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New Years Eve 2010 {Steak & Put-n-Take}

New Years Eve 2010 {Steak & Put-n-Take}

The past few years we have gone out for a nice steak dinner and then played games with our neighbors on New Years Eve.  This year was pretty much the same, but we had a ton of fun!

First we went to Kozlak’s Royal Oak for a delicious (and expensive!) steak dinner. I will be posting a review soon but for my records here….

A group of us then got together to play the most fun gambling game that anybody and everybody can play…. Put and Take.  Everyone starts with a designated currency (we used quarters), then everyone antes into the pot before each round.  Each player takes a turn spinning the dreidel and has to do what the dreidel lands on…. take 1, take 2, Pay 1, Pay 2, all pay 1, or take all (the whole pot!).  We used a 6 sided spinner but you can also get 8 sided ones.  I totally need to buy this spinner so I can play with my family and other friends, everybody loves this game!  I am pretty sure it is originally a Jewish game.  Has anybody played it???

We also spent a good portion of the evening playing darts and sipping cocktails.

Fun times!

Do you like Funny Videos???

Do you like Funny Videos???

If you like Funny Videos, I recommend that you check out the site Funny Video Search.  Not only are there funny videos on the site, but also commentary to go with them.  The site was created and maintained by my brother Jeff.  Here are some of the categories on the site:

If you like the site then be sure to spread the word to others who like funny videos.  Thanks!

Celebrity Look Alikes

Celebrity Look Alikes

My friend Jules e-mailed this to me and I had to share in case you haven't seen it yet!

Tonight Show Host Jay Leno totally looks
like Roger Ramjet

jay leno, roger ramjet, the tonight show
Actor Ron Perlman totally looks like Harry the
Bigfoot from the movie Harry and the Hendersons

ron perlman, harry
Actor Val Kilmer totally looks like a caveman

val kilmer, caveman
Metallica frontman James Hetfield totally
looks like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz

james hetfield, cowardly lion
Actor Tom Selleck totally looks like the
Red Baron from Red Baron Pizza

tom selleck, red baron
Self-help talk show host Dr. Phil totally looks
like a walrus

dr. phil, walrus
Guitarist Eddie Van Halen totally looks
like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons

eddie van halen, crazy cat lady, the simpsons
Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice
from the Spice Girls, totally looks like Falcor from The Neverending Story

posh spice, falcor
Pope Benedict XVI totally looks like Darth
Sidious from Star Wars

pope benedict xvi, darth sidious
Rockstar Mick Jagger totally looks like a

mick jagger, batfish, rolling stones
Christopher Lloyd, actor from the Back to
the Future trilogy totally looks like a startled marsupial.

Christopher Lloyd totally looks like a marsupial
Actor Matt Dillon totally looks like

matt dillon, wild things, frankenstein, mary shelley
Actor Elijah Wood totally looks like
adulterer Hester Prynne from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book The Scarlet Letter

elijah wood, frodo, hester prynne, the scarlet letter
Chris Kemp, the most “unfortunate” looking
burglar ever, totally looks like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead

chris kemp, beavis, beavis and butthead
Comedian Carrot Top totally looks like Liono
from the cartoon Thundercats

carrot top, liono, thundercats
Cindy McCain, wife of Republican Presidential
candidate John McCain, totally looks like the Borg Queen from Star Trek

cindy mccain, borg queen, star trek
Rapper Sisqo totally looks like Donkey

sisqo, donkey kong, nintendo
Comedy writer Bruce Vilanch totally looks like
Sweetums from the Muppets

bruce vilanch, sweetums, muppets
Senator Fred Thompson totally looks like Vigo the Carpathian from
Ghostbusters 2

fred thompson, vigo the carpathian, ghostbusters 2
Jamie Hyneman from the television show
Mythbusters totally looks like a walrus

jamie hyneman, walrus
Fashion designer Donatella Versace totally looks
like Janice the Muppet

donatella versace, janice the muppet, the muppets



Politician John Kerry totally looks like Herman Munster from the
television show The Munsters

john kerry, herman munster



Bob Dylan the musician totally looks like
Snidley Whiplash from Wacky Races

bob dylan, snidley whiplash
Flava Flav, rapper and reality television star
totally looks like Stripe from Gremlins

flava flav, stripe, gremlins
Wilford Brimley, actor from Cocoon and The Thing
totally looks like Diabeetus Cat

Wilford Brimley, Diabeetus Cat
President George W. Bush totally looks
like a Chimpanzee

George W. Bush, Chimpanzee


Problem solving answer…

Problem solving answer…

Many of you have e-mailed me about the correct answer to the tricky horse problem!!!  This drove many people crazy!
The answer is $20, but there are a few different approaches you can take.  This one is the easiest:
He bought for $60 and $80  = $140  and sold   $70 and $90= $160.  $160-140=20.
I might have to throw a few more challenges out like this one in the future 🙂
If you thought the answer was that he broke even or came out $10 ahead, you weren’t alone.  Only half the ADULTS I asked this to knew the correct answer.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?!
Just kidding!
Another approach to look at:  pretend you started with $100.
-$60 for buying the horse=
+$70 for selling the horse=
-$80 for buying the horse=
+$90 for selling the horse=
$120 that you end up with
-$100 you started with=
$20 profit
Can you pass the 8th grade science test?

Can you pass the 8th grade science test?

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Free Online Dating from JustSayHi

Good thing I can 😉 I am learning in my science methods class that although content is important, the process to acquire knowledge is even more important.

**PS I neglected to mention I got a C- the first time I took this.  It was NOT EASY.  I knew which ones I guessed on and got an A the 2nd time around!

