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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not a big sucker for Valentine’s Day, but this year I decided to send out photo cards in lieu of the Holiday cards I never got around to ordering and sending a few months back.  I think it was a nice surprise for our friends and family to get happy mail in February! I might just make this our new tradition 😉

Happy 40th birthday to my dearest Lanee Valentina! Love you girlie!!

Holiday Dinner ~ Sushi at Saji Ya

Holiday Dinner ~ Sushi at Saji Ya

Every year around the holidays, my group of HS girlfriends gets together for a big dinner.  Or at least we try!! It is very hard to coordinate schedules to make it work, and sometimes we end up rescheduling.  Its all good though because we have fun whenever we can get together.  This year we met at Saji Ya (as we did in 2005) and besides me, Bradie, Kelly, Jessie, Mandy and Andrea, we had Andy and Jason join us.  It was fun! We ate a ton of sushi, drank some hot sake, and enjoyed each others’ company.  Quite a few photos as well….. customary for us gals 😉

I apologize for the poor quality photos… not sure what is up with that?

For the record: Super Saji, Pablo Escolar, California, Spicy Tuna, and Philly… just to name a few.

Thankful ~ Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful ~ Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for. I’m sure my list looks much the same year after year but its still important for me to acknowledge the blessings in my life 🙂


  • My healthy and smart children, Dash & Bash
  • My honey
  • The boys being able to stay home with their Dad while I work
  • My family
  • A handful of dear friends
  • My career as an educator
  • A specialist job in a school I love
  • Being healthy (thanks in part to Plexus and Young Living) 
  • Helping others get healthy with oils and supplements
  • “Me time” in the wee hours of the morning
  • Our new family dog
  • Our home, working vehicles
  • All modern conveniences.  I don’t take it for granted!

For the first time ever, we are making a turkey at home, with just us.  My parents are in Florida along with Brian, Michelle and the kids.  Jeffanda is in Thailand this year.  The turkey is in the oven and starting to smell wonderful!


Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Before time slips away (and let’s be honest….while I am still in the mood to blog), I need to post pics of Dash and Bash on Halloween this year.

Bashy dressed in the dragon costume Bretton wore last year.  A huge hit!

He was pretty darn cute!

Bashy the DragonBashy

Bretton dressed as TMNT Michelangelo

Bretton TMNT

We took them around our neighborhood and into the townhouses next to us.

Some of our neighbors go all-out

Halloween Decor

Halloween Skeletons

We were only out maybe an hour and the boys got a ton of candy.  Only one Almond Joy in either bag.  Sad for mommy! lol

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

We celebrated the Mother’s in our family up at the lake as we usually do.  It was nice that everyone could make it, including Gram and Gramp.  For a fun surprise, we revealed the gender of our new baby!

We chowed down on artichoke dip and crackers for an appetizer and then had a delicious dinner of stuffed pork tenderloin, strawberry spinach salad, twiced baked potatoes, rolls, and strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream for dessert! Yum!

Before everyone left I made Jeff take a few photos of the ladies and the kids
Mothers Day 2014 Women and Kids

My second Mother’s day with this special little boy
Kristi Bretton Mothers Day 2014
mommy and Bretton 2014
Mom Gram Kristi Bretton 2014

Michelle with Annika, Bianca and Bennett
Mothers Day Michelle and Kids 2

A Visit from Santa

A Visit from Santa

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving (if I remember correctly!) when Santa and the local fire dept made their way through my parents neighborhood to collect toy and food donations. Bretton and I headed up to my parents house for a nice supper before Santa made his appearance.

Here is our first official “photo with Santa”

Wait……. where is Santa!!?? Where is Bretton? Oops, handed my camera to the wrong person to take this picture! lol. This photo cracked me up when I saw it!!
This one below  is slightly better, Bretton was mesmerized by the lights from the firetruck and all the activity on Santa’s sleigh (which was really just a flatbed/wagon trailer)

I think this will be a fun tradition to continue each year!

