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MC Hammer Makes a Come Back! {Too Legit to Quit}

MC Hammer Makes a Come Back! {Too Legit to Quit}

I was tickled pink to see the recap of this on the news this morning…

Korean phenom Psy with Special Guest MC Hammer at the American Music Awards

He still dances like a MFer!!  Too Legit to Quit!!


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Sevendust Farewell Tour at Myth ~ December 2011

Sevendust Farewell Tour at Myth ~ December 2011

Last Monday night we went down to MYTH Nightclub to see SEVENDUST in concert. They are one of our favorite metal bands and we have seen them countless times since about 1998. My friend Janeen and I were able to sneak up the side of the crowd to get close to the stage and we had ourselves a blast!! This is SEVENDUST’s last concert for an indefinite amount of time so it was important that we see them one last time. It was a blast! Lajon Witherspoon is such a charismatic and awesome lead singer.  No doubt he has a ton of groupies and if you are up close watching him shake his thang, there is no doubt why 😉 lol
I didn’t bring my camera to the show but I did bring in my Flip Video cam. I love it, so small and perfect for concerts. If you want to see more of my Sevendust Videos, take a look at my Youtube page.

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Tuesday Tunes : Favorite Music from 2000-10

Tuesday Tunes : Favorite Music from 2000-10

I love the whole Tuesday Tunes Link Up but man, there is no way I can post all the videos to these songs.  Last week nearly shut down everyone’s computer who visited…including mine.  So here is my video-less list.  I am also only mentioning artists, not individual songs.  If they made my list then I like many songs by that band/artist.

I moved much more into metal music over the last decade than ever before, mostly because of the influences around me.  My favorite bands from the 2000’s decade include:

  • Sevendust
  • Skywind
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Deftones
  • 311
  • Dishwalla
  • Rob Zombie
  • Static X
  • Mansun (not to be confused w/ Marilyn Manson)
  • Massive Attack
  • Dream Theater
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • King’s X
  • Eric Gales
  • Method Man & Redman
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Circa Survive
  • Coheed & Cambria
  • Bjork
  • Armor for Sleep
  • Alice in Chains
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Second Coming


Devin Townsend Concert ~ St Paul

Devin Townsend Concert ~ St Paul

Several weeks ago now (10-8-11) I attended the Devin Townsend show at Station 4 in St Paul.  It was a great show! Station 4 also happened to be one of the stops on the Zombie Pub Crawl that same night.  I did not have my camera with me but I did have my Flip Video Cam and got some footage of the show….






Tuesday Tunes: