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Looking Back at Summer 2016

Looking Back at Summer 2016

Summer….. say what?!

Yep, I know its nearly winter! But now that I am back to blogging, I feel there is so much for me to catch up on.  I’ve missed posting on the blog about things for the past two years of our lives! I’m not stressing about it, but I would like to document some of the fun moments of our lives somewhere other than Facebook.  

So here are a bunch of pictures from Summer 2016….

Fun with Sparklers

This was at Fawn-Doe-Rosa, one of our favorite places to visit in St Croix falls, WI.

Petting Deer at Fawn-Doe-RosaFeeding the llamas

Playing at Barnes and Noble

Fun at Barnes & Noble

Beach at Big Marine Lake

Big Marine Lake

Crusin with Grandpa

Cruisin with Grandpa

Cooler Car

Cooler Car

One of my Monkeys



Bashy on Slide

Reading with Grandma

Reading with Grandma

Fun at Walmart… our home away from home

Bash with Hulk Gloves

Light Sabers

Hanging with Jackson

Bash Dash and Jackson

Playing trains and trucks

Playing trainsBash

CRuisin in their “4-wheeler”

CRuisin in the 4wheeler

Fun at Maplewood Mall

Bash on MotorcycleBretton on Carousel

I have many more photos to go through.  More to come!

A Look Back at 2013

A Look Back at 2013


As the year changed to 2014, I was 6 months preggo and getting ready to be a mother for the first time.  What a year I had ahead of me!

28 weeks along! Baby weighs about 2 1/2 lbs and my net gain is 3 lbs. I have a feeling he is going to be a big boy!
My cousin Natalie threw a baby shower for me with the Sauer side of the family. I got several great gifts and had a nice time. My SIL Amanda made the cutest owl cookies for the party!

My niece Bianca turned 6 years old (yes she had a party and for some reason I can’t find any photos?!?!)

My BFF Mary’s birthday dinner outing at Louis Ristorante
Lanee Kim Mary Kristi Kara Jan 2013

I was 7 month pregnant
30 weeks along and feeling pretty good!!
I turned 36 years old and celebrated with a nice, quiet dinner at Patriots Tavern
Had my SIL Michelle take my maternity photos
My nephew Bennett turned 5 and had a fun birthday party
My besties Mary and Bradie threw me a kick-ass baby shower at Manitou Station and many of my girlfriends came!
Kristi and Friends at Shower

Cakes at baby Shower

E and I took a road trip down to Red Wing to buy these cute, original owl prints at the Art Gallery down there.

Owl Prints

We went to Butcher and the Boar with my parents for a lovely meal. I had this Lobster Grilled Cheese with an egg that was so good I have been thinking about it ever since 😉
Lobster Grilled Cheese with an Egg at Butcher and the Boar ~ Minneapolis, MN
Our basement became the holding grounds for all of the baby stuff until we were able to get his nursery ready
Baby stuff taking over our basement!!

9 months pregnant! Trying hard to make it as long as I could before the baby was born.
37w4d! Any day now we will meet our little guy!

E and his buddy painted the entire inside of our house (except the basement) and then I worked on getting the baby’s nursery ready.
Bretton Owl Crib

I had an ultrasound a few days before my due date to check the size of this bambino. We could tell he looked like his daddy already! lol
Squished little face of my bambino at 39w2d. He looks like E already! Lol
April 20, 2013. Baby is due but all the usual methods do not start labor naturally. I go to the hospital to be induced at 4pm. 15 hours and 10 minutes later I gave birth to our sweet baby boy……

Bretton 4-21-13 006
He was one day old when we brought him home from the hospital. So tiny!
On day 3 my parents came to visit and we had our first family photo
2013 Bretton at 3 days 008
When he was 5 days old we took him to Brian & Michelle’s to meet his cousins. We also picked up their Lexus RX400H for an overnight test drive (We ended up keeping it!)
Annika and Bretton 5 days
Bianca and Bretton 5 days old
*When Bretton was 6 days old, we took the Lexus on a road trip back down to Red Wing to acquire another piece of original art at the art gallery there. Probably not the best move for us to travel and hour away from home with a baby less than a week old but he was a trooper.
*When Bretton was just a week old my Goddaughter Annika had her First Communion. We missed the Mass but made it to Bri & Mich’s for a nice luncheon afterward.

