Jan 142017

Mary had us girls and the kids over for a nice taco dinner this past Thursday night. Its been YEARS since the five us (Me, Kim, Mary, Lanee and Sonja) have all been together.  I’m not even exaggerating.  It might have been at my baby shower with Bretton? Anyway, it has been too long and I’ve missed these girls! We’ve been friends for 25+ years.

Thanks to Mary for initiating our reunion and hosting dinner.  Let’s do it again soon!

Jan 062017

Every year around the holidays, my group of HS girlfriends gets together for a big dinner.  Or at least we try!! It is very hard to coordinate schedules to make it work, and sometimes we end up rescheduling.  Its all good though because we have fun whenever we can get together.  This year we met at Saji Ya (as we did in 2005) and besides me, Bradie, Kelly, Jessie, Mandy and Andrea, we had Andy and Jason join us.  It was fun! We ate a ton of sushi, drank some hot sake, and enjoyed each others’ company.  Quite a few photos as well….. customary for us gals 😉

I apologize for the poor quality photos… not sure what is up with that?

For the record: Super Saji, Pablo Escolar, California, Spicy Tuna, and Philly… just to name a few.

Oct 282016

Leslie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met in preschool when we went to Oak Hill Montessori and have been calling each other “Peanut Butter” and “Jelly” ever since. Leslie has lived out-of-state for the past 7 or 8 years, most recently in Colorado. To celebrate her big 4-0, Leslie decided to come back to MN to celebrate with some of her oldest friends. She stayed at Katy’s house for the first couple of nights. On Leslie’s actual birthday, the boys and I took her to lunch at Tokyo Sushi then hung out at our house for the afternoon. Later, we met Katy, Sandra, Sandy, and a few other friends, at Joe Sensors in Roseville for drinks and appetizers.  Then we headed to The Dog House in Maplewood for a couple of drinks.

The three of us hadn’t been together in soooooo long!

The following night I met Leslie and several friends at Grumpy’s in Roseville.  Dana, Mary (Troy) and Sonja met us out too.  And there is Andy Will, a mutual friend from the old neighborhood.  That’s how Minnesotans roll…. make and keep life-long friends 😉

It was pretty laid-back but I think Leslie enjoyed the company and had an overall nice trip back to MN.  It was so nice to spend time with her! Bretton has been talking about her ever since 😉

Cute picture but terrible lighting.  Oh well 😉

Jul 192013

My brother Jeff and his wife Amanda hosted their seventh annual Porkapalooza barbeque over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was cooler than usual which was very nice.  We thought that might deter people but it had the opposite effect…. a record number of guests showed up for the most successful Porkapalooza to date.  I will have to have Jeff give the run-down of pork stats for the year… the only thing I can confirm is that over 100 lbs of pork were cooked this year including pulled pork, homemade sausage, ribs, pork belly, bacon explosion, and bacon lollies.  Everything was delicious, as always.DSC_2780

Everyone brought either a side dish or a donation for the food shelf.  There was a ton of awesome food.  Appetizers, salads and desserts galore.  I loved these “piggy pops” that my Aunt Carol made….

Our friends Rick and Janeen were there with their daughter Maddy


Bretton with Uncle Brian.  He was exactly 5 weeks old at his first Porkapalooza

Angel Face

Bretton with Janeen

I love the tradition of Porkapalooza… it has gotten HUGE!!

Thank you Jeff and Amanda for being such awesome, generous hosts.

May 232013

The first week after we brought Bretton home from the hospital was designated family time.  We were all exhausted and trying to adjust to life with a newborn, therefore we limited all visits to just the grandparents.  The following week seemed like a better choice for having our friends meet the baby.  When I felt ready, I decided to invite my besties over to our house to meet the baby and have a simple dinner.  Mary, Bradie, Lanee and Sonja (Angelina) all came over, unfortunately Kim was unable to make it.  (Bretton still needs to meet auntie Kimmy!)

