to use it. After 5 months being camera-free I had gotten out of the swing of being the family papparazzi and didn’t get as many shots as I would have liked.  Here is the collection of what i DID get:
mom kristi gram k&j wedding 8-14
Brian Michelle at K & J wedding 8-14
Jeff and Amanda were in town 😉
My cousins Tyler and Daniel were also both in town from Arizona; here are the guy cousins in attendance
dan jeff PJ tyler brian  8-14
Daniel brought his gf Cortney with 😉
Daniel Cortney at k&J wedding 8-14
Ty and I
kristi tyler k&J wedding 8-14
mom dad k&J wedding 8-14
gram gramp k&j wdding 8-14
mackenzie cody k&j wedding 8-14
daniel PJ
cassie gram gramp 8-14
mackenzie fran
The food was really good; stuffed chicken or beef tenderloin
stuffed chicken
beef tenderloin

The bride and groom enjoying their first dance…
kevin joelle kissing
My uncle Bob and aunt Chris
bob and chris dancing
This was my 5th or 6th straight wedding being pregnant….. I called it a night early 😉

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

We celebrated the Mother’s in our family up at the lake as we usually do.  It was nice that everyone could make it, including Gram and Gramp.  For a fun surprise, we revealed the gender of our new baby!

We chowed down on artichoke dip and crackers for an appetizer and then had a delicious dinner of stuffed pork tenderloin, strawberry spinach salad, twiced baked potatoes, rolls, and strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream for dessert! Yum!

Before everyone left I made Jeff take a few photos of the ladies and the kids
Mothers Day 2014 Women and Kids

My second Mother’s day with this special little boy
Kristi Bretton Mothers Day 2014
mommy and Bretton 2014
Mom Gram Kristi Bretton 2014

Michelle with Annika, Bianca and Bennett
Mothers Day Michelle and Kids 2

Bretton’s 1st Birthday

Bretton’s 1st Birthday

Bretton turned one on Monday, April 21st.  We had decided not to throw a traditional 1st Birthday Party for him being that it fell the day after Easter, so instead we celebrated with my family on Easter Sunday at Jeff & Amanda’s house.  It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day!

After a delicious dinner, we moved the party outside where Bretton had a beautiful carousel-themed cake made by his talented Auntie Amanda.   Boy did he enjoy it!! He also enjoyed being the center of attention as we sang the Birthday Song as seen below as well as at the end of his 1st year video. It was fun watching his first cake-smash although he didn’t get nearly as messy as I expected 😉


Thank you to my Dad who took these photos 😉
This kid is something else! Love him!

The day after Easter was Bretton’s actual birthday, and I was feeling extremely sentimental and emotional about him turning one and how fast the first year went. I cried a lot that morning thinking about him growing up and not being a baby anymore. My pregnancy hormones have turned me into an absolutely baby this time around and I can’t seem to help it 🙁 Luckily I got over it by the time I got home from work. That night Erick and I took him to Toys R Us to buy him a few presents. He had fun looking at everything and ended up getting a variety of balls and some sunglasses. For dinner we celebrated at Angelo’s Pizza and then had some leftover cake at home for dessert. It was just as good the second time around! lol

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Did ya’ll have a nice Halloween this year?

