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Dear Sebastian ~ 2 Years Old

Dear Sebastian ~ 2 Years Old

Dear Bashy,

I am a month late in writing this letter to you, as you turned two years old a month ago now, but I really want to document what is happening in your life at this age.

2nd Birthday

These two years have gone so fast. You are turning into such an independent little boy; hardly the baby I still see you as at times.  I miss the little baby you were but I am embracing and enjoying the independent person you are becoming.  You are very animated and vocal, however we are having a hard time understanding a lot of the words you say.  You, however, know exactly what you’re saying.  The word are becoming more clear every day and I am hoping that you will be able to better communicate with all of us as soon as possible.  For the past year your favorite form of communicating with us has been through screaming.  You have found this is a very effective way of telling pretty much everything on your mind…. “I want that!” “I don’t want that” “My brother’s trying to kill me!” “I’m excited!”, etc.  The screaming has earned you the nickname “Bashy the Banshee”.

Sebastian, you are such a little monkey! Always climbing up everything.  Several times daily I catch you up on the desk, on the kitchen counter, on the dining room table at the end of the railing above the stairs, on the bathroom counter, on top of the washing machine, in the bedroom window…. if you want to climb something, you will find whatever device will help you get to a higher elevation.  You are always so pleased with yourself.  It gives me the butterflies watching you, yet you never seem to have any fear of heights.  One of your favorite tricks is pulling a chair over to the kitchen pantry and helping yourself to “crackers” or fortune “cookies”.  You could eat several lbs of each every day if we let you.

Bashy for President

Some of your other favorite foods are yogurt which you often steal out of fridge when no one is looking…. whenever you’re quiet and we have yogurt in the house I am prepared to find you covered with it from head to toe.  You’re such a little stinker, Bashy!!! You also LOVE HOT DOGS.  I have never seen a 2yo polish down three hot dogs (no bun) the way you can. We have even started calling you Kobayashi junior! lol.  You also love pizza, cream cheese wontons, rice, teriyaki meats, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, french fries, and fruit pouches.  Despite all this eating, you still seem small compared to your big brother.  You are wearing 2T pants and 3T shirts.  67% for height and 91% for weight. Long and lean.

Bash, you are our animal-lover.  Since you were a baby, you would go ga-ga for any animal you would see, especially dogs.  Every time you see a dog you yell in excitement and then stick your tongue out and start panting like a dog.  Its pretty funny! For your birthday, Daddy surprised us with your very first dog… Lennox.  You love him so much!! Several times a day I see you hugging on Lenny and giving him kisses.  I look forward to watching your relationship grow as you get a little bigger.  

Bashy & Lennox

Speaking of relationships, how lucky are you to have a big brother who is just a year and a half older than you?! Lucky indeed! Bretton is truly your best buddy.  I love watching the two of you play together when you’re getting along. You love to kiss and hug each other when you’re in the mood.  Bretton is also very protective of you… if he feels that someone is doing wrong by you, he will be the first one to say, “Don’t yell at my brother!! Be nice to my brother!” He will then pat you on the back, tell you that “you’re okay, sweetheart” and then he kisses you.  Its the sweetest thing ever.  You guys also fight like brothers and often want to play with the same thing at the same time.  You rarely back down and are a brave, strong little dude to hold your own.

Bash & Dash

You enjoy reading books, playing with the iPad, and watching movies.  I have never met another kid your age who has the attention span you do.  If you are watching a movie, you usually sit still and watch the entire movie all the way through.  Some of your current favorites are Madagascar 2, Monsters Vs Aliens, Ratatoille, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Ghostbusters.  You and Bretton both love to dance and LOVE the theme song to Ghostbusters.  You like a lot of music and we often hear you singing along in the car.  Its pretty darn cute.

Every day I am blessed by having you as my son, Sebastian.  I love you so much!!