*When Bretton was 10 days or so old my besties Bradie, Mary, Lanee and Sonja came to visit. We had dinner, wine, and admired the baby

Michelle took Bretton’s newborn photos at their old house in Lino Lakes. They moved out and sold it just a few weeks later!
My Gram & Gramp came back to their summer home in Minnesota so I brought Bretton over to meet them for the first time. We went to lunch at Green Mill in Blaine for Bretton’s first restaurant visit
I celebrated my first Mother’s Day

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and had a nice party at Kozlaks Royal Oak
40th annv with grandkids
We took a daytrip to St Croix Falls, WI with Bretton and took a walk  to the St Croix River Visitor Center

Bretton turned one month old
Bretton 1 month

We attended the 7th annual Porkapalooza event at Jeff & Amanda’s house
I brought Bretton to work for a visit and potluck.  My staff and students loved him


*We went on picnics at Sucker Creek, White Bear Lake, and St Croix Beach

*Started teaching summer school when Bretton was 8 weeks old (for just three weeks)

Attended graduation party for Sonja’s daughter Mariah
Mariah and Sonja June 2013
Bretton turned two months old
Bretton 2 months

Brian and Michelle held their annual 4th of July party at their cabin
I had a Girls Night Out with my girlfriends and brought Bretton with me!
Bradie Jessie Mandy Kelly Andrea Kristi July 2013

We said goodbye to our beloved kitty, Phoenix.  May he RIP and be reunited in Kitty Heaven with his feline brothers Pharaoh, Dusty and Romeo

My niece Annika turned 8 years old and we had a party up at the lake for her

We took another road trip to Taylors Falls/St Croix Falls and discovered Fawn Doe Rosa Petting Zoo

Bretton turned three months old
Bretton 3 months 3

August (check out Bretton’s August video)

Bretton and I spent a weekend hanging out with Bradie and her kids while E was working out-of-town

We took a trip to Chicago for a week to visit E’s family. I just uploaded these pics and realized I never blogged about our trip. I will try to do that soon (keeping with the better late than never frame of mind)

I went back to work after 4 1/2 months of maternity leave (not counting summer school) to start my 15th year teaching in St Paul

We took Bretton to the Minnesota State Fair

Bretton turned four months old

September (check out Bretton’s September video)

A family outing at Pine Tree Apple Orchard on a gorgeous autumn day

Bretton turned five months old
5 months -3

October (check out Bretton’s October video)
We drove along the St Croix river to enjoy the beautiful fall colors
Fall Colors on the St Croix
My Gramps turned 88 and we had a party for him

Bretton turned six months old
Bretton 6 months 2
I took Bretton Trick or Treating with all his cousins up at my parents house
cousins halloween 2013

November (check out Bretton’s November video)

Bretton turned seven months old
Bretton 7 months
We had a very quiet Thanksgiving at my parents house with just me, my boys, and my parents


Bretton saw Santa for the first time

I met up with my besties and their kids for dinner at Green Mill in celebration of Mariah’s 19th birthday
Kiddos Dec 2013
Bretton turned eight months old
Bretton 8 months
I sent out photo Christmas cards for the first time
Christmas Card 2013

We missed Christmas due to the boys being sick so we celebrated a few days late

We ended the year with fondue and had a couple friends over.  I didn’t even make it to midnight, I fell asleep by 10pm!!

2013 was a wonderful year with the arrival of our baby boy.  Looking forward to many happy, healthy and hopefully prosperous years to come! 2014 has to be great!

A Year Ago Today

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, August 23, 2012, our lives were forever changed as we first learned of my pregnancy.   I’ll never forget the range of emotion I felt as I waited for the results of the home pregnancy test and then watching the second line on that test grow pink to indicate it was positive.  I was giddy as could be and quickly snapped a photo of it with my phone, just in case the results disappeared…. I wanted proof that I hadn’t imagined it.  lol.  I had all but given up trying to conceive so I was somewhat in denial and had missed the initial signs.  I was already six weeks along.  I was so excited to tell E, I knew he was going to be just as happy and excited as I was.  He was indeed 😉  We spent the day in St Croix Falls at Lions Park and later went to the Minnesota State Fair, tripping about the future.  It is awesome to be here one year later and loving life and parenthood even more than I thought possible.

A Big, Significant Loss {RIP Phoenix}

A Big, Significant Loss {RIP Phoenix}

The past week has been a sad one around our house.  Our beloved cat, Phoenix, passed away on Saturday after a steep decline in his health over the past months.  He went from being a big, healthy 16 lbs to 6 lbs in two years.  He was always hungry but his body stopped absorbing food.  We had him on medicine for the past year but it stopped being effective recently and Phoenix took a turn for the worse. It was so sad to watch and reminiscent of how we lost Pharaoh and Dusty just two years ago.  Imagine having 3/4 of your feline family wiped out in two years.  I cried every day for two months after Pharaoh and Dusty died.  Having the baby here is the only thing helping us keep it together this time, otherwise we would be overcome with sadness.