I did, for the most part.  Bretton and I stayed at my parents house on Halloween Eve, as my parents were planning to watch the baby while I was at work on Thursday (Halloween).  Our school district has never allowed students to dress up in costume for the holiday, however my school earned “crazy head day” on Halloween with good student behavior.  Anyone could wear a hat, crazy hair, wigs, bobble ears, etc.  I chose to wear the little black sultry wig I wore for Halloween a few years ago.  Bretton did not love my new hairdo and would hardly look at me until he realized who I was!!  The reactions of students and staff at work were also pretty funny…. many people didn’t recognize me at first…. including my boss!! lol.  Kids are so funny…. they thought I actually cut all my hair off.  When I told them it was just a wig, they couldn’t believe all my long hair was still underneath.  How did you do that, Ms Sauer????  I tell them I am magic 😉
bretton mommy halloween
After work I went back up to my parents house to meet Brian, Michelle, Erin (Shel’s sister) and all the kids for dinner and then trick or treating.  We dressed Bretton up as a purple octopus (aka Kid Kalamari).  We bought this costume at Babies R Us last November when we weren’t even half way through the pregnancy! It was on clearance and too cute to pass up.  I mean, have you ever seen a cuter octopus anywhere????!!! lol
bretton purple octopus 2013
We had a delicious dinner of tacos with all the fixin’s and then we went Trick or Treating around my parents neighborhood.  It was cold and rainy but we still had a good time.  Bretton was a champ and did awesome up until the last 5 minutes.  Here is the crew!

Annika=Poison Ivy,  Bianca=Surgeon , Bennett= Batman  Chandler= Mickey Mouse  Maverick=Puppy, Bretton= Purple Octopus.
cousins halloween 2013


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween too, I love all the pics of kids in costume that I saw on FB last night and I look forward to seeing more today!


Annika’s 8th Birthday

Annika’s 8th Birthday

Okay, so I am 2+ months late in posting this but I continue to believe BETTER LATE THAN NEVER 😉

My niece Annika celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday, July 20th at Brian & Michelle’s cabin on Lake Chisago.  This was a very sad day for us as Phoenix passed away earlier that morning.  Despite our sadness, we went to her party and put on our party faces (or kind of?).  Not easy to do when you lose your best friend.

Anyway, it was a nice day…. not too hot for mid July.
Annika received many nice gifts. We got her a neat game from the Brainiac store at Rosedale (I can’t remember the name of it but they carry really cool mind games) and a Lego Friends set that Uncle Erick ordered online.
Bianca and Bennett had to get in on the present-opening-action

My mom made Annika a custom quilt and matching pillow for her American Girl Doll, using leftover fabric from Bretton’s owl quilt. Turned out so cute and Annika loved it!

Annika and cousin Maverick (5 months old). They are hair twins!
Maverick (5 months) and Bretton (3 months)


We had homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner but E and I were unable to stay for the birthday cake as we had other plans for the evening.

4th of July at the Lake

4th of July at the Lake

This year marked the 3rd annual 4th of July party up at Brian and Michelle’s cabin on Lake Chisago.  We chose to stay home last year because it was literally 103′ and I couldn’t take the heat.  This year the weather was much cooler and it turned out to be a decent day, so we spent the afternoon chatting it up with everyone. Both Brian and my Dad (my parents live on the same lake) had their boats out on the water for cruising, tubing or whatever. I spent half the afternoon snacking on chips and guacamole that my Gram made and visiting with family.

Bretton made his rounds…

When it came time for dinner, Bianca took everyone’s orders….. hot dog, hamburger or brat.  She did a great job!

Cousin Segen….


We left after dinner and went home for awhile before heading to Stillwater to see the Fireworks.  The baby did great…. he slept through the entire display.  We were happy campers!

Porkapalooza VII {2013}

Porkapalooza VII {2013}

My brother Jeff and his wife Amanda hosted their seventh annual Porkapalooza barbeque over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was cooler than usual which was very nice.  We thought that might deter people but it had the opposite effect…. a record number of guests showed up for the most successful Porkapalooza to date.  I will have to have Jeff give the run-down of pork stats for the year… the only thing I can confirm is that over 100 lbs of pork were cooked this year including pulled pork, homemade sausage, ribs, pork belly, bacon explosion, and bacon lollies.  Everything was delicious, as always.DSC_2780

Everyone brought either a side dish or a donation for the food shelf.  There was a ton of awesome food.  Appetizers, salads and desserts galore.  I loved these “piggy pops” that my Aunt Carol made….