A Letter to Sebastian on His 1st Birthday

A Letter to Sebastian on His 1st Birthday

Dear Sebastian,

Happy Birthday Bashy Bear! How can it be that you are already one year old? This past year has flown by faster than ever.  You have grown from a little peanut who was not quite 8 lbs to a squirmy little monkey of 22 lbs! There are so many words I could use to describe you: sweet, happy, curious, lovable, smart, problem-solver, tolerant of your big brother, lover of outdoors, observant, and talkative, just to name a few.

The joy you bring to me every day is so precious.  While I already miss  how tiny you were as a little baby, I hold those memories so close to my heart.  I am thankful that I had the foresight to catch a few moments of you on video every day since you were born.  As I look back at those moments, my heart swells with love.  I hope you appreciate these videos as you look back at yourself and your brother growing up together.  You both mean the world to me.

At one years old you are such a great eater.  You love to try new things and love to eat meat, especially chicken. You kind of skipped over the baby-food stage, preferring the foods that we all eat instead. You still drink a bottle but are at the very tail-end of getting breastmilk.  Mama made it the entire year of supplying breastmilk to you, you lucky boy.

You love your blankie and your stuffed cow, Bessie.  Elmo also puts a huge smile on your face. Whenever you see a stuffed animal, you always hold it close to your face and give it a hug.  It is pretty adorable.  You have also been watching your brother Bretton play with trains and cars and want in on the action! It is so cute to see you try to make the cars “go”.  You and Bretton are already fighting over toys! I didn’t think I’d have to worry about that so soon but you always want to play with the toys he is playing with, and vice-versa.  Bretton has been learning to share with you and soon I hope you also learn how to share.

Sebastian, I have no doubt how smart you are already.  You understand so much of what we say to you and already you can follow simple directions.  You are also starting to say some words.  You have been saying “Dada” for months now, trying to get you to say Mama too! I have heard you say “ball” ,”ama”(grandma), and a few other words that sound close to what you’re trying to say (all done, car).

You have been mobile for several months now, crawling since 7 or 8 months and cruising the furniture ever since.  You have no fear on the stairs and climb all over pretty much everything.  You are truly a monkey! You are now taking steps at a fast pace and I am sure you will be walking on your own within the next week, the exact same age Bretton was when he started walking on his own.

I might be biased, but you are one CUTE little kid! We get stopped by strangers quite often who tell us how adorable you are.  Your best feature these days? Your HAIR.  It is fuzzy and sticks straight up and is cute as can be.  You get more comments on your hair, Bashy!! So who do you look more like? Mommy or Daddy? That is a toss-up, it depends on who you ask.  I think you looked more like my side of the family when you were really little but you are reminding me more of Daddy as you get bigger.  I can’t help it but I have always said you remind me of my favorite animal, a baby orangutan.  I mean that in the most adoring way.  Your big, closely-set brown eyes, your fuzzy hair, the way you cling to me, and your monkey-like climbing skills are all the signs.  You are much more adorable than an orangutan though 😉

Bash, I hope you know how much I love you.  You will always be my baby and I promise to continue to look out for you.  You are going to grow up to be such an amazing person!

Love you with all my heart,


A Letter to Bretton on his 2nd Birthday

A Letter to Bretton on his 2nd Birthday

Dear Bretton,

Happy Birthday Baby! I find myself in somewhat of a mix of emotions today on your 2nd birthday. While the past two years have gone so fast, I also feel like I have known you for so much longer than 730 days.  I have come to terms with the fact that you are growing up, but a few nights ago we watched the video together that I made of your first year and it made me choke up just a little. Every stage has gone so fast and you have learned so much in such a short amount of time.   I am so happy and proud that I have been documenting your life in this way.  I hope you see this as a gift as you grow up.  It is fun to see you watching the videos of yourself.  At 2yo you already show such a wide range of emotions just watching the videos.  Sometimes you cry when you see yourself as a baby, other times you crack up at seeing yourself act silly.