I also took a couple photos of Bretton with this Santa statue. I thought I would maybe use some of these for his Christmas Card photo, but decided not to use any of these.

This expression is so funny! lol

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Did ya’ll have a nice Halloween this year?

I did, for the most part.  Bretton and I stayed at my parents house on Halloween Eve, as my parents were planning to watch the baby while I was at work on Thursday (Halloween).  Our school district has never allowed students to dress up in costume for the holiday, however my school earned “crazy head day” on Halloween with good student behavior.  Anyone could wear a hat, crazy hair, wigs, bobble ears, etc.  I chose to wear the little black sultry wig I wore for Halloween a few years ago.  Bretton did not love my new hairdo and would hardly look at me until he realized who I was!!  The reactions of students and staff at work were also pretty funny…. many people didn’t recognize me at first…. including my boss!! lol.  Kids are so funny…. they thought I actually cut all my hair off.  When I told them it was just a wig, they couldn’t believe all my long hair was still underneath.  How did you do that, Ms Sauer????  I tell them I am magic 😉
bretton mommy halloween
After work I went back up to my parents house to meet Brian, Michelle, Erin (Shel’s sister) and all the kids for dinner and then trick or treating.  We dressed Bretton up as a purple octopus (aka Kid Kalamari).  We bought this costume at Babies R Us last November when we weren’t even half way through the pregnancy! It was on clearance and too cute to pass up.  I mean, have you ever seen a cuter octopus anywhere????!!! lol
bretton purple octopus 2013
We had a delicious dinner of tacos with all the fixin’s and then we went Trick or Treating around my parents neighborhood.  It was cold and rainy but we still had a good time.  Bretton was a champ and did awesome up until the last 5 minutes.  Here is the crew!

Annika=Poison Ivy,  Bianca=Surgeon , Bennett= Batman  Chandler= Mickey Mouse  Maverick=Puppy, Bretton= Purple Octopus.
cousins halloween 2013


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween too, I love all the pics of kids in costume that I saw on FB last night and I look forward to seeing more today!


4th of July at the Lake

4th of July at the Lake

This year marked the 3rd annual 4th of July party up at Brian and Michelle’s cabin on Lake Chisago.  We chose to stay home last year because it was literally 103′ and I couldn’t take the heat.  This year the weather was much cooler and it turned out to be a decent day, so we spent the afternoon chatting it up with everyone. Both Brian and my Dad (my parents live on the same lake) had their boats out on the water for cruising, tubing or whatever. I spent half the afternoon snacking on chips and guacamole that my Gram made and visiting with family.

Bretton made his rounds…

When it came time for dinner, Bianca took everyone’s orders….. hot dog, hamburger or brat.  She did a great job!

Cousin Segen….


We left after dinner and went home for awhile before heading to Stillwater to see the Fireworks.  The baby did great…. he slept through the entire display.  We were happy campers!

My First Mother’s Day

My First Mother’s Day

This year after just three weeks of Motherhood, I was able to experience and be honored on my first Mother’s Day.  I received some very sweet gifts from Bretton and Erick and then we went up to my parents house for the afternoon.  The weather was cool so we weren’t able to spend any time outside so we hung out inside eating cheese and drinking wine. We also took a few photos  including this one of me and Bretton as well as some cherished family photos of the three of us 😉
Bretton and Mommy Mothers Day 2013
Gram and Gramp were there too
I love this pic of Bretton with Gramps
Bretton and Great Grandpa
Three Blondies
I LOVE this photo of Bretton with Auntie Michelle
……. and this one of Michelle and the kids
Michelle and the Kids
Grandma and Bretton on Mother's Day
We had a delicious dinner of marinated pork loin, roasted veggies, twice baked potatoes and Gram’s turtle bars for dessert!