Word Challenges: Three-for-all

Word Challenges: Three-for-all

I have been looking through old copies of Games Magazine and found a few puzzles that could easily be shared here.  This puzzle is from November 2002.  There are still five of these below that I haven’t figured out yet!

Print it out and give them a try!!!  If you would like to see more of this type of thing, let me know 🙂


Each sentence below contains three words and/or names whose sounds can be combined (in some order) to from a longer word that will complete the sentence appropriately.  Fort example, in #1, EASE, HARM, and OWN can combine to create HARMONIES (Harm-Own-Ease), which fills in the blank and makes sense of the sentence.  Can you Disk-Of-Err the other Calm-bin-Nations??

1.  The ease with which you can harm your own voice singing those ______________ is scary.

2. The essence of Irv F. Stone’s personality is his bubbly _________________. 

3.  For only $19.99 apiece, Lloyd will sell you the greatest movies on ___________________.

4. The firm tone the nurse took when she addressed the corps gave the ______________ of her argument added strength.

5. Wait until you hear that punk rocker give an interview– he likes to chew gum while he talks, so strange noises seem to ______________ his remarks.

6. As we worked on the President’s speech on that rainy afternoon, we Xed out all the _______________ comments that had been bugging us.

7. Chicago Bull Michael Jordan was right on key when he sang the psalm with the entire _____________.

8.  Oh, what zest my creditors would reap if they ____________ my car.

9. With all the exercise Esther gets shoveling coal, you’d think her _______________ would be a lot lower.

10. Taking a nap had more pull for me than making a pie or an upside-down cake with _________________.

11. If he guzzzles bourbon with his sub sandwich every night by the pool, he’s hardly your typical ________________.

12. Before going out on the court, the tennis player declared, ":My own opionion is that I should get a _________________ injection in my knee.

13. Everyone at the wedding could see the groom tuck the dough in the pocket of his ___________ pants.

14. As the _____________________ ornithologist scanned the desert for signs of avian life, he thought, "You’re not in Stockholm anymore, Lars……"

15. Leaning against the wet sil, Lou could see his girlfriend’s _______________ against the floodlit wall as she walked away in the pouring rain.

16. Your so-called ______________ argument has more holes than a sieve, so get out your purse and pay your own way.

17. Was the constant din or the airy mood of the crowd an _______________ occurrence or something special?

18. I can recall some awfully long days aboard that tanker, especially when the ___________ captain punished us "just for fun".

19. At Fort KnoX Academy, one can eke out knowledge about the solstice and the ____________.

20. I am sure that poem about Bic is written in ______________ "pen"-tameter- get it?

21. To defend his honor and _________________ himself in the eyes of his fellow cons, Cool Hand Luke ate 50 eggs.

22. I went to see that new horror movie, never imagining that the _______________ of the gory scenes would freak me out so badly.

Let’s Play a Game….

Let’s Play a Game….

Thought I would play a little interactive game to get some of you readers/lurkers to leave a comment. Plus I think it is fun 🙂

This is how it goes…..I will give you an answer and YOU have to think of a funny or creative question that goes along with it.

Here is an example

Answer:  Kevin Garnett

Possible questions:   Who was the 2004 MVP of the NBA?  Who is otherwise known as "The Big Ticket"? Who is the star of the Minnesota Timberwolves? Who was the first player of the NBA to be drafted directly out of HS?

Get it?  I played this with my 5-6th graders today and they loved hearing the variety of questions that everyone came up with!

Ready? ****Please do not read the questions that others have come up with until AFTER you leave your question*****. If you aren’t sure how to leave a comment, simply click "comments" below this post!

Here are the answers.  Now you come up with the questions!

1.    Hawaii

2.   On the Beach

3.   A Good Friend

4. Under the Stars

5. When it Rains

Thanks for playing!!



I admit that I am a nerd.  (Although I am a COOL NERD!) And I love puzzles!!  Do any of you like rebus picture puzzles?? Here are a couple easy ones.  My students LOVE these things!




How about Logic puzzles?? I LOVE doing these things! They drive me NUTS, but they are a fun challenge.  Try this puzzle! If you like that one, check out this Logic Puzzle site.

And then there are always crossword puzzles! Here is a site of The best crosswords.

Have fun with these puzzles today!

Are you a Movie Buff????

Are you a Movie Buff????

I’m sure NOT!!!!  I fall asleep during every movie I watch after 9 pm and I forget most movies unless I’ve watched them all the way through 2-3 times.  So I did VERY poorly on this Movie quiz that my brother Jeff sent me.  Download moviequiz.xls   Seriously, I attempted only 10/72 and got only three of them correct!  Try it and see how you do…………

Have a nice afternoon!

Test your US Geography!

Test your US Geography!

I am teaching 5/6th grade Geography this year….oh so much fun!

A friend sent me this little US geography map "quiz" and I didn’t do too bad! Try it for yourself and report your results in the "comments".

Us Geography quiz

My score was 90% with average error of 16 miles.  It took me 1209 seconds (it seemed much faster than that!)

Today’s Visuals

Today’s Visuals

Thought I’d post a few pics from the past few days:

**Went boating up at my mom and dad’s place on Wednesday.  The weather was perfect…FINALLY!!  My tan has faded a LOT and I need to get some color  (and get rid of my strap lines) before Mary’s wedding next Friday. Here is me with my good friend, Jennifer.  We had really wanted our friend Lori to come boating with us, but she had no babysitter 🙁


***I went out for Mexican with my friends from work on Thursday afternoon.  We made it through another year of teaching summer school…today is the last day and then I have four weeks of vacation!!


***Here is my brother Brian with newborn daughter, Annika.  I thought this was such a sweet picture that my dad took yesterday!


***I was also able to finish this LO that I did of me and one of my best friends, Jenny.  She is one of the best out there!!

Jennyfriend1 Jennyfriend2