Phoenix was such an incredible cat.  Whoever said abysinnians weren’t lap caps would never believe how much of a baby Phoenix was.  He was so friendly and always welcomed guests to our home by sniffing them like a dog.  We always joked that he was a dog trapped in a cat’s body because he had so many characteristics of man’s best friend.   He was Erick’s best bud for the past 12 years, since we raised him as a young kitten.  Phoenix (along with Romeo) was our first fur baby and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

We love you, Phoenix.  Say hi to Dusty and Pharaoh for us…

50 Reflections from 2012

50 Reflections from 2012

1. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?  I didn’t make a resolution but wanted to make more time for my friends.  I did not spend as much time with all of them as I would have liked

2. What was the single best thing that happened this past year? So many great things but I would say GETTING PREGNANT!!!

3. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?

4. What was an unexpected joy this past year?  Getting pregnant after nearly two years of trying

5. What was an unexpected obstacle?

6. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before?
 Visited San Francisco, attended a mountain-top wedding

7. What would you like to have in 2013 that you lacked in 2012?  A newer car, a real wedding ring

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year

9. What was your biggest failure?

10. Did anyone close to you give birth?  Rich & Angel had Jackson 7-10-12

11. Did anyone close to you die? Noemy’s mom, Virginia

12. What states/countries did you visit?

13. What dates from 2012 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
  June 25th- Jeffanda’s wedding in California,  August 23rd- Day we found out we were expecting, October 5th- Kim and Brent’s wedding

14. How did you spend Christmas?
 Sick as a dog.  Fondue with my family on Christmas Eve and then a visit to my aunt Carol’s house Christmas Day followed by prime rib dinner with my in-laws

15. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
 I turned 35.  I started my day at the School district Spelling Bee, then walked around Como Zoo, then went bowling at Flagherty’s with my BFFs, then  Erick took my out for an amazing meal at Acqua.  Great day!

16. Did you suffer illness or injury?
 Just morning sickness and that made me pretty sick for the first 16 weeks.  Healthy otherwise

17. What was the best thing you bought?
 Samsung TV

18. Whose behavior merited celebration?

19. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

20. Where did most of your money go?
  Bills, food and weddings!!!!

21. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
 Positive pregnancy test, all the weddings I had to attend for family and close friends

22. Compared to this time last year, are you:

a) happier or sadder? 

b) thinner or fatter? 

more pregnant, that’s for sure!!
           c) richer or poorer?
  Unfortunately I took a big salary cut

23. What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?
Thinking about raising a child instead of just the two of us

24. In what way(s) did you grow:

  • emotionally? Stronger
  • spiritually?  Closer and more thankful to God
  • physically? Able to conceive and carry a baby naturally

25. In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others? Some are stronger, others have become less close

26. With whom were your most valuable relationships? Erick, my family

27. Did you fall in love in 2012?
 Yes, with my unborn child

28. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? I hate no one

29. Who did you miss?
 Noemy and Leslie

30. Who was the best new person you met?
 Probably my friend Lynsey at work

31. What was the most enjoyable area of managing your home?  Cooking meals at home with my honey

32. What was your most challenging area of home management? Clearing out the guest room

33. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?
34. What was the best way you used your time this past year?
35. What do you wish you’d done more of? Written restaurant reviews for the TCRB, spent time with friends
36. What do you wish you’d done less of? Working in the summer

37. What was the best book you read?
 Girl in Translation,  The Beach Trees

38. What was your favorite TV program?
 Revenge, New Girl, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars

39. What was your favorite movie of this year?

40. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? I’m not a big celebrity follower

41. What did you want and get? an HD Samsung TV and a baby (on the way!)

42. What did you want and not get?
 A newer car
43. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
   Winning the lottery

44. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2012?   Anything that fits! lo

45. What kept you sane? I’m a pretty calm, cool and collect person naturally

46. What political issue stirred you the most?
 The Presidential Election 

47. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2012.
 Never give up hope! If it is meant to be, it is meant to be….

48. What song will always remind you of 2012?

49. How did you ring in the New Year? Romantic dinner at Woolley’s Steakhouse, complete with steak and lobster

50. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

Looking Back at 2011 {Survey Style}

Looking Back at 2011 {Survey Style}

Where​ did you begin​ 2011?​
Next door, with our neighbors

What was your statu​s by Valen​tine’​s Day?  Not sure what that means but on VDay 2011 my honey and I and some friends went to Famous Daves for dinner

Were you in schoo​l anyti​me this year?​
yes, teaching all year long

Did you have to go to the hospi​tal?​
nope, nor did I visit anyone

Did you have any encou​nters​ with the polic​e?​
yes, in early Dec. after I was rear-ended and became a victim of hit and run

What did you purch​ase that was over $​1000?​
No big purchases last year.