We had a nice visit, all the girls had a chance to hold the baby and get to know him a little.  Thanks to Lanee for bringing her camera and taking pics.  Bretton was 11 days old….
Bretton and mommy 2

Apr 042013

This post about the baby shower with my girlfriends is long overdue! I figure I better sneak it in before the baby is born, and that could be any day now 😉

On March 10th, my BFF Mary and my oldest friend, Bradie, co-hosted a baby shower for me in the Whistler Room at Manitou Station in White Bear Lake.  I have quite a few girlfriends so it made sense to have one big shower and invite them all, but we needed a big space to do it.  Special thanks to owner and friend, Jake, for offering up the space. What a lovely shower we had!! Mary has an eye for detail and is such a fabulous party planner, she could do it professionally!  Bradie helped in many other ways 🙂
A few of the decorations:
Cakes at baby Shower
Star-Shaped Bowl of Candy
Turuoise Centerpieces
Party Favors ~ Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ Party Favors
These next few photos were taken by my friend Toni on her cell phone

131884_502864796418072_1322915347_o    892471_503467589691126_456008944_o
Not only did we have super-cute decorations, but we also had awesome food!
Fruit Platter
Bruschetta and Crustini
Turkey Roll Ups
Turkey Roll-Ups
We also had Artichoke Dip, Tortilla Chips, Hummus, Pita Chips, and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Strips. Not to mention the chocolate and carrot cakes.  Everything was really good and I think everyone enjoyed it 😉

The best part of the shower was seeing so many of my girlfriends.  It really made me feel special that so many of my friends made an effort to come spend the afternoon with me. Here is most of the group later in the afternoon. A few of the ladies had to leave by this time and a few couldn’t make it, but we had a great turnout and I will cherish this forever.
Kristi and Friends at Shower
Me with my Besties, Mary, Kim, Tamie, Sonja and Lanee
Kristi Mary Kim Tamie Sonja Lanee 3-13
Dana, Ang and Heather
Dana Ang and Heather 3-13
Leah, Mandie, me and Kara
Kristi Leah Mandie and Kara 3-13
Mandy, Kelly, me and Bradie
Kristi Mandy Kelly Bradie
Me with Michelle and Erin (and new baby Maverick at 4 weeks old!)
Kristi Michelle and Erin 3-13
Toni and Me
Kristi Toni 3-13
Me with my college girls, Laura Blonde, Janet and Laura Brown
Kristi Laura Laura Janet 3-13
Me with Laura, Heidi and Janet
Kristi Laura Heidi Janet 3-13
Me with Dana, Ang, Heather and Mandie
Kristi Dana Ang Heather and Mandie 3-13
I was 34 weeks pregnant that day, Lanee snapped this belly photo
Kristi 8 months pregnant
Kim and Tam
Kim and Tamie 3-13
Erin and Maverick ( a few of my friends enjoyed holding him )
Erin and Maverick 3-13
Sonja with her daughters Angelina and Mariah

We socialized and ate for at least half the shower and then they made me get the show on the road with the gift opening. Holy Moly, did I get an ton of amazing and generous gifts!! It was pretty awesome and I am ever so appreciative and thankful to have each of these ladies in my life.
Unfortunately this is the only photo I got of my myself with both Bradie and Mary

Other details about the shower that I don’t want to forget include everyone writing out Hope and Dreams for baby Bretton or for Erick and I as his parents.  Very sweet and thoughtful, they will go in his baby book.  Mary also had a “Diaper Raffle” for me in which the ladies could buy a raffle ticket with proceeds going into a fund to buy diapers.  I drew four names (Kara, Michelle, Olivia, and Denise) and each lady got a really cool prize….. a cupcake kit or gardening/spa goodies.  There were also door prizes for the ladies who got diaper name tags with a secret surprise inside (opened at the end of the shower).  Each lady also got a beaded necklace at the beginning of the day but could “steal” the beads of anyone whom they heard say, “Kristi”, “Erick” or “Baby”.  At the end, Ang and Erin had the most beads and each got a prize.

All in all, I don’t think I could have asked for a better shower.  I am so incredibly blessed.  A huge thank you to my besties, Mary and Bradie for the wonderful effort they put into all the planning and the financial obligations.  I can’t thank you enough!!


Feb 262013

Its been a month now since Mary’s birthday, but since we took a few photos to commemorate the event (as we always do!), I wanted to make sure to post them here.  We met at the new Cossetta restaurant, Louis Ristorante.  While it was great to socialize and hang out with my girls and a few of their husbands, the food was rather disappointing.  Especially because I love Cossetta’s so much.  Sonja was sick and unable to come out so that was kind of a bummer too, but Kara was able to join us which made me happy!  I cherish these times with my friends, they have become few and far between.
Lanee Kim Mary Kristi Kara Jan 2013
Mary and me
Mary & Kristi Jan 2013
The newlyweds
Brent & Kim Jan 2013
Kim and Lanee
Kim & Lanee Jan 2013
and a group shot…
Mary Bday dinner group 2013

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mary Ellen! xoxoxo

Jan 092013

I’m very behind with my blogging so I will be slowly playing catch-up over the next few weeks 😉

The week before Christmas I got together with some of my girlfriends from HS for our annual holiday dinner.  We’ve been doing this for the past 6 years or so? We try to pick a new restaurant every year and this year we went back to Buca di Beppo (where we also met in 2007).