Our friends Rick and Janeen were there with their daughter Maddy


Bretton with Uncle Brian.  He was exactly 5 weeks old at his first Porkapalooza

Angel Face

Bretton with Janeen

I love the tradition of Porkapalooza… it has gotten HUGE!!

Thank you Jeff and Amanda for being such awesome, generous hosts.

40th Wedding Anniversary {Mom & Dad}

40th Wedding Anniversary {Mom & Dad}

Sunday, May 19th was my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years!! That is pretty awesome, isn’t it?!
Jim Fran 40th annv

They wanted to celebrate but didn’t want a huge party so they invited just us kids, grandkids and their brothers and sisters to Kozlak’s Royal Oak for a nice brunch.
It was our first opportunity to introduce Bretton to his great aunts and uncles. We dressed him up for the occasion 😉
Trying on outfit for the upcoming 40th anniversary party!

All the grandchildren…..
40th annv with grandkids
I didn’t take many photos but here are a few…
Michelle Amanda kristi 40 annv
Brian Michelle 40 annv
Jeffanda 40 annv

Michelle also took several photos on her camera but its too much work for me to figure out how to get them from Dropbox to here.  Oh well

The brunch was a good time with great food, good company and a special marriage to honor 😉


My First Mother’s Day

My First Mother’s Day

This year after just three weeks of Motherhood, I was able to experience and be honored on my first Mother’s Day.  I received some very sweet gifts from Bretton and Erick and then we went up to my parents house for the afternoon.  The weather was cool so we weren’t able to spend any time outside so we hung out inside eating cheese and drinking wine. We also took a few photos  including this one of me and Bretton as well as some cherished family photos of the three of us 😉
Bretton and Mommy Mothers Day 2013
Gram and Gramp were there too
I love this pic of Bretton with Gramps
Bretton and Great Grandpa
Three Blondies
I LOVE this photo of Bretton with Auntie Michelle
……. and this one of Michelle and the kids
Michelle and the Kids
Grandma and Bretton on Mother's Day
We had a delicious dinner of marinated pork loin, roasted veggies, twice baked potatoes and Gram’s turtle bars for dessert!



A Special Visit {with Gram & Gramp}

A Special Visit {with Gram & Gramp}

My grandparents have a house in Arizona where they live for 7-8 months of the year, but they also have a home in  MN that they come back to every summer.  They came back to MN at the beginning of May so I gave them a couple of days to settle in before I brought Bretton to see them.  What a sweet meeting! My grandparents love babies and they are so excited for E and I.  Bretton is their seventh great-grandbaby and they adore him; they most certainly enjoyed holding him and talking to him.  It was very sweet.  I am ever so thankful that I still have my grandparents, especially after the major stroke my Gramps had two years ago when we thought for awhile that he wasn’t going to make it.  They are the last of the great-grandparents that Bretton has and I hope he gets to know them while we are fortunate enough to have them around.

We went to the Green Mill for lunch, which was Bretton’s first restaurant experience ( unless you count Culver’s).  He slept in his car seat the whole time and did great.  They gave him his first (and so far ONLY) Teddy Bear, which is so soft.  Teddy comes with us in the car seat everywhere we go now.  I plan to take Bretton’s monthly photos with it throughout the first year.


This is Bretton’s stink face.  It usually means either: 1. Bretton wants more milk!  2.  Bretton hates being in his car seat  3. Bretton is too hot  4.  Bretton has a dirty diaper.  In this case it was the first three 😉

We look forward to spending more time with Gram and Gramp this summer 😉

First Day Visitors

First Day Visitors

Shortly after giving birth to Bretton, we made calls to our families to give them the special news.  We were both exhausted after a very long and tiring night so we both planned on getting a few hours sleep before having any visitors.  E went home for a few hours to take a nap but I wasn’t able to get any sleep that day before the visitors started to arrive.  It’s all good

I had requests to send or post photos ASAP but it was very hard since I was pretty much confined to the bed.  I was able to take a few pics with my iphone while he was in the basinet.  Bretton’s poor little face was very swollen, especially around the eyes.  He was just a couple of hours old here….

My parents came up around noon. My dad took these next photos of me and Bretton, which I will cherish forever.

I was absolutely mesmerized by him.  Just a few hours earlier he was still inside of me!



My parents ate at nearby Cossetta’s after they left the hosptal, then later they brought us some salad and pizza.  While they were gone my aunt Carol surprised me with a visit along with Payton, Kristin and Gracie. Unfortunately we did not take any photos.

Then Brian and Michelle came, with Jeff and Amanda shortly behind them.  These shots were taken with their iPhones.
Then Erick’s parents came to meet their first grandchild.  Bretton with Grandma Judy.  I love his little squished up mad-face.  This has become one of his classic looks 😉

Then our dear friend Rich came to pay a visit with his 9-month-old son, Jackson.   Bretton and Jackson are going to be best buds.  We can say they have literally known each other since the day Bretton was born 😉

{Not shown here: photo of the daddies and their baby boys}



We asked all other friends and family to give us some time alone as a family for the remainder of Sunday night and held off seeing any more guests.  We enjoyed the pizza and salad my parents brought us from Cossetta’s and ordered room service as well.  Sleep came much easier that night and our lives were forever changed 🙂

Family Baby Shower {My Very First!}

Family Baby Shower {My Very First!}

A few weeks ago I had my first ever baby shower, hosted by my cousin Natalie.  The guests were all of my aunties and several of my female cousins on my dad’s side of the family. (Plus my mom, my sisters-in-law and my MIL, Judy!)

We had a lovely time! We started with a very nice brunch which included these gorgeous custom handmade cookies that my SIL Amanda made.  Seriously, how cute are these owl onesies??


We followed brunch with the gift opening.  I got many lovely gifts, everyone was so generous! Thanks to my cousin Theresa for taking photos while I opened my gifts….. here are just a few!

Me with my cousins Natalie and Heidi.  Can you see the family resemblance?? Our dads are all brothers 😉

I really appreciate all the wonderful things I received and the time everyone took to come to my shower.  It made me feel special and there is no doubt this baby will be well loved by his extended family!

Family Foosball Tourney XXVI {2013 Edition}

Family Foosball Tourney XXVI {2013 Edition}

26 years of Family Foosball Tournaments!!!??? Heck yeah!

Who’s family is super awesome like that??  Mine! The Sauer Family!
Like all other years since I have been blogging, I am here to document this year’s event which always coincides with the “famous family birthday” of my dad, his brother and sister, who were all born on Dec 30, one year apart .  It was a BFD and made national news!). The Tourney was held at Brian & Michelle’s this year… nice and close for some of us!

This year I was paired up with my brother Brian. We rocked the first round and then lost a close game in round 2.  Neither of us has practiced or practiced since last year at Foosball XXV.  But then again, I don’t think anyone else does either….  Its just our once-a-year family tradition)Here I am playing at nearly 6 months pregnant! Side note: I thought I was huge at the time but looking back, I wasn’t even that big yet! lol (At least not from the looks of this photo)
My Dad is the Commissioner of Foosball, therefore he sets the rules. His new rule this year is that newlyweds would be paired together. Jefanda was representing, complete with matching Team Jefanda tshirts!
Newlyweds Heidi and Anthony were also paired together 😉

Some of the other foosball partnerings…
My Dad (champ of Foosball XXV) and Aunt Mary (Ring of Honor awardee after winning 4 championships over the year.  She also gets “Most Enthusiastic” honors. lol

Several of the next generation were also able to play this year for the first time!
Sheleigh.  Michele LOVES foosball and looks forward to it 364 days a year.  I jest… quite the opposite. lol
Intense final round…
Here is the final result
Congrats to Uncle Joe and Mike K (cousin Katie’s BF)

Here is the coveted Toilet Bowl Trophy sporting a fresh coat of paint and design.