Did you know anybo​dy who got marri​ed?​
??? Don’t think so

Did you know anybo​dy who passe​d away?​
I didn’t lose any people but I lost my two kitties, Pharaoh (3-08-11) and Dusty (4-6-11)

Did you know anyon​e who had a baby?​
My friends Mandy and Becky (I took her maternity photos) and Michelle’s sister Erin. My friend Kelly from college also had a baby.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone! lol

Did you move anywh​ere?​
Nope, still stuck in my crappy POS townhouse

Do you still​ have the same job as you did in 2010?​
Yes, but they extended our school day by an hour each day.  My contract went from 40-45 hours.  Coaching Lego was an additional 5 hours.  I also continued to write restaurant reviews for Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.

Where​ do you live now?
Hugo aka Help Us Get Out

Descr​ibe your birth​day
Fancy dinner at Heartland Restaurant with E, D & D.  Drank a lot of wine and had a great night

What’​s one thing​ you thoug​ht you’​d never​ do but did in 2011?​
I never thought I would have to bury my two fur babies within weeks of each other.  Still heartbroken

What has been your favor​ite momen​t?​
The trip to Chicago and seeing Sade in concert

Any new addit​ions to your famil​y?​
Jeff and Amanda got engaged, so I have a new future SIL. Hoping we can add our own addition asap

What was your best month​?​

Were you in a relat​ionsh​ip this year?​
Same relationship into the past three decades!

What music​ will you remem​ber 2011 by?

Favor​ite Night​ out?
Seeing Sade in concert,

Do you think​ 2012 will be bette​r or worse​?​
Better, it has to be!

Done somet​hing you’​ve regre​tted?​
I regret every bad decision I make

Cut class​?​

Were invol​ved in somet​hing you’​ll never​ forge​t?​
Coaching my Lego Team for the first time

Visit​ed a diffe​rent count​ry?​
Wish I could say yes

Cooke​d a gross​ meal?​
You don’t really want to know! Too many times

Lost somet​hing impor​tant to you?
My cats and the Australian Opal in my favorite ring

Got a gift you adore​?​
the Statue of Pharaoh from Denise

Tripp​ed over a coffe​e table​?​

Dyed your hair?​
yes.  Red, in fact! First time being a red-head

Came close​ to losin​g your life?​
Only in my nightmares

Read a great​ book?​
Several! Great year of books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Hunger Games series, The Book Thief, The Help, On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Shadow of the Wind, Kite Runner

Saw one of your favor​ite bands​/​artis​ts live?​
Sade, Eric Gales.  So happy to have FINALLY seen them both for the very first time!!  Also Skywind’s Reunion Show and Sevendust.  Morcheeba

[​[​2011:​ Frien​ds and Enemi​es]​]​

Did you meet any new frien​ds this year?​

Did you disli​ke anyon​e?​
Yes, Steve S at Import Auto Sales.  I will forever have a black heart against that man and his business practices and will never forgive him for the court date on the day of Dusty’s death. Long story and maybe someday I shall tell it here.

Did you grow apart​ from anyon​e?​

[​[​2011:​ Your BIRTH​DAY!​]​]​
Did you have a cake?

Did you have a party​?​
No, just dinner

Did you get any prese​nts?​
A couple


Did you go on any vacat​ions?​
Trip to Chicago, geez, that reminds me to finish the video I started 5 months ago.

Would​ you chang​e anyth​ing about​ yours​elf now?
Yes, I would be a much better cook! lol

[​[​2011:​ Wrap UP:​]​]​
Was 2011 a good year?​
Not a great year

Do you think​ 2012 will top 2011?
I sure hope so!

10 Years Later {Biggest Mistake of my Life}

10 Years Later {Biggest Mistake of my Life}

1o years ago today, on 12-14-01, I purchased my very first home.  It was a new construction, half of a twin-home in a townhouse association.  The cookie-cutter type. I was young and stupid and wanted more than anything to be a homeowner.

I can’t tell you how many times I have regretted this decision.

I do not love my house and have wanted to move for many years.  Unfortunately I didn’t make the big move when the time was right and now I am stuck in a house with an upside-down mortgage.

In the past few years everyone has lost value in their homes but my neighborhood is even worse.  There have been a massive amount of foreclosures, bringing the value of everyone’s homes down even further.  Anyone who wants out just decides to short-sale their home, which only makes things worse for everyone else.

I received word the other day that one of the neighbors is selling their home for less than half what they paid for it 10 years ago.  It makes me absolutely sick.

So today I am not celebrating the big move I made, but rather I am cursing it.

The only good thing to come out of living there is the fact that we have the best neighbors on the other side of our twin home.  They are bffs and like family to us.

Every day I keep praying I win the lottery because I want out!!!!


