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Blog, Interrupted!

Blog, Interrupted!

You guys! Just when I was about to make my grand bloggin’ comeback after joining the amazing Peaceful Posse of bloggers, my 3yo got sick.  Like puking-in-the-middle-of -the-night kind of sick last Tuesday.  That’s how it started, anyway. I was supposed to work 13 hrs last Wednesday and again on Thursday, but staying home to take care of the kids was a bigger priority.  When you’re sick (at least when you were little), don’t you just want your mama? I actually have a very strong immune system and hadn’t been sick in over a year (thank you, Plexus!), but I also got hit with it and was down for the count for a few days.  It hit me as pure exhaustion, probably from getting roughly 26 hrs of sleep every week, week after week.  Oh, and said three-year-old sleeping with me and breathing in my face all night- getting coughed and sneezed on. I was so tired for a few days, I can’t remember when I have slept so much.  Like 12 hrs a day including naps.  And I never nap! It’s been years, no lie.  Oh, and I had a killer sore throat.  I thought it was strep but it turns out we all had Influenza B.  Tested and certified.  It wasn’t fun.    My poor babes had very high fever, deep chest congestion and body aches all over.  It makes you feel really helpless. Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.  Forgive me?! lol. I did read threee books, however.  I’ll tell you about ’em in another post.

So enough about the sickness.  I need to give my blog a makeover.  In the past 12 years I have probably had 137 different banners and color schemes going on this blog.  The power of Photoshop is amazing, right? I like to keep things new and fresh.  Unfortunately, I no longer have Photoshop and lack of blogging over past couple of years has left me stuck with this same banner for waaaaaaaaay too long.  I need to do something about that, and pronto. Any ideas of how I can do a cool banner without Photoshop?? Help a sista out.  Thanks 😉

Hopefully everyone is doing well!! Have a beautiful day

Sunrise over White Bear Lake 3-28-17

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Sick of being Sick??

Sick of being Sick??

Cough, sniffle, achew, puuuuuke!!!

You’re sick again….. this has been a terrible season for sickness and you can’t afford to miss another day of work.  I hear you.  It’s no fun being sick or taking care of sick kids.  Who has the time for that? Not me!!

Fortunately, I have not been sick in over a year now.  I would like to point the finger to my probiotic for keeping my immune system in tip-top shape.

There have been a couple of times this winter when I started to feel it coming on.  You know what I did to combat it? Take a double-dose of my ProBio5 before bed and I’ve woken up the next day feeling normal again.  I’d probably be just fine with the normal dose but I’m not taking any chances so I’ve continued to take an increased dose every night. And Guess what? The crud just hasn’t been able to take hold of me! And I am an elementary teacher! Little kids are the germiest beings out there, are they not?! lol

If you’re sick of being sick or just plain ol’ want to avoid sickness altogether, you need to start taking a probiotic every single day.  Your kids and even your dog too!  Boosted immunity is just one benefit of a healthy gut, there are many other things a good probiotic will help you with as well.  I especially recommend taking it if you have to take an antibiotic for any reason it’ll help combat the ickiness associated with that.

As always, I am here to help! All you have to do is reach out…

#probio5 #beingsickisnofun #immunitybooster #health #plexus

My Hiatus from Plexus and Why I am Back

My Hiatus from Plexus and Why I am Back

I debated whether or not I wanted to post about this, but I believe that honesty is the best policy.

I took my Plexus products consistently for eight months and enjoyed so many of the benefits; I felt better, I wasn’t getting sick, I had more energy and no longer needed caffeine, my aches and pains went away, my stomach aches and headaches went away and I was “regular”.  I no longer craved sugar and I also had a great attitude and was in a perma-good mood.

Then Thanksgiving rolled around, followed by the month of December.  The season of eating, right? And I love eating! I really wanted to be able to pig out and eat whatever I wanted.  So I quit taking all of my Plexus products except the ProBio5.  In some sick and twisted way I felt that if I weren’t taking my Plexus, I could justify eating ice cream and pie and all sorts of junk that I hadn’t eaten in months. (I know… I could have just used Block and eaten this stuff without the guilt.  But I didn’t).  I sabotaged myself.