A Mother’s Day Letter {to Bretton from Mommy}

A Mother’s Day Letter {to Bretton from Mommy}

Dear Baby Boy,

Today I get to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day because of I am the lucky lady who can say she is your mommy! What an incredible difference a year can make from one Mother’s Day to the next.  Just a year ago I was unsure I would  be able to have children and this year I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been blessed with you.  Bretton, you truly are a blessing and a little miracle.  I am still amazed that I carried you inside me while you were growing into this perfect little human.  You are such a strong and healthy little boy and you are getting so big so fast! You eat like a champ and can’t get enough of mommy’s milk. Your daddy and I think you’re such a cute baby, not to mention a little sweetheart.  It melts my heart to nurse you and cuddle with you, especially early in the mornings when we can fall asleep together on the sofa.  I love how alert you are and how you make eye contact with me, especially during feedings and bath time.   You always smell so good and I can’t help but kiss you hundreds of times a day.  I  love all the faces and expressions you make both when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping.  You are simply adorable! The sounds you make are so cute too 🙂  Every moment of every day has been extra special as we have gotten to know you.

While I look forward to each stage you grow into, thinking about you getting big makes me sad because I know you will never be as tiny and innocent as you are now.  The past three weeks have gone too fast, before I know it you are going to be going to kindergarten and then graduating from high school! I have cried a lot about this in the few weeks since you have been born but I blame most of it on my crazy post-partum hormones.  I also smile and laugh when I think about all the stuff you’re going to get into and the things you’ll say and do.  You might just be a little stinker like your daddy was!
Bretton and Mommy Mothers Day 2013

Bretton, I am so proud to be your mama and I will love and cherish you forever.

Love, Mommy


Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

My family had our annual Christmas Eve fondue at my parents house on Christmas Eve, as we do every year.
Fondue Set Up
Unfortunately I woke up that day feeling crummy and knew I was getting sick.  Even though I had been looking forward to Christmas Eve very much, I was feeling worse and worse as the night went on.  I didn’t eat as much as usual at dinner and  pretty much sat on the sofa like a lump on a log for most of the night.  I  took a very minimal amount of photos.  You know I must be sick when I am far from my usual Kristarazzi paparazzi self. lol

Despite all this, it was still great to spend the holiday with my dear family and the love of my life.  It was fun to future trip and think about next year’s Christmas and our new edition.  Baby Boy will be about eight months or so on his first Christmas.  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

I enjoyed watching everyone opening their gifts and got some great gifts as well.  One very thoughtful gift I got was the Baby Emergency Kit that my SIL Michelle put together.  She made an adorable bag made of owl fabric and inside it contains a diaper, wipes, changing mat, spare outfit, baby Tylenol, baby bottle.  I’m going to keep it in my car so that I am always prepared in case of an emergency 😉
We gave each of the kids a soft, new blanket. Pretty sure they really enjoyed them.  I wish I would have bought oen for myself too. lol.  Bennett also got Legos and the girls each got a new outfit.  We also gave them build-your-own snowglobes.
Here are the handful of photos I took that night….
Annika Christmas Eve 2012
Amanda and Michelle. It is so great to have sisters!
Amanda Michelle Christmas 2012
Bennett got these binoculars from someone and had to check them out
Bennett Christmas Eve 2012
Bianca and Jeff goofing around.

That’s it for photos. I didn’t even get one of myself or the tree or any decorations this year.  We didn’t stay too late after we opened all the presents.  I went home to bed and slept fr0m 10pm to 1pm the next day.  15 hours!! I did feel slightly better on Christmas Day though.  The sleep helped!

I hope everyone else had a nice Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Yep, it is January and I am just now blogging about Thanksgiving of last year!
*** Please note that all photos are unedited, straight out of the Camera. They would never get posted otherwise!!***

Thanksgiving 2012  recap:  my family joined with Michelle’s family at her and Brian’s house.  It was nice to have a smaller, more intimate Thanksgiving than the BIG Sauer family Thanksgivings. We missed Jeff and Amanda who were out East visiting her parents.