Did I mention that Foosball Tourney XXVI was also the same day as the Vikings vs Packers game??? (Game 16 of the regular season ). The Vikings won themselves a spot in playoffs with a win. Skol!!! The Sauer family loves the Vikings and may have been more into watching the game than the foosball tourney…. but don’t tell my dad! lol. Oh wait, he is in the front row watching it too!
The birthday crew

It was a fun day and reminded me once again of how blessed I am 🙂

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

My family had our annual Christmas Eve fondue at my parents house on Christmas Eve, as we do every year.
Fondue Set Up
Unfortunately I woke up that day feeling crummy and knew I was getting sick.  Even though I had been looking forward to Christmas Eve very much, I was feeling worse and worse as the night went on.  I didn’t eat as much as usual at dinner and  pretty much sat on the sofa like a lump on a log for most of the night.  I  took a very minimal amount of photos.  You know I must be sick when I am far from my usual Kristarazzi paparazzi self. lol

Despite all this, it was still great to spend the holiday with my dear family and the love of my life.  It was fun to future trip and think about next year’s Christmas and our new edition.  Baby Boy will be about eight months or so on his first Christmas.  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

I enjoyed watching everyone opening their gifts and got some great gifts as well.  One very thoughtful gift I got was the Baby Emergency Kit that my SIL Michelle put together.  She made an adorable bag made of owl fabric and inside it contains a diaper, wipes, changing mat, spare outfit, baby Tylenol, baby bottle.  I’m going to keep it in my car so that I am always prepared in case of an emergency 😉
We gave each of the kids a soft, new blanket. Pretty sure they really enjoyed them.  I wish I would have bought oen for myself too. lol.  Bennett also got Legos and the girls each got a new outfit.  We also gave them build-your-own snowglobes.
Here are the handful of photos I took that night….
Annika Christmas Eve 2012
Amanda and Michelle. It is so great to have sisters!
Amanda Michelle Christmas 2012
Bennett got these binoculars from someone and had to check them out
Bennett Christmas Eve 2012
Bianca and Jeff goofing around.

That’s it for photos. I didn’t even get one of myself or the tree or any decorations this year.  We didn’t stay too late after we opened all the presents.  I went home to bed and slept fr0m 10pm to 1pm the next day.  15 hours!! I did feel slightly better on Christmas Day though.  The sleep helped!

I hope everyone else had a nice Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Yep, it is January and I am just now blogging about Thanksgiving of last year!
*** Please note that all photos are unedited, straight out of the Camera. They would never get posted otherwise!!***

Thanksgiving 2012  recap:  my family joined with Michelle’s family at her and Brian’s house.  It was nice to have a smaller, more intimate Thanksgiving than the BIG Sauer family Thanksgivings. We missed Jeff and Amanda who were out East visiting her parents.

The day started out relaxed but quickly turned ugly (slightly kidding).  I had made two Jell-O dishes with fruit to bring for dinner and put them in a paper bag to transport.  As I  made my way up the driveway into the house, the bag ripped and the glass dish full of blackberry Jell-O and raspberries broke all over the driveway.  I was pissed!! Oh well, lesson learned…. paper bags suck!!
Thanksgiving Table for the Kids

We had a great dinner! We had two turkeys, one roasted and one smoked. Here is Bri carving the bird

Brian Carving the Turkey
The buffet….
Thanksgiving Dinner 2012
My plate….
What I ate- Thanksgiving 2012 edition

And an abundance of yummy desserts!  I took a piece of each to-go and ate them all myself over the next three days.  Pumpkin cheesecake is a huge weakness 😉
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Banana Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie

I was 19 weeks pregnant and had my BIG Ultrasound scheduled for the following day.  This was the last night of my pregnancy before we found out the gender of our baby.  At that point I was still 97% convinced that I was expecting a girl.  Here I am with Michelle’s sister Erin, who was 27 weeks pregnant at the time (expecting baby boy Maverick in February 2013!)
Kristi 19wks Erin 27 wks

This is Chandler, Erin and Stew’s little guy (at 13 months)

While we were eating, it started snowing.  We quickly got about 2″ in an hour or so.  The kids in the snow….

All in all it was a very nice Thanksgiving!  Thanks to Bri & Michelle for hosting!

Reactions to Our Announcement {I Love my Family!}

Reactions to Our Announcement {I Love my Family!}

Having a baby is such a personal thing, and I think sharing the news with loved ones is something that also has to be personal.  I debated about when to tell my parents and brothers because I wanted it to be after my first OB appt, and we wanted to tell them in person when we were all together.  The first opportunity was  at PJ and Allisa’s wedding reception, as discreetly as we could.  Michelle was the first to know (man, I wanted to tell her weeks earlier!!) when just a few minutes into the reception she asked me why I wasn’t drinking.  I said, “because!”.  She then smiles and says, “because, Because??!!!) I grinned, “yep!” We told Brian shortly thereafter. This will be his first niece/nephew (by blood).   Later I asked my parents to come over to where E and I were standing on the dance floor and that’s when we told them we were having a baby 🙂  It took a split second for the news to sink in (they didn’t know we had been trying for over a year) but when it did they were so excited, my mom even cried! And my dad gave E a high 5 and was like “Way to go Erick!!” It was all caught in photos thanks to my cousin Dan who was sitting at a nearby table.  (Dan was actually privy to the news for a few days at that point, as he was our house guest for the week and  I couldn’t hide why I was getting sick all the time (more on that in another post!)).

Later  that night we told Jeff and Amanda who are also excited for us.  After being together for fourteen years, everyone is happy to see E and I finally become parents.  Not to mention having a new baby in the family! {OMG, I’m having a BABY! ! Holy Crap!} My in-laws are also overjoyed, our baby will be their first grandchild!  E’s brothers will be uncles!

We waited to tell everyone else last week once the first trimester was over.  Before I announced my pregnancy here on the blog, my extended family was the first to know.  I called my grandparents after my 14 week OB appt. and they were so excited and thrilled!! I wish I could have recorded their reactions or remembered exactly what they said but they thought it was “wonderful” and they are very excited for Erick and I.  I do have written reactions from most of my family after they saw my e-mail.  Their love, excitement and confidence in us is something I cherish and wanted to record here;

“Congrats You two!  Judging by the Ultra sound I see it’s a Boy!:)”  (Uncle B.K)

“That’s wonderful news!  Congratulations to you guys.” (Aunt C.K)

“So excited to hear your news.  You will be an awesome Mom.  It brought tears to my eyes when I read your message, maybe it was the photo that created that emotional reaction.”  (Aunt C. S)

“FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPPIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you!!!!!” (Aunt C.H)

“I have goose bumps!  So excited for you.”  (Aunt C.W)

“OH MY LORD KRISTI I AM SO COMPLETELY AND EPICALLY EXCITED!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!’ Soooo awesome!!!!  Love you!” (Cousin A.H)
“Ahhhhhh!!!!  Awesome!  Fun.  Happy for you 2, Congrats!!!!!!!  Lucky kid is gonna have cool parents.”(Cousin P.G)
“Way to go!  Congrats!” (Uncle J.S)
“OMG! Congrats Kristi and Erick.  So happy for you!”  (Aunt S.Z)
“Congrats to you and Erick, what exciting news!” (Aunt J.S)
“CONGRATS to you and Erick!!!  That’s great news!  You will be an awesome mother!” (Cousin K.G)
“Good for both of you!” (Cousin S.S)
“Babies are such a blessing–glad you sent a picture for us to see!” (Cousin T.G)
“We are SO excited for you and Erick 🙂 i cannot wait for April! No wonder you were glowing for your recent pix at your friends wedding 😉 love you!”  (Cousin H.S)
“thank you for sharing , congratulations !!!!”  (Cousin M.B)
“You will undoubtedly be the “WORLDS BEST MOM” ! Your baby will be blessed with your nurturing nature and your enormous ability  to listen and understand. You have great patience and so many beautiful qualities that will all give this child a strong character!  I am so happy and excited for you and Eric I just can’t tell you!” (Aunt T.G)
“Omg!! I’m so happy for you guys! Yay!! Congrats! Love you!” (Cousin M.H)
“Can’t wait to be an auntie again! So excited!” (SIL M.S)
Can’t you just feel all that LOVE???  I can!!! We are so blessed 🙂
On this date I have blogged about:
Photo Booth Fun at Jeffanda’s Reception

Photo Booth Fun at Jeffanda’s Reception

I love Photo Booths and it seems that nearly every wedding has them these days! I especially love it when the photos are available to download after the fact 😉

These were all taken at Jeff and Amanda’s Reception, by TC Photo Booths.

On this date I have blogged about:

Jeff & Amanda’s Epic Wedding Reception {Photo Heavy!}

Jeff & Amanda’s Epic Wedding Reception {Photo Heavy!}

For those of you following this blog, you know that back in June I traveled to sunny California to witness the beautiful nuptials of my little brother and his love, Amanda. While the wedding itself was small and intimate, and the wedding dinner was amazing, they wanted to be able to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family back home in Minnesota, so they threw one heck of a party at the Metropolitan Club at Target Field in September.
Amanda and Jeff Reception

One of the highlights of the reception was seeing a video of Jeff & Amanda’s wedding on the Jumbotron at Target Field.  Jeff had rented a high-tech professional video camera while we were in California and had a few other cameras set up as well.  He worked his videography magic and put together an amazing video of the event.  Read this post on his blog for more info! PS, if you don’t follow Jeff’s blog, you really should! He has been blogging for 11+ years.  He also has a new travel blog,
Here is the short version of the video but you should also watch the longer version if you have the time!

Long version, It is almost like being there 😉

I could go on and on about the awesomeness of Jeffanda’s reception; the food and desserts were amazing, some of the best wedding food you could have.  And they had an OPEN BAR (anything goes!) the ENTIRE NIGHT (6pm-12am).  This mama-to-be didn’t touch a drop of alcohol, of course 😉

The best part of the reception was the fact that tons of my family members on both my mom and dad’s sides were able to make it!! I LOVE my family and feel so blessed that it is so big.  My dad is from a family of seven siblings and my mom a family of eight siblings.  Not everyone was able to make it but there was still a great turnout, especially the Sauer side.
I will start with photos from my dad’s side of the family since I hadn’t seen them since Heidi & Anthony’s wedding back in June.
The Magnificent Seven…. my Dad and all his siblings! (Not arranged by age)
Sauer Siblings
Newlyweds Heidi and Anthony
Heidi and Anthony
Cindy and Steve (my Godfather)
Cindy and Steve
Gene and Susan
Gene and Susan
My cousin Katie and her bf Mike
Katie and Michael
Joe and Mary
Joe and Mary
Nick, Jake, Natalie and Angela (Joe and Mary’s kids)
Nick Jake Natalie and Angela
My other cousin Katie and her husband EZ (yes, two Katies on one side of the family, both blood cousins 😉
KT and EZ
Joan and John
John and Joan
Janice and Bill
Janice & Bill
Some of the Sauer cousins
Sauer Cousins at Jeffanda's reception
Some of the Sauer men and their infamous Martini Toast
Sauer Men Martini Toast
Kim, Dave and Brian
Kim Dave and Kristi
My Mom and Dad
Fran and Jim

Okay, now on to my mom’s side of the family (many of my cousins live in other states and weren’t able to come, unfortunately)
Newlyweds Carol and Chris
Carol and Chris
Bob, Cassie and Chris
Bob Cassie Chris
Newly engaged Casey and Nadia
Casey and Nadia
Zach, Kristin and Gracie
Zach Kristin and Grace
Paul and his gf Patti
Patty and Paul
Daniel Boone (who flew in from AZ!) and me
Daniel and Kristi
Payton and Kristin
Payton and Kristin
Gram and Gramp
Gramp and Gram

Okay, I know this post is crazy long and photo-filled but the show must go on….
on to the dancing that is!!
Amanda and her Danicng Girls
Jeffanda Silly Dance
Me with my sisters Michelle, Amanda and LaShara, Amanda’s BFF
LaShara Kristi Amanda Michelle
Dancing Grace
A few more miscellaneous….
Tom and LaShara
Tom and LaShara
Toya and Hucky
Toya and Harlan
Mandy and Brandon
Mandy and Brandon
Me and Jeffrey
Jeff and Kristi
Christina and Matt (Amanda’s brother and SIL)
Christina and Matt Helbling
Alright, I better wrap this up!! Hope you enjoyed the wedding video and the recap 😉


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PJ & Allisa’s Beautiful Fall Wedding

PJ & Allisa’s Beautiful Fall Wedding

This year has been one full of weddings!

The fourth of which I was able to attend was on Sept 21st for my cousin PJ and his fiance, Allisa. (My other weddings were all family weddings as well! 1. Heidi & Anthony, 2. Jeff & Amanda 3. Dave & Lindsay.  My aunt Carol was also married in June on the same day as Heidi and Tony but I couldn’t be in two places as once).

PJ and Allisa had a Friday afternoon ceremony at The Refuge Golf Club in Oak Grove, MN.  The weather that day was one of on-off rain and sunshine.  Luckily the rain went away and the sun came out within a half hour of their outdoor ceremony. (Insert sound of angels singing here! lol)
Allisa PJ Ceremony
Allisa Pj Wedding Kiss
After the ceremony they had a very nice reception inside the Golf Club with cocktail hour, dinner and then dancing. A photobooth was also set up with the customary props….
Me and Amanda (Too bad this is blurry but that’s what happens when I pass my camera to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing)
Kristi Amanda SEpt 2012
My cousin Daniel (who was in town from Tucson, AZ) and my Mom
Dan & Fran
Shelleigh and Me
Michelle and Kristi 2012
And more family photos….

MacKenzie, Gramps, Carol, Jeffrey, Daniel and Segen)
Gramp Carol Mac Dan Jeff Segen
Carol and Girls

Cassie, Chris and Bobby
Bob Chris and cassie
Dan Brian Kristi Jeff 2012

Brain and Michelle sans the kiddos

Amanda & Jeff

Gramp and Gram
Gramp and Gram 2012
Zach, Kristin and Gracie
Zach kristin Grace
Nadia and Casey (also newly engaged!)
Nadia & Casey
Me and my Aunt Cindy (PJ’s mom)
Cindy Kristi

Cousins Shannon and Alli with Segen
Shannon Alli and Segen
Two of my mom’s brothers, Paul (PJ’s dad) and Bob
Paul Bob
PJ and Allisa
PJ & Allisa
Dinner was quite good for a banquet… yes, leave it too me to take photo photos at a wedding!
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Steak Dinner
And Dancing….
PJ Cindy
Fran Jim Dance
Gramo and Gram Dancing
Cousins Zach and Segen
Zach Segen
Gracie is a Dancing QUEEN!
Dancin Grace
It was a fun time and although we stayed until nearly the end, we all had to get some rest that night to get ready for the next day’s party…. Jeff and Amanda’s reception!! Yes, back to back wedding celebrations!!! More on that to follow….

PS This wedding will be forever memorable for another reason…..  more on that to come as well 😉


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