If I ever had any doubt that my Plexus products were working for me, my month-long hiatus has made me an even bigger believer….

While “off plexus” my appetite came back and so did my cravings for sugar.  Good lord.  I was tired all the time despite being able to sleep until 9am every day (with 4-5 hours more sleep per night than usual), took a few naps, and drank a few high-sugar coffee drinks for the first time in months.  My stomachaches returned, I was no longer regular, and my post-op knee started hurting again for the first time in many months.  I was hungry and eating all the time and gained back 8 lbs that I had previously lost.  Overall feeling like crap.

Why the heck do I do this stuff to myself???????? I have all the tools I need to feel good and be healthy. But I wasn’t using them 🙁

On January 1st I got back on track.  I started back up on pink drink, BioCleanse, Block and Accelerator.  It has been just a week now but I’m already feeling so much better again! My knee stopped hurting within just a few days of using the BioCleanse and my tummy isn’t hurting anymore.  The Accelerator and pink drink have given me the natural energy again and my cravings have lessened.

If you were ever skeptical about Plexus products truly working, I will just tell ya that its like night and day.  No doubts in my mind!!

Sickness Can’t Touch Me!

Sickness Can’t Touch Me!

People all around me have been dropping like flies due to sickness. The lovely winter colds and even stomach flu have been running wild. My kids were sick over my entire winter break… coughing, sneezing and pouring out massive amounts of snot and phlegm. Such a joy!! We seriously went through eight boxes of tissues in a week.

I, however, feel great. Sickness can’t touch me!! I take a double dose of my amazing probiotic every night and faithfully use essential oils. My immune system is stronger than it’s ever been! I highly recommend that everyone take a probiotic daily; a boosted immune system is just one of many benefits. After taking care of my sick family for a week and a half,I am reminded that my kids and hubby need to take it every day as well.
Are you ready to boost your immunities too? Message me… let’s get you rolling with the amazing Plexus ProBio5 so you can enjoy the season 😉

Another Year in the Books {6×6 to be exact}

Another Year in the Books {6×6 to be exact}

It was my birthday yesterday (Monday) and it may have been the most ho-hum birthday I’ve had to date.  Is this part of getting old??!!  We had talked about going out of town for the weekend but I wasn’t feeling all that well on Friday or Saturday and  on Sunday we were hit with freezing rain and snow which really made  me reluctant to leave my house.  Then I was up half the night on Sunday with insomnia and a killer headache, and the headache stayed with me ALL DAY on my birthday, up until I went to  bed.  I’ve been fortunate not to have really had more than a couple of bad headaches throughout this pregnancy and then I am plagued with one on my birthday.  Go figure.  I also woke up to snow and terrible roads from the previous 24 hours of winter storms.  On a Monday.  A recipe for a winning day 😉

Anyway, despite that, I still had a nice birthday.  Tons of Facebook wishes, a few texts, and calls from my parents and grandparents who are all many miles away.  Work was mostly business as usual, since I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday, although some of my students remembered and made it more special for me.  Its nice to feel the love and I appreciate all the gestures.  I kindly thank you 😉

My sweetie was willing to take me anywhere for my birthday dinner and I just didn’t feel like doing much last night.  Every other year we usually go to a new fancy restaurant with out neighbors but this year I opted to dine at a local place and had my favorite lobster mac & cheese and then spent the rest of the night watching TV at home.  I’m hoping that we can go somewhere else in the next week or so if it works out.  Of course I woke up today feeling fine. WTF?!!

And that is how I spent my 36th birthday.

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

My family had our annual Christmas Eve fondue at my parents house on Christmas Eve, as we do every year.
Fondue Set Up
Unfortunately I woke up that day feeling crummy and knew I was getting sick.  Even though I had been looking forward to Christmas Eve very much, I was feeling worse and worse as the night went on.  I didn’t eat as much as usual at dinner and  pretty much sat on the sofa like a lump on a log for most of the night.  I  took a very minimal amount of photos.  You know I must be sick when I am far from my usual Kristarazzi paparazzi self. lol

Despite all this, it was still great to spend the holiday with my dear family and the love of my life.  It was fun to future trip and think about next year’s Christmas and our new edition.  Baby Boy will be about eight months or so on his first Christmas.  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

I enjoyed watching everyone opening their gifts and got some great gifts as well.  One very thoughtful gift I got was the Baby Emergency Kit that my SIL Michelle put together.  She made an adorable bag made of owl fabric and inside it contains a diaper, wipes, changing mat, spare outfit, baby Tylenol, baby bottle.  I’m going to keep it in my car so that I am always prepared in case of an emergency 😉
We gave each of the kids a soft, new blanket. Pretty sure they really enjoyed them.  I wish I would have bought oen for myself too. lol.  Bennett also got Legos and the girls each got a new outfit.  We also gave them build-your-own snowglobes.
Here are the handful of photos I took that night….
Annika Christmas Eve 2012
Amanda and Michelle. It is so great to have sisters!
Amanda Michelle Christmas 2012
Bennett got these binoculars from someone and had to check them out
Bennett Christmas Eve 2012
Bianca and Jeff goofing around.

That’s it for photos. I didn’t even get one of myself or the tree or any decorations this year.  We didn’t stay too late after we opened all the presents.  I went home to bed and slept fr0m 10pm to 1pm the next day.  15 hours!! I did feel slightly better on Christmas Day though.  The sleep helped!

I hope everyone else had a nice Christmas!

Me Duele La Cabeza

Me Duele La Cabeza

Its Friday night and I am suffering from a severe sinus headache for the fourth straight night .  I honestly have no desire to blog right now but NaBloPoMo made me do it 😉

I had planned to blog at some point today but I’ve just been too busy.  My computer has been on for two minutes for the sake of this post and will be turned off in two minutes.  Right now I want nothing more than to relax and go to bed.

Nighty Night.

Mother Nature {Spring Cold}

Mother Nature {Spring Cold}

Dear Mother Nature,

What is up with the terrible weather this spring?

I would be fine with the typical spring thunderstorms, however

Twice this week I woke up to this site:

Really, Mother Nature???

Haven’t we had enough winter already?????

This weather has literally put me under the weather.  I have been stuffy, sneezy, and have had a terrible sore throat and swollen glands for the past two days. Feeling like crapola

Please bring on the warmer weather and sunshine soon, PLEASE!!

Sickly Me :(

Sickly Me :(

The school year is off to a rough-start as far as my health is concerned.  I am still congested from the crud I had last week and the past 24 hours I have either come down with the stomach flu or I was food poisoned.  It has not been fun.  I have missed more work in the past two weeks from being sick than I have in the past 2-3 years combined.  I have a ton of blogging to catch up on but feel like such  ^%@%* that I am going to go back to my book and my bed now.  I guess this is what I get from working so much and not getting enough rest.

PS This might be the only time you hear me say that the thought of food is repulsive to me. Gag

No More Flu Shots for Me….

No More Flu Shots for Me….

I want to preface by stating that I hate when people moan and groan on their blogs about how sick they are!

Do you ever think that flu shots can actually cause the flu?  I used to think that was a myth until yesterday when I got really sick just four days after having a flu shot.  It started with a very sore throat for 2 days and then moved into my chest overnight.  Chills, fever, cough, sneezing.  I stayed home from work and slept (literally!) from 8:30pm last night until 2:30pm today.  Thats 3 nights sleep for me.  I still feel out of it and will be out sick again tomorrow.

I blame it on the flu shot since I haven’t been sick in years and haven’t been around anyone sick in a long time.  I was hoping to prevent this by getting the flu shot, not making myself sick from it!

Sickly scrappies

Sickly scrappies

I am sick again.  Dang it!!!
The crap is still in my head and has also moved down to my chest 🙁

I scanned in a few scrappies I did this week….

BennettjamesdoubleThis one is for Annika’s album….


Going to do some homework and take it easy until later this afternoon when I have Bennett’s baptism.  Wish I felt better!