The day started out relaxed but quickly turned ugly (slightly kidding).  I had made two Jell-O dishes with fruit to bring for dinner and put them in a paper bag to transport.  As I  made my way up the driveway into the house, the bag ripped and the glass dish full of blackberry Jell-O and raspberries broke all over the driveway.  I was pissed!! Oh well, lesson learned…. paper bags suck!!
Thanksgiving Table for the Kids

We had a great dinner! We had two turkeys, one roasted and one smoked. Here is Bri carving the bird

Brian Carving the Turkey
The buffet….
Thanksgiving Dinner 2012
My plate….
What I ate- Thanksgiving 2012 edition

And an abundance of yummy desserts!  I took a piece of each to-go and ate them all myself over the next three days.  Pumpkin cheesecake is a huge weakness 😉
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Banana Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie

I was 19 weeks pregnant and had my BIG Ultrasound scheduled for the following day.  This was the last night of my pregnancy before we found out the gender of our baby.  At that point I was still 97% convinced that I was expecting a girl.  Here I am with Michelle’s sister Erin, who was 27 weeks pregnant at the time (expecting baby boy Maverick in February 2013!)
Kristi 19wks Erin 27 wks

This is Chandler, Erin and Stew’s little guy (at 13 months)

While we were eating, it started snowing.  We quickly got about 2″ in an hour or so.  The kids in the snow….

All in all it was a very nice Thanksgiving!  Thanks to Bri & Michelle for hosting!

Thankful {2012 Edition}

Thankful {2012 Edition}

Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m looking forward to spending the day with my family at Brian & Michelle’s house but first I must count my blessings.  I have so much to be thankful for 😉

  • I am thankful to have a smart, funny and strong man as my partner
  • I am thankful for  my parents and the values they taught me
  • I am thankful for my brothers and that they are happy, with families of their own
  • I am thankful I was able to go to California to see Jeff & Amanda get married
  • I am thankful for my nieces Annika and Bianca, and my nephew Bennett.
  • I am thankful for having a large but close-knit family on both my mom and dad’s sides
  • I am thankful I still have my Gram & Gramp
  • I am thankful for my faith and spirituality
  • I am thankful for being fertile and the ability to carry a baby
  • I am thankful to have my health
  • I am thankful for all the weddings of loved ones I was able to attend this year
  • I am thankful for my kitties, Phoenix and Isis
  • I am thankful for my girlfriends
  • I am thankful for having excellent neighbors who have become family to us
  • I am thankful for all the blogging friends I have made over the years
  • I am thankful to have this blog as an outlet
  • I am thankful for my optimism and sense of humor.  They keep me going in tough times
  • I am thankful for living in the United States and having my liberties and freedom
  • I am thankful that I have health insurance
  • I am thankful I have very good credit
  • I am thankful for books and the ability to read and write
  • I am thankful for my higher education and the opportunities I have
  • I am thankful to have a job I love as a gifted & talented teacher at a great school
  • I am thankful for having great colleagues
  • I am thankful for my career and making a decent living
  • I am thankful for the success and opportunities I have had with the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog
  • I am thankful I have a roof over my head and a car to get me around
  • I am thankful for my Samsung TV, Blu-Ray and HD programming
  • I am thankful for my camera and capturing important moments and beauty
  • I am thankful for the internet and modern convenience
  • I am thankful for my iPhone and having GPS to keep me from getting lost

I have so much to be thankful for, indeed.  Amen!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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Halloween Marathon

Halloween Marathon

Happy Halloween!

It’s been a very mellow evening of eating suki yaki with my honey and watching the Halloween movie marathon on AMC.  Gotta love Michael Meyers and cheesy 80’s horror flicks!! Oh, and Facebooking 😉

Well, since I didn’t dress up this year, I’m going to leave you with photos of my nieces and nephew in their Halloween costumes, taken by Michelle Sauer Photography. (shamelessly stolen from Facebook.  Thanks Shel!)