How fast the time has gone amazes me!  Bretton, YOU amaze me.  Every. Single.Day. You.Amaze.Me.  For such a young little guy, you already seem to know so much.  Every day your vocabulary and the things you demonstrate you know get bigger and bigger.  Most of the time I think you must have a photographic memory because you never forget anything, even things you saw only once 6 months ago.  The other day I took you to see Dr Cook for your check up and even though you hadn’t seen him in half a year, when he walked by you pointed at him and said, “Doc Cook!” Sometimes your curiosity and boredom leads you to get in trouble.  This is par for the course, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating at times. You are very persistent and stubborn, Bretton.  I am happy that you are responding well to “time out” and starting to learn the consequences of your behavior.  You love to make mama happy.  We get along so much better when you do 😉

You love your Daddy sooooo much.  You are his little mini-me.  You impersonate him quite well and think he is pretty cool. You are a lucky boy to be able to stay home with Daddy all day while I am at work.  I am so thankful for this.  He does a great job taking care of you and I see that the two of you will be very close.  Daddy cannot wait to take you fishing as soon as you are big enough.  We will be spending a lot of time at the lake this summer!

You are a great big brother to Sebastian (most of the time!).  You love to act silly around him and make him laugh.  He thinks you’re hilarious! You also look out for him and make sure he is never left behind.  I see a friendship growing between you and my hope is that you stay best friends. Sometimes I see you get jealous of him but you are always quick to apologize and give him a ton of kisses (“Sorry baby! kiss kiss kiss”).  You call him “Sebashy Baby” in your adorable little voice and my heart melts a little each time.

You also have a very special relationship with Grandma and Grandpa.  You have been spending one day a week with them since you were a little baby.  You call out “Grandpa!” as soon as we pull in the driveway each week and wait for him to come and get you out of your seat. Immediately you ask him for either “bubbles, basketball or balloons”.  Grandma is also one of your best buddies. She is so patient with you, reads with you, and teaches you all sorts of new things.  You love to help her make coffee in the morning and watch her cook.  She also buys you new clothes when you need them and cuts your hair once a month.  You are one lucky boy to have such a thoughtful and special Grandma in your life.  You also love your Obachan (Grandma Judy) and Ojichan (Grandpa Dennis).  You haven’t been able to spend time with them over the past several months because Ojichan was in the hospital and Obachan was helping to take care of him.  You and your brother have given Ojichan a big reason to hold on.  They are both so proud of you!

You also love being around other kids.  You adore your cousins, especially Bianca who really watches out for you and is so patient with you.  You do not seem to be intimidated what-so-ever by any kid of any size.  I think you think you’re bigger than you are! You make friends wherever you go and are never shy to go give a random stranger a hug.  That scares me about you because a child as special and as cute as you are would probably go away with anyone.  This makes me afraid of someone stealing you! I hope you are soon able to understand the concept of “stranger danger”.

Your favorite things on your second birthday are 1. Anything related to basketball- not only do you love to play but you also love to wear basketball shirts and warm-up suits.  You get so excited when basketball is on TV and you have even been to your first Timberwolves game to see KG come home to MN  2. Elmo- you have 3 Elmo dolls and a number of other Elmo toys, books, Pajamas, etc.  You also love to watch Elmo on Sesame Street.  Your cake this year was Elmo  3. Trucks- You have recently become more interested in trucks, especially hanging out in the bed of Daddy’s truck.  You also love Firetrucks.  4. Broom/mop/vacuum- you became interested in the vacuum after watching us clean up the hundreds of messes you make.  You would vacuum the entire house all day long if we let you.  Instead you are satisfied playing with the miniature broom and mop that Uncle Brian and Auntie Michelle got you for your birthday this year  5. Balloons- even though you are a master, you are kind of “over” your love of punch balloons.  You do, however, still love helium balloons.  Too bad you have delibertaely popped four of them in the past two days by biting them.  Why do you do that?! 6. Books- current favorites are counting books, animal books and color books.  You are getting so smart at identifying and naming these things.  You’re so smart, Bretton!  7. AirBuddies movies- recently you have been able to sit for long periods of time and actually watch a movie.  You love watching the adventurous puppies in the Air Buddies series.