Thinking of Kelly & Rob…..

Thinking of Kelly & Rob…..

Congrats to my friend Kelly and her new husband, Rob who got married today!!!!

Unfortunately I am really sick with a cold and couldn't make it to the wedding.  I thought I would try for the reception, but it is at least an hour away….and a scary night time drive.  I really wanted to be able to eat, drink and be merry but I know I wouldn't be doing myself or anyone else any good by being there 🙁
My itchy, red nose and eyes just can't be concealed and I am afraid I would cough up a lung over all the guests.  You get the drift….

Kelly, thinking of you and I hope you have an AWESOME honeymoon!!!


Icky Poo-Poo Flu….

Icky Poo-Poo Flu….

Washing my hands 1,000,000 times a day wasn’t enough, apparently.

I’ll spare ya the N-A-S-T-Y details, but I DO have some suggestions to avoid mass contagion in your households, once those little sneaky germies gets inside:

  • Have a "sick" bathroom.  Only the barfy/poopy person should be allowed in this bathroom.  Have Lysol on hand to spray as often as possible
  • Keep sickie quarantined to his/her bedroom…no need to spread the germs all over the house!
  • Replace toothbrushes immediately
  • Wash all linens ASAP
  • Wash, wash, wash hands!!!

I seriously hate the stomach flu!!!!!!!

1 Down, 171 To Go….

1 Down, 171 To Go….

Days of school in this upcoming school year, that is!  I successfully made it through the First Day of School at both schools.  Yay! I know it is going to be a very busy and challenging year, but I am looking forward to it. It was great to return to my morning school.  The kids and I were happy to see each other…. especially after not knowing last spring whether I would be returning this Fall. I am still working on locating the students who need gifted/talented services…once that happens, I can begin my creative scheduling.  I am also trying to put my classrooms together since I never really had the chance last week.  Enough about work now!

Notice the new banner and color scheme? I love this one! I stepped away from my usual floral-motif and made a collage to commemorate some fun moments I had this summer….and yes, there were quite a few despite working summer school and having my knee surgery. 

Speaking of the knee…. I am still recovering, but making progress.  I never did post the pics of my knee, but Greta desperately wants to see them, so I might as well post it.  Click on it to make it bigger.  Sorry if this grosses you out, but there isn’t much blood or anything…just shows the effed -upness inside my knee.   Pics 1, 2, 5 & 16 show scar tissue that needed to be removed.  3 & 4 show the severe arthritis, and #11 shows how out of alignment my kneecap was.  17 shows my knee cap after the lateral release procedure. No wonder I was in so much pain before!

Insideknee Insideknee2


Dana, Kevin and Jasmine left this morning, Uncle Mike and Marisa left on Sunday morning after we all met for an early breakfast.  We had a nice time with them while they were here (as always 🙂  We went out to the Mall of America for a few hours on Sunday afternoon (with Rusty and Alex too) and then to Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque for dinner.  On Monday us girls went swimming while the boys all went fishing.  Jasmine and I scrapped a little bit this weekend too! She made some pretty great tags for a 7-year-old!

Oh, also wanted to say Congratulations to Mandie (and Jason) who just had a healthy baby girl, Aubrionna Marie, yesterday morning.  I am sure they probably will not be able to make it to Kara and Jesse’s wedding this weekend so soon after having the baby, but I hope to go visit them next week at their new house.  You wanna come with, Cass?

Stay tuned for a couple of book reviews later this week……..

The best surprise!

The best surprise!

I got the best surprise this morning….flower delivery!!!! Kneesurgery_011 This gorgeous and thoughtful arrangment was sent to me (along with some heavenly chocolates) from family in Chicago.  This totally made my morning. It was so unexpected!    How cute is it that it came in this giant margarita glass/vase? Thank you, Dana!! I love, love, love it!! And the chocolates are so yummy too!