Good food and good company 🙂  The girls surprised me by treating me to dinner since its the first time we’ve all been together since I became pregnant.  How sweet and generous and totally unexpected!

We were missing Andrea who was sadly attending the funeral of her aunt that night.  We missed you, Drew!!

Kristi Kelly Bradie Anne Jessie and Mandy

Me Kelly and Bradie
Kristi Kelly Bradie Dec 2012
Anne, Jessie and Mandy
Anne Jessie Mandy
And one of Bradie and my famous silly shots. We have hundreds of these over the years 🙂
Kristi Bradie Dec 2012
Normally I wouldn’t post this following shot on my blog but since it is now password protected, anything goes! lol. Jessie was mesmerized by the green penis on this Adonis statue
A shot of us outside after dinner
Bradie Mandy Kristi Jessie Kelly Dec 2012

It was great to get together with the girls.  Looking forward to seeing them all again in March at my baby shower 🙂

Nov 092012

Today was Twin Day at school, so my friend/colleague Janet and I dressed up as twins!

We are the Women in Black
Kristi Janet Twins 2012
Fun stuff!
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Oct 102012

Back in September my group of besties spent the weekend at Mallard Lake Family Resort near Webster, WI, in honor of Kim who was soon to be married.  A special thanks to Mary, (the Maid of Honor and best friend a girl could have), for organizing such a fun weekend.
We rented a cabin at the resort and had a very quiet and peaceful weekend. The weather was lovely!
Our cabin was perfect for the six of us
We drove up Friday after work and spent the night relaxing at the bonfire and later playing a very funny game inside the cabin.
We woke up early on Saturday, made breakfast and then later spent the afternoon out on the lake on a rented pontoon.
Later that night we had a delicious, homemade Greek themed dinner

After dinner we drove to a nearby bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Mary assured us that there would be NOBODY there but us, however we arrived to a hopping place with another bachelorette party in attendance. We had made special T-shirts to stand out, we looked pretty cute!
We didn’t stay at the bar too long and ended up heading back to the cabin for another bonfire.  The following day we slept in, made something to eat, then packed up the cabin before leaving in the early afternoon.  It was an enjoyable weekend and I hope our group of girls can try to do this together every fall 😉

Jun 042012

Many of you may recall that my youngest brother Jeff got engaged to the beautiful, intelligent Amanda last year in Australia.  Their wedding is coming up in just three weeks, in beautiful Sonoma, California.  They are having a small,  picture-perfect ceremony at Kunde Family Estates and our immediate families are heading out to wine country to attend.  It is going to be an amazing trip and I am really looking forward to it.

I am not only really excited that my brother found such an amazing girl, but that she is close in age to myself and someone I want to become friends with.  I have been lucky to have Michelle as a younger sister (in-law) for the past 15 years that she has been with my other brother, Brian, and now that Jeff is marrying Amanda, I get her too!   Like me,  Amanda doesn’t have any sisters, but her younger brother is married so she has a SIL but they live in Florida so she doesn’t see them often.  She and Jeff have been together for about four years now and we are still getting to know each other, as she has been living in D.C for the past 2 1/2 years for her job.  Jeff and Amanda are great about making an effort to get together when she is in town.  Over the past few months she has been in the process of moving her things in with Jeff and she will take residence sometime after the wedding and when her project in DC comes to a close.  They are having a big reception in Minneapolis in September, after which is when they will be going on their Dream Honeymoon to Mauritius (click the link and be prepared to be TOTALLY JEALOUS).

One Saturday a few weeks ago was a day dedicated to Amanda, starting the day with a very nice bridal brunch.  One of Amanda’s friends from law school hosted the brunch at her condo in Downtown Minneapolis.  What a cool view from the 23rd floor! I took this panoramic shot (stitched on Photoshop) from Stacie’s balcony. Click on it to view bigger
View of Minneapolis from Skyscape Condos

Amanda’s Bestie, LaShara, is a caterer and provided a lot of the food for the brunch. I held back and didn’t take pictures of everything, but I did get these fun and colorful fruit kabobs.
Fruit Kabobs
And these mini pistachio-gelato ice cream sandwiches. OMG, yum
Pistachio Gelato Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
Michelle came to the brunch with me but couldn’t stay for the entire day of festivities as she and Brian had a wedding to attend  later that afternoon ( Brian was an usher!).  I had someone take a photo of the three of us. Boo hoo that it turned out blurry. Do we look like sisters? lol
Amanda Kristi Michelle May 2012
We then went over to Hotel Ivy where several of Amanda’s friends {many of which flew in for the weekend} were staying and where LaShara had rented a giant suite to host Happy Hour. Many of the ladies spent the afternoon at the Hotel Spa but I chose to spend it reading a good book while watching LaShara work her magic and set up the delicious food (if this photo gives you any idea!).  How many of you have tried truffled honey? Wow is it good drizzled on bleu cheese with a cracker!