You are a good eater; some of your favorite foods currently are Chinese food, pizza, french fries, onion rings, yogurt, blueberries, bananas, cheese, hot dogs, nuts, macaroni and cheese, honey nut cheerios, and milk.  You are not always willing to try new things and sometimes textures seem to bug you, but you have a good appetite for the things that taste best to you 😉  You are finally able to drink cow’s milk without getting a tummy ache, but the habit and comfort of your “baba” have made it hard for you to give it up.  You are growing out of the high chair and have been doing a great job of sitting in a booster seat when we go out to eat.

This letter has already become longer than I had intended but I have so much to say about you.  There just aren’t enough words to express the deep love I feel for you in my heart.  I would do anything for you, Bretton.  You (and your brother) are the loves of my life and I will continue to do my best to see that we raise you to be a polite, kind, smart, ambitious young man.  You are well on your way!

I love you soooooo much, Bretton!




A Mother’s Day Letter {to Bretton from Mommy}

A Mother’s Day Letter {to Bretton from Mommy}

Dear Baby Boy,

Today I get to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day because of I am the lucky lady who can say she is your mommy! What an incredible difference a year can make from one Mother’s Day to the next.  Just a year ago I was unsure I would  be able to have children and this year I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been blessed with you.  Bretton, you truly are a blessing and a little miracle.  I am still amazed that I carried you inside me while you were growing into this perfect little human.  You are such a strong and healthy little boy and you are getting so big so fast! You eat like a champ and can’t get enough of mommy’s milk. Your daddy and I think you’re such a cute baby, not to mention a little sweetheart.  It melts my heart to nurse you and cuddle with you, especially early in the mornings when we can fall asleep together on the sofa.  I love how alert you are and how you make eye contact with me, especially during feedings and bath time.   You always smell so good and I can’t help but kiss you hundreds of times a day.  I  love all the faces and expressions you make both when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping.  You are simply adorable! The sounds you make are so cute too 🙂  Every moment of every day has been extra special as we have gotten to know you.

While I look forward to each stage you grow into, thinking about you getting big makes me sad because I know you will never be as tiny and innocent as you are now.  The past three weeks have gone too fast, before I know it you are going to be going to kindergarten and then graduating from high school! I have cried a lot about this in the few weeks since you have been born but I blame most of it on my crazy post-partum hormones.  I also smile and laugh when I think about all the stuff you’re going to get into and the things you’ll say and do.  You might just be a little stinker like your daddy was!
Bretton and Mommy Mothers Day 2013

Bretton, I am so proud to be your mama and I will love and cherish you forever.

Love, Mommy


Dear Bretton {A letter to my unborn son}

Dear Bretton {A letter to my unborn son}

Dear Bretton,

Hey there, little one.  Here we are just hours away from your impending arrival and your daddy and I have never anticipated anything so much in our lives.  I prayed for a long time that one day I would be lucky enough to become a mommy when I was ready and I feel truly blessed that I am going to have the opportunity with you.  Although we have not yet met face to face, I am already so much in love with you and have been dreaming for months about what you will be like.  I have a feeling you are going to look like your dad…. will you have his dark eyes? Or will you have blue like me?  Will you have a lot of dark hair or will you be bald for nearly two years like I was as a baby?  These are just a few small but fun things I wonder about.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will be smart and clever, how could you not be?  I have such Hopes and Dreams for you.

For the past 9+ months I have carried you inside me and what a special time it has been.   From the moment I found out we  were going to have a baby, I have felt so fortunate.  Every time I feel you move within me I am reminded of the love and joy we’ve created and how much having you is going to forever change our lives.  We can’t wait to meet you!