Annika the Pioneer Girl

Bianca the Rock Star

And Bennett the UPS Guy

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, looking forward to seeing pics of everyone and the kiddos in costume!


PS  I knew I had to blog when I looked back and saw that I have NEVER missed blogging on Halloween since the inception of this blog in 2005.  That’s pretty bad-ass, you’ve got to admit.

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Honor Thy Mother…..

Honor Thy Mother…..

Last weekend my family met up at my mom and dad’s house for boating and dinner in honor of Mother’s Day.  It was a beautiful day; we spent a couple of hours on the boat and at the dock, watching Bianca and Bennett catch a ton of fish. Bianca would literally catch a fish, have it just taken off the hook, drop her line in the water and another one would be caught! Each time she would scream “I got one!” with excitement. It was pretty cute. Good thing her Uncle E is very patient and helpful 😉
Bennett only fished for about ten minutes but he caught a couple too!

Bri and Shel

For dinner we had grilled pork tenderloin with strawberry spinach salad, roasted parmesan dill potatoes, and fruit salad. We also celebrated Jeff’s birthday (May 18th) 5 days early. Beebs wanted to help him blow out the candles but apparently Jeff wasn’t having it! lol
Gram had a few jokes to tell
After dinner I convinced everyone to go outside for a family photo. Not bad for using the timer!
Mothers Day 2012 Family Photo
Some of us can be silly too 😉
Silly Family Photo 2012
A few other pics…
Me and my mom. IRL she is 3 inches taller than me but I was standing on a step here!
Kristi and Mom May 2012
Jeff with Gram and Gramo May 2012
Kristi and Gramp May 2012
Mom Dad Gram and Gramp May 2012
Michelle and the kids…
Michelle and Kids Mothers Day 2012
It was a great day, I hope all you Mothers out there had a nice day as well and felt appreciated and loved!

Poem for My Valentine

Poem for My Valentine

I wrote a couple of Valentine Haikus for my Sweetie last year, and I thought I would give another attempt at writing extremely cheesy poetry 🙂

My Dearest Valentine
Do you know how much I love you?
I love you more than Ice Cream
I love you more than Sunshine
I love you more than more than Puppies and Kittens
I love you more than Rainbows
I love you more than Thunderstorms
I love you more than The Ocean
I love you more than the Mountains
I love you more than Sushi
I love you more than Chocolate
I love you more than words can say

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Traditional Japanese New Year

Traditional Japanese New Year

For those of you who know me IRL or have followed this blog over the years, know that my MIL is from Japan and that we celebrate a traditional Japanese New Year every year.  The menu changes somewhat each year but we ALWAYS have sushi of some kind that my BILs make….

I love our tradition!

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Over the Hill {Party for D-Relli}

Over the Hill {Party for D-Relli}

Christmas is usually a busy time of year but can you imagine what it would be like to have a Christmas birthday?? My neighbor, Darrell, was born on Christmas Day.  Black Baby Jesus!! lol Every year on Christmas night he and Denise throw a birthday party at their house and invite a bunch of friends and family.  This year was extra special because Darrell turned 40!
A few photos I took that night….
Blowing out candles…
Darrell Blowing out 40th Candles
The birthday boy and his daughter Breanna
Breanna and Darrell Christmas 2011
Birthday Boy with his old homeboy (yes, he put on the Vikes jersey just for this photo!)
Darrell and Ru Christmas 2011
Denise, me and Shannon (ugg, I hate flash!)
Denise Kristi Shannon Christ 2011
A few others from the night…
Tyana with Boys Christmas 2011
Darrell and Drake Christmas 2011
Jere and Dawn Christmas 2011
Jere and Mason Christmas 2011
It was a fun night but kind of low-key compared to past years. We ate and drank a little, talked a lot.
Good times!