Later in the evening we all took cabs to Amanda’s favorite restaurant, Sapor Cafe and Bar,  where we had a very nice dinner. I’ve already written my review so go ahead and check it out if you’re curious!

The rest of our night looked something like this:

A few pics….
Amandas and  Girls May 2012

We ended the night dancing…… how is this for an action shot?!
Amanda Bachelorette May 2012

With more dancing at the hotel after-bar.  I paid for that dearly the next day.  oof dah! lol

I had a great time even though I didn’t know any of Amanda’s friends prior to that day, they were all great.

Looking forward to a fun time at the upcoming wedding, stay tuned!

May 292012

A couple of Fridays ago (May 18) I had plans to go out with a few friends while the guys were playing their usual game of cards.  While we were enjoying a couple of cold cocktails on the patio at our local haunt, Manitou Station, I got a text from my brother Jeff (whose birthday happened to be that very day) saying he was at The Bulldog in St Paul with two of my college roommates and then he asked if I was coming out too?! What??!! You are hanging out with two of my favorite people that I haven’t seen in awhile on your birthday??!!  You know what this means! I convinced my friends to head to downtown St Paul.  Just as we were five minutes away from The Bulldog, Jeff tells me he left and was now at Moscow on the Hill with Amanda and a couple of her friends.  It was only a slight change of plans (ones that didn’t include seeing Laura Blonde and Laura Brown) and we were able to meet Jeff and Company at MotH.

A smurf took this very unflattering photo. (My rule from now on is you have to be over 5 ft tall to take my picture! Actually, the closer to 6 ft, the better.  lol)
Kristi and Jeff

One with the girls…
Gina Trisha Kristi Denise and Shannon

After we parted company with Jeff and Amanda, our party continued to Fabulous Ferns where we hung out on the patio.  It was nice that I wasn’t that designated driver that night however I kept things very tame since I had plans to attend Amanda’s Bridal Brunch and Bachelorette party the very next day 😉

May 172012

One night during the last week of April, Bradie and I went to Barbette in Uptown for dinner.  We had a great time hanging out, as we always do when we’re together.  For those of you who do not know Bradie, she and I grew up in the same neighborhood and we have been friends since we were 2 or 3 years old.  We also roomed together in the dorms during our freshman year of college.  It kind of goes without saying but we have been through a LOT together in the past 32 years and she is still one of my closest friends.

Anyway, after dinner we were joined by another life-long friend of ours, Chelsea, and her fiance Aaron, to whom she just got engaged.  Bradie’s mom and Chelsea’s mom were BFFs growing up and the two of them have known each other since before they were even born.  Therefore, I have known Chelsea nearly as long as I have known Bradie!  It was so nice to catch up with her and meet Aaron (who coincidentally grew up not far from where I now live!)

I wanted to share a few photos taken that night.  You can also read about our dinner at Barbette.
The three of us…
Bradie Kristi Chelsea April 2012
Aaron and Chelsea
Aaron and Chelsea April 2012

Bradie and me
Bradie Kristi April 2012

We had a very nice time and I hope we can all meet up again soon!


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Apr 242012

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with our little group in celebration of Kim’s birthday.  We went to Rudy’s Redeye Grill, an old favorite of everyone.  The food was good but the service was slower than ever, I will be posting a new review of Rudy’s when I can get to it.  After dinner we briefly stopped at a local bar to hear a band but it was super hot inside so we all just decided to head home early.  It was nice to see everyone and spend time together… its been too long.
Kims Bday Girls 2012
Sonja Mary Kim 2012
Kim and Kristi 2012
Kim Mary and Lanee

Apr 112012

Okay, I majorly suck at blogging these past couple of months but I have to make a presence here often enough to keep ya’ll interested.  I am alive and kickin’, just been busy witb all sorts of stuff.

Here are a few photos from get-togethers with friends in the past couple of months, each of which deserves a post of its own but for lack of time, this is how it goes.