See you soon, baby boy.

Love, your mama

A Desperate Plea to Oprah’s Angels…..

A Desperate Plea to Oprah’s Angels…..

Dear Oprah,

On behalf of some very dear friends who are planning to get married this Saturday, I am desperately needing help that maybe only you can offer……

Meet my friends, Noemy and Traves.


Noemy and Traves met and fell in love through mutual friends in the spring of 2008.  In the past year, Traves followed his calling and joined the military and has been away ever since.  The two of them have maintained a very strong relationship throughout Traves’s training and this past October the two of them got engaged.  Traves requested a  personal leave to come home for the Holidays so they set the date for December 19th, 2009.  3 days from now.

The past 8 weeks that Noemy and Traves have been engaged have been a whirlwind of excitement for my dear girlfriend, with all of the wedding plans coming into place in such a short amount of time.  I have never seen Noemy happier in her life than in these recent weeks leading up to the wedding, which is supposed to take place this Saturday.

Then a bomb was dropped.

The hall that Noemy is supposed to get married at has been double booked.  She received a call today that she no longer has a place to get married.

She is devastated beyond words! Traves will be home on Thursday 12/17 until the 1st of January and then they will not be able to see each other again until April.  There are many people trying to work their magic to find Noemy and Traves a place to get married with just 3 days notice, but so far it has not been successful.

Where oh where can Traves and Noemy get married and have room for a party of 200 guests???!!!!

Oprah, please help!!

PS  I understand you do a million great things for so many and that many people have needs greater than that of my request but you would make my friends so happy 🙂

Dear Spring,

Dear Spring,

Dear Spring,

Is this some kind of joke?  What exactly do you think you’re doing when you send 4-6 inches of snow on the Monday of my SPRING break??
I was not fortunate enough to go South to spend time with your cousin (the real Spring)  this week, so I had hoped you would come through for me.
Every time I do think you are actually here to stay, you pull this disappearing act.
Can’t you just be consistent, already????!!!!!
Is that too much to ask?
Please come back so we can play together this week.
(The warm version).


Dear McDonalds,

Dear McDonalds,

Or should I say WacArnolds?

Or Crack Don’s??

Mickey D’s or whatever.

Its OVER between us.

I know it has been a LONG time since I have been to visit you, but as the whole world as my witness, I will not be back to your restaurant for a LONG, LONG time, if EVER again.  Not unless you offer the only food left on earth. (And even then maybe I would rather starve to death??!!)

It has been 6-7 months since I last visited during your "regular" menu hours because I was sick of you screwing up my order every dang time.  When I say NO CHEESE I mean it.  I cannot eat your nasty-A$$ American cheese.  I do NOT want your filet-o-fish with enough tartar sauce smothered on it to gag a whale.  And why would you give me honey mustard for my nuggets but fail to put the nuggets in the dang bag???? Countless calls to you and promises of "free"coupons to make up for the nasty food I had already paid for and couldn’t eat would’ve helped, but NEVER ONCE did you send me any of my coupons you promised.

I told myself that I would not be coming back to visit you, however your breakfast service at my local McD’s was actually quite good.  Very friendly.  And since there is nothing else (breakfast-related) on my way to work, I actually looked forward to my sausage and egg McMuffin WITHOUT CHEESE every couple of weeks or so.

BUT Just when I thought you could be trusted with my breakfast order, you had to go and put CHEESE on my breakfast sandwich this morning.  Gag me with an effin spoon!!!! What a waste of $2.12, straight into the dang garbage can once I got to work this morning.

So I am done, Mickey D’s.

This was your last chance and you blew it. I won’t even bother calling to complain because I am sick of your empty promises.

Don’t expect to see me around anymore!

PS  Einstein Bagels was always my first choice for breakfast but they closed a few months ago.  Boo hoo!