In the past on this date I have blogged about:

Time Machine {Blog Archives}

Time Machine {Blog Archives}

I recently found a cool WordPress plug-in (it is called A Year Before for those of you using WordPress-installed blogs) that gathers all previous posts that were published on the same date (month-day) as the current day. It is a fun way to easily see what I blogged about each year on that date. This is located in the far right sidebar at the top of this blog although it would be much more convenient to embed it in each post, right? I wish it automatically did that, but I will probably add it manually to my posts when I remember to do so. I pulled today’s anniversary posts to show you an example of what I have blogged about on 11-29 of other years…..

On this date I have blogged about…

Sweet Memories of Pharaoh

Sweet Memories of Pharaoh


Well, Hello Handsome Pharaoh

Baby Boy
Little Turkey
Monkey Boy
Little Shit
Lover Boy
Little Buddy
Little White Lion
Forever Kitten

He had a lot of names and they all fit him, depending on his mood.

It has been two weeks since Pharaoh died, and not a day goes by that I haven’t thought of him and missed him like crazy.

I want to do something special to honor his memory, so after a three-year hiatus, I plan to start scrapping again.  I will be making a special mini album of Pharaoh and wanted to share my memories of him here as well.

Pharaoh joined our family in November of 2002.  We had gotten his older brothers Phoenix and Romeo a year earlier, in the summer of 2001.  We had been talking about getting another abyssinian kitten for some time but then in October 2002 an older Russian Blue named Dusty came into our lives unexpectedly.  We had plenty of love to give to our furry family and just a few short weeks after we adopted Dusty, we decided to also buy the abyssinian kitten we had been desiring.

He was just ten weeks old when we got him from the breeder in central MN.  He was just a little runt and oh so stinkin cute.  Here he is eating with Phoenix, Dusty and Romeo.

Four cats eating (baby Pharaoh)

I’ll never forget the night we brought Baby Boy home.  He was so small compared to our other cats and we were not sure how they were going to react to him, so we kept him in the room that at that time was our office.  In there he had food, water, a bed and a litter box.  At one point in the night I went in to check on him….except I couldn’t find him…..anywhere!! Where could this tiny cat be? I checked in the vents, I checked in the closet…. he was nowhere to be found! Panic set in and there was only one other place to check…. the big wooden desk.  I pulled out the filing cabin drawer and sure enough….. there he was!!??  After inspection I come to find a small 4″ round hole in the back of the drawer that was meant for computer cords, etc.  That little stinker had crawled right through the hole from the back of the desk!! Abyssinians are notorious for their inquisitive and highly energetic nature, so we knew we were going to have our hands full.

Almost instantly after meeting Phoenix, Pharaoh recognized his own kind and the two of them bonded very strongly…

Phoenix Pharaoh Snuggling Phoenix & Baby Pharaoh Pharaoh Phoenix

Pharaoh also loved his brother Romeo (who was with us until he died unexpectedly in Aug 2003)

Pharaoh & Romeo

Pharaoh was also Dusty’s little buddy

Pharaoh Dusty Pharaoh Dusty Pharaoh Dusty Pharaoh Dusty

Pharaoh never really grew out of that kitten phase.  In fact, we called him our “Forever Kitten”.  He never got bigger than 8 lbs at his heaviest and was always a runt.  He was such a cute little shit.

One day in 2003 when he was just a year old I caught him taking a nap with all the stuffed animals in our guest room

Pharaoh in the Stuffed Animals Pharaoh Tongue

Here he is lounging next to Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Pharaoh & Bagheera

He always had an obsession with the sink.  How cute is he??!!

Pharaoh in Sink 1

He could cuddle up and sleep anywhere.  He had many favorite sleeping spots

Pharaoh Sleeping Day 13 ~ Sleepy Pharaoh

Pharaoh was a dreamer.  Confined to a life indoors, he spent a lot of time in one of our many windows, watching the world outside.  **Make sure to keep reading and you will find a story about his escape one hot April day!**


Like I’ve mentioned, Pharaoh was a freeze baby.  He loved to sit on the heating vent in the dining room when the furnace kicked on.

Pharaoh ~ a new perspective Pharaoh

My camera caught him in mid-yawn (atop that heating vent again!)

Pharaoh Yawning

Every morning since Pharaoh was just a kitten, he used to hang out with me in the bathroom.  He would sit in the toilet or counter while I showered and then run off with my hair binder. Little shit! He would come back and hang out while I put on my makeup and did my hair, etc.  He would always give me kisses at this time too, and more often than not he would jump into my arms so I would snuggle him.

We joke that each of our cats is another species of animal.  Pharaoh is a monkey.  With his long, lean body and extra long tail and the tendency to jump around from high places, that is who he was.  He also loved to sit on our shoulders.