Feb 19: Brunch with Dana, Heather, Ang, and Tanya.  We met up at Maynard’s in Rogers for Brunch. I really should’ve blogged more about this

Feb 24: Me, Noemy and Denise at the funeral luncheon.  I really should’ve blogged more about this
Tres Amigas

March 2: Me, Noemy and Denise at Old School Night
Denise Kristi and Noemy at Old School Night March 2012

March: Dinner at La Casita with my college girls, Kara and Laura. I really should’ve blogged more about this
Kara Kristi Laura March 2012

March 23: Heather’s Birthday Dinner. really should’ve blogged more about this

Heather Dana Kristi Ang March 2012

There are all sorts of other things I should’ve blogged about, but this is all I’ve got for now.  Hopefully with my upcoming Blogiversary next week (7 years!) I will spark up an interest to blog some more.

Until then, mis amigos…. peace out!

Feb 052012

Going to brunch has been my new thing lately.  I went to Kozlak’s for brunch with my parents in January and met a group of my high school girlfriends and some of their kids for brunch last Sunday at Girvan Grille. It was fun! The buffet was super cheap but good ($10 for adults and $5 for kids)
Ladies Who Brunch Jan 2012
Mandie and Aubryonna
Tammy Kara Leah Jan 2012
Meaghan and Ella Jan 2012
Mary and Kristi Jan 2012
Aubry, Olivia and Ella Jan 2012


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Jan 102012

Christmas is always a busy time of year but my hometown girlfriends and I always try to get together for a dinner date every year in December.  This year we met for a late dinner at Masu Sushi and Robata (the same night as my staff holiday party) and had ourselves a great time.

I love that so many of my friends love sushi as much as I do, there is no shortage of great places to eat in the Twin Cities.  One of the items I saw on the menu was an Oyster Shooter with raw quail egg and my adventurous side desperately wanted to try it.  It didn’t take much convincing to get Bradie and Jessie to order one as well 😉  The description did say “shooter” but we were surprised to find that the oyster and quail egg were in a shot of sake!

Jessie Kristi Bradie with Oyster Shooters at Masu copy
The DURING…. (lol, Jess’s face cracks me up!)
The sushi was delicious!Make sure you read my review of Masu if you would like to see the rest of our meal

And of course the photos of us ladies….
WBL GIrls at Masu Sushi Dec 2011
Bradie and Mandy at Masu Sishi Dec 2011
Andrea and Kelly Dec 2011
Jessie and Kristi at Masu Sushi Dec 2011
The restaurant has a giant mural on the wall of a Japanese woman’s eyes. Jess & Brade thought it would be funny to have a picture of them with the eye, so here it is!
Jessie Eye Bradie at Masu Dec 2011

It was a very fun night with great friends. Can’t wait to meet up with these ladies again soon!


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Jan 082012

The week before Christmas we had our staff holiday party at a giant restaurant/bar near our school.  It was a party that started during Happy Hour and there was an appetizer buffet set up, courtesy of our school’s Sunshine Committee.  I stayed for a couple of hours before leaving to meet some of my HS girlfriends for a late sushi dinner (separate post on that coming up next!).  I

Some pics from the party….. I work with a bunch of really great people 😉
Kristi and Haley
Vickie, Heidi, Megan, Megan and Janine
MRC Girls and Jaminie
Bobbie, Sarah, Teresa, Todd, Cynthia, Haley, Jill and Cindy
Barn, Lynne, Judi, Melissa, and Lynnell
Myrna and Heidi

Dec 162011

Happy Birthday to my friend Ang who turns the BIG 3-0 today!

I know I am posting this super late but I literally have not sat down since 6am this morning (its now 10) and that has been the story of my my life every day this week.  Anyway, I wanted to wish Ang a happy birthday once again (besides the text msg and FB message).  You only turn 30 once, right? (although Ang celebrates for the entire month of December! lol)

Last night I met the Birthday Girl and Dana and Heather out for dinner at a place that none of us had tried before, Brick’s Pub.  I will add my review once I get a chance to write it.  We had a great time talking, eating and sipping a cocktail or two.  We even got a few photos.

Heather, Dana, Ang and Kristi
I probably should’ve used a flash instead of these crazy shadows I ended up getting without it. Oh well. Sorry ladies!
Dana and Ang Dec 2011
Me and (Heather)Cheddar
Heather and Kristi

Last night Ang and I were trying to figure out which year it was that we met.  Today I have the answer.  It was December 2003!! Know how I know? Well, we met through our mutual friend, Rich, and I took this photo of the two of them at XFest back on May 30, 2004.  So Ang, I guess that means this month is our 8th Anniversary 😉 wow, how about that? You were just a kid back then. lmao!

Hope you have a wonderful time at your shindig tonight!


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