Thanks again to everyone for all the well wishes:)  It means a lot! I obviously don't have anything too exciting to update about at the moment, so I'll have to share a few boring pics of my gimpiness.  By Thursday a.m, I was REALLY getting sick of staring at my elevated leg on the sofa.  Keeping this baby iced though:) 


I have come to realize that I am a very impatient patient. I am not used to being waited on and I hate being dependent on others.  I usually would rather get up and get my own water than have someone else do it for me.  Isn't that pathetic? I couldn't be a princess if I tried. LOL. I had less pain on Thursday, so I was hobbling around the house quite a bit…. which wasn't too smart, because now my knee is hurting more again and I also have a big pain in the butt.  Seriously…my right cheek is aching from supporting so much weight as I gimp around!!!

I was finally able to shower this morning (I could not have stood one more day…my hair was like a grease slick.  Not kidding either!).  This meant I was finally able to unveal my knee….as ugly as it is, I was relieved to see that there was NOT a huge incision on the outside of my knee.  Just the 3 holes from the scopes.  Pretty scary looking though! I swear, if this leg wasn't attached to my body, I wouldn't believe that it is mine…so swollen and disfigured…. and you can't even see all the bruising along the outter part of my knee in this pic.


Now that I have shared that ugly beast,  I am going to spare you the pics of the inside of my knee!

Planning to stay inside all weekend and keeping it cool.  100' is too hot for me!

On the Road to Recovery….

On the Road to Recovery….

Just checking in so ya'll know I made it through my surgery okay!  Things are about what I expected….I am feeling quite a bit of pain, so I am popping my Vicodin every 4-6 hours and laying on the sofa with my leg elevated and iced.  They gave me this cool contraption called a cryo/cuff that is wrapped around my leg and I am constantly filling it up/draining it with ice cold water.  I feel pretty good as long as I lay here, but moving around has proven to be painful and difficult.  It is pretty effin boring, actually!!  I cannot shower or remove the cryo cuff until Friday, so I am just trying to bide the time by watching Travel Channel, etc.  I ordered a ton of books from Amazon last week that will hopefully be here today because I am longing to start a new book!

I am curious to see what my knee looks like under all the bandages….I was in recovery for a few hours, so I did not get to talk to my Dr after surgery, but he talked to my partner and let him know how things went.  They started the surgery arthroscopically, but my things looked worse inside my knee than they originally thought, so apparently they had to make a large incision on the outside of my knee to get in at my knee cap.  I knew this was possible, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to have a giant scar!  I guess I will see what it looks like in a few days :(  I got some pictures of the inside of my  knee that I will scan and post when I am up and about…I know you must all be dying to se them! LOL……

Thanks for all the well wishes…it looks like I will have plenty of time to read blogs and message boards.  Good thing for the laptop so that I can surf while laying here! 

Down for the Count

Down for the Count

I know it has been a few days since my last post…I have been out of commission since Monday.  Its amazing how these sneaky little "bugs" catch up with you and steal away all energy and motivation! I had mentioned that this was an extremely busy week for me at work, but I was forced to take a day off on Wednesday to give myself some rest.  By Thursday I wasn't really feeling much better, but I had a project fair and the Art Gallery Event scheduled for that afternoon, and I still had about 50 projects yet to grade.  I managed to pull it all off successfully, but I sure am wiped out today!!! It will be great to sleep in tomorrow morning.  I have very little planned for the weekend….

 I woke up this morning to a freezing house…today must be the 3rd time I have had to turn the heat back on since I first shot it off in April.  It is only 40' outside, wet and dreary.  It is mid-May and I heard that the Dakotas just had a foot of snow yesterday.  Crazy!  I can imagine that this is some of the worst fishing-opener weather in a long time.

Well, thats about all for now…I must put my crazy life on hold until I can get over this cold 🙂

Feeling Stuffy and Groggy today

Feeling Stuffy and Groggy today

Maybe it is because it is Sunday, but I am feeling absolutely under the weather today! My house majorly needs to be cleaned, I am supposed to have dinner with the fam for Bri's bday, but I do not feel like going anywhere today!!!

I put the finishing touches on a couple of LOs this morning, like this one below from Easter, but I am even feeling too unmotivated to scrap. Easter05176k Easter05283k

Okay, pass me some Sudafed please!