He loved to be held close to the heart.  He was a lap cat and always wanted to snuggle.  Part of this is because he was a perma-freeze baby, part because he just truly liked to be around us.  Since he was a kitten he had the habit of jumping up into your arms, even if you were standing!  I could never read a book or work on my laptop without Pharaoh being part of the mix.  I admit it was kind of annoying some of the time and Pharaoh got shooed away quite a bit 🙁  He was always into everything!!  Even though he had a million toys, he could entertain himself with just about anything.  I smile thinking about that little stinker in all my ribbons and supplies when I was an avid scrapper.  At the time it drove me crazy!!  One famous line in our house was “You’re lucky you’re so cute, Pharaoh”

As sweet as Pharaoh was, he was also naughty at times.  I’ll never forget one unseasonably hot day in April, 2004.  I found the following story in an e-mail that I sent to friends and family on 4/29/04

So, you know how it was really nice out yesterday? Before I left for work I opened a window on the 2nd story of our house just slightly. At 3:30 pm while I was in training at work the vibrate on my phone started going nuts for about 5 minutes. I snuck out into the hallway to check my voicemail and it’s E saying, “Pharaoh broke through the window screen and jumped ship.” This is when panic set in. Anyone who knows anything about abyssinians knows that they are one of the smartest, most highly energetic and curious cat breeds. Apparently once Pharaoh got outside he didn’t know what to do…my cats have never been outside other than supervised visits on the deck…he sat outside the window on the lower level while his brothers sat on the other side of the window keeping him company. So when E discovers the broken window screen, he sticks his head out the window, sees Pharaoh, and pharaoh takes off, knowing that he was in trouble. So where does an indoor cat go when he discovers freedom for the first time?? THATS WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW! I rushed home from work, grabbed some pictures and paper, and started putting “Lost Cat” signs all over the entire neighborhood. The community in which I live has many townhouse developments surrounded by wilderness in every direction. I literally walked around every space within a one mile radius over and over, calling for Pharaoh and jingling his favorite cat toy, posting posters, handing out fliers, having the neighborhood on the look-out, knocking on neighbors’ doors, and filing police reports in Washington and Anoka Co until 9:45 last night. I was exhausted all day before this from getting less than 5 hours of sleep to stay up and watch my T-Wolves and had a bad case of allergies, so you can imagine how I felt after pounding the pavement for nearly 6 hours in 90 degree weather, with my emotions on high. We had many fears that someone had found him and would keep him, he would get hit by a car, he was totally lost and would never find his way back to our house when every other house looks exactly like ours, or he had been eaten by a large bird or something. The worst part was our other cat Phoenix, frantically searching the house for his missing brother. Phoenix already lost his best friend when Romy died last summer, I couldn’t bear the thought of him losing his brother as well.
I came home, put some tuna outside the lower window and laid down to think. I was thinking about the upcoming storm that was predicted for last night and just prayed he would find his way home or someone would call with information. I knew the little shit was terrified, but also afraid that he might like this newly discovered freedom in the wilderness of Hugo and not come home.
Well a little after 10’o’clock, the phone rings. My neighbor’s dog was going nuts and when he went to check to see what it was, he saw Pharaoh!! We all quickly went out with our flashlights and tried to catch the scared little guy. He ran into the open garage of some neighbor I had never met, so I knocked on the door, asked the guy to shut his garage and let me come in to get my cat!! Poor Pharaoh was cowering under the car and didn’t want to come out! I eventually got him out and brought him home. What a reunion! Phoenix was so relieved he practically licked all the fur off him (LOL!) and chased each other around the house. I think Pharaoh was very happy to be back home and we were all able to get a good-night’s sleep!
Ahhh, if only I could re-live this adventure through Pharaoh’s eyes so I could really know what he was up to or thinking about!  – Kristi

Yes, Pharaoh was a little stinker.  I am glad I had that story saved in my work e-mail archives 😉

Remember a few months back when that little Turkey ate through this bag and box of chow mein?! I LMAO every time I think of it.  Apparently he found chow mein irresistible. lol

Speaking of food, he always had something to say and he said it persistently in his high pitched little cry….. especially if food was involved.  Or if he wanted food to be involved! He wasn’t shy if he thought he was going to get something out of it.  He would try to be nonchalant and affectionate if food was around, but we could always see right through him because we knew what he really wanted!

There is so  much I could say about this very special kitty, so I will take the liberty of adding to this post as more memories come to mind.  I also hope to start working on his scrapbook…. possibly even this week!

I miss that little stinker

I Am Not 1/8 Irish {as I Have Always Thought}

I Am Not 1/8 Irish {as I Have Always Thought}

…… Turns out I am only 1/16 Irish!

This revelation came to me this weekend when I was at my parents’ house celebrating my mom’s birthday.  We must’ve been talking about our ancestry when my mom mentioned that she is 1/8 Irish.  I was like “How can YOU be 1/8 Irish if I am 1/8 Irish?” She’s like, “You’re not, you’re a 1/16”. (You always get exactly half of what each of your parents is)

Not that it is a big deal ( I consider myself 100% American), but how did I not know this after 33 years??  Apparently my mom’s dad’s mom was not 100% Irish like I thought, she was 50% Irish and 50% French.

Not only that, but all the German I thought I was is a mix of  Austrian too!

So my ancestral make-up is actually 5/8 German-Austrian, 3/16 French, 1/16 Irish and 1/8 Belgian

Basically, I am a mutt??!! Hey, it’s the American Melting Pot!

Do you know what your ancestral make-up is? Please share if you feel comfortable!

Schweigert Hot Dogs are ONCE AGAIN official Twins’ Dogs

Schweigert Hot Dogs are ONCE AGAIN official Twins’ Dogs

A few weeks ago a Big Announcement was made that Schweigert Hot Dogs would be the Official Hot Dog of  Target Field, the brand-new home of the Minnesota Twins.

For many Schweigert is a household name (or at least familiar) but for me, it is much more.  Or at least it WAS.  You see, when I was growing up, my dad was CEO of Schweigert Foods.  I literally grew up on Schweigert hot dogs.  This is what we always had in the house and what we always ate.  And despite knowing what goes into a hot dog and getting an up-close-and-personal tour of a hot dog factory, I have always loved hot dogs and always will!

Having a dad who was President of the Schweigert Corporation had a lot of perks.  The company had season tickets (with the very best seats!) to all the MN pro sports teams: Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves and North Stars.  Naturally we got to go as often as possible.  I was able to sit in the very best seats to a number of memory-making events: Games 1 & 7 of 1987 AND 1991 World Series where Twins won the World Series.  Unbelieveable moments.  I saw the very first ever Timberwolves game in Oct 1989 at the Metrodome Vs. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  I also got to go to nearly all of the North Stars Playoff Games at home when they went to the Stanley Cup in 1991.  My brothers were both Bat Boys for the Twins and met every one of the ’91 Twins World Series Players.  My brother Brian also got to go to the Superbowl in 1992.

Brian also modeled for a few Schweigert Ads, including this ad in the Sunday Paper (which was also a Giant Billboard on a local freeway). (Sorry Bri, I had to do it!)

Schweigert was acquired by a new company in the early 1990’s and  in 1992 my dad left Schweigert to start his own Consulting firm.  Schweigert kind of fell off the map after his departure.  We never really looked back (but did miss all the great tickets!).  We continued to eat Schweigert hot dogs not only out of loyalty, but also preference.  It seems as though Scweigert Hot Dogs are making a come back to the new ballpark and I couldn’t be happier!  The four varieties sound wonderful:

The Original Twins Dog
This traditional pork and beef Tenderbite® hot dog will be made from the same recipe as the hot dogs served in the team’s first ballpark – Metropolitan Stadium – and will be available at many of the ballpark’s concession stands.

Twins Big Dog
This quarter-pound all-beef Twins Big Dog will replace the hot dog formerly known as the Dome Dog and will be served at portable grills and select concessions stands throughout the stadium.

Dugout Dog
An old fashion pork and beef hot dog in a natural casing, named the Dugout Dog, will be vended in the stands at Target Field by retro-attired vendors during all home games. The Dugout Dogs will be steamed in vending boxes and placed in a bun when ordered, not pre-wrapped.

The Dinger Dog
An extra-long, pork and beef hot dog, will also be available at select Hennepin Grille locations at Target Field.

Stop! Hammer Time

Stop! Hammer Time

I may have mentioned before, but my little brother Jeff started a new blog last year called Funny Video Search.  On his site he posts funny videos that he finds (or that people send to him), then he makes commentary about it.  For one reason or another, Jeff finds stuff from the early 1990's the funniest and he loves to somehow connect the funniness he finds to me and the stupid things I used to do when I was just turning a  teenager. Recently he posted the following video and blogged about the awesome MC Hammer Pants I used to wear circa 1990.  Its true! I did have at least one pair of mom-sewn Hammer pants of my very own.  They were the bomb! Check out this video, it is great!!

Watching this video was great! Those gold lame MC Hammer pants are the best! You can even buy a pair here.  I had to laugh at all the moves of the dancers, totally brought me back in time 20 years. Just to prove that I once could do some of MC Hammer's moves back in the day, here I am making a fool of myself by trying to do the "Chinese Typewriter" that Hammer made so famous. Hope this makes you smile today!

36 Years Ago…..

36 Years Ago…..

I wanted to quickly say Happy Anniversary to my parents who celebrated 36 years of marriage today.  I don't think they read this blog but I wanted to recognize this special date anyway 🙂
Here are my parents on their wedding day (5-19-73)
Sauerwedding73-wedportrait copy 

Sauerwedding73-franjimkiss copy 

Mom and Dad,

I love you! Thanks for always loving and being so good to each other 🙂

Taking it back to the OLD school……

Taking it back to the OLD school……

My dad recently found this old-time photo that our family had taken about 20 years ago at the old Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd, MN (which sadly has closed), so he scanned it and sent it to me and my little brothers.
Since I have been too busy to blog anything else lately, I thought I would share 🙂
Notoriouis Sauer Gang circa 1990

Don't we look tough and intimidating!!??? LOL

The Ghost of Halloween Past…….

The Ghost of Halloween Past…….

Found a  couple old pictures of me on Halloween in past years, thought I'd post a few…..
I was about 3 years old on this Halloween, dressed as a gypsy.  See the terrible look on my face? If I remember correctly, I got sick with the flu later this same night and puked my brains out!! LOL


Here I am as Bat Girl
Kbatgirl82 copy

Hall81 copy

Not sure if this was Halloween or not, but I was dressed up in one of my dad's suit coats & tie! LOL

And I cannot believe I was ever a CLOWN!!! I HATE clowns!! I look like a little creep!! LOL

How about me as a UGLY WITCH
Witch copy
I am pretty sure I did NOT dress up between ages 12-19, so fast forward to college years! I am the farmer on the right side.  I am so embarrassed about the stupid cigs I used to smoke back in the day (GROSS! PS Its been over 8 years since I have touched a stinkarette)
Halloween96-7 copy

I made a pretty good Devil!
2559070-R1-069-33 copy

Here I am as a Mensa Nerd (not too far off the mark! LOL) with Kimmy who was J-Lo that year
DSCF4005 copy

Then I was a Purple Lady
Halloween2005 0271 copy

And here is last year semi-dressed as a witch
Halloween07 008

It is going to be a surprise what I dress up as this year (a surprise to me as well since I still haven't figured it out!)
Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Indiana Jones!!

Indiana Jones!!

I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie last week and I loved it!!


I know it was cheesy in some parts, but then again, isn't that how all the old Indy Movies were too??!!

I was a huge fan of Indiana Jones as a kid.  Those movies were (collectively) one of the 12 movies I was able to watch as a kid. (We didn't have cable and we were restricted as far as what we could rent-strict mom!)
This is pretty much "the list" of videos I remember seeing over and over:

  • Old-School Disney (non-animated) like Chitty-ChittyBang-Bang and Swiss Family Robinson
  • Indiana Jones
  • The Goonies
  • The Karate Kid (series)
  • Ghost Busters
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Police Academy
  • Princess Bride
  • Willy Wonka
  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • Never Ending Story
  • Coming to America
  • Star Wars (series) and Ewok Adventures

Who else loved the Indian Jones movies? What was your favorite movie as a kid? What movie can you recite on demand?

4 years ago today….

4 years ago today….

…..My younger brother Brian married his high school sweetheart, the love of his life, Michelle
What a beautiful wedding it was!

For those of you who know Brian and Michelle, you can just tell they were meant for each other! They are both hard-working and extremely wonderful parents to Annika, Bianca and Bennett.  Just look at this beautiful family! 

If I had some wine I would raise my glass to Brian and Michelle!
Congrats and Happy Anniversary you two, I love you!!!!

Thoughts for Thursday: Old Saint Nick…..

Thoughts for Thursday: Old Saint Nick…..

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!

Does anyone know what I am talking about?? Click above link.

Celebration in the United States (from Wikipedia)

While feasts of Saint Nicholas are not observed nationally, cities
with strong German influences like Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and St. Louis
celebrate St. Nick’s Day on a scale similar to the German custom.[5] On the previous night, children put one empty shoe (or sock) outside, and, on the following morning of December 6,
the children awake to find that St. Nick has filled their previously
empty footwear with candy and small presents (if the children have been
"good") or ostensibly, coal (if not). For these children, the
relationship between St. Nick and Santa Claus is not clearly defined,
although St. Nick is usually explained to be a helper of Santa. The
tradition of St. Nick’s Day is firmly established in the Milwaukee and
St. Louis communities, with parents often continuing to observe the day
with even their adult children.

When my brothers and I were kids, Old St. Nick came to our house every December 6th.  We would put our boots out on the front porch and later in the evening we would hear the doorbell ring and when we opened the door, nobody would be there, but our boots would be filled with candy!!  It was a very fun tradition, one I miss.

I think this may be one of my only connections to my German heritage, sad as that is.  I didn’t even realize this was a German thing to do in the U.S until I just looked it up.

Just curious if anyone else celebrates this or not?

* *******************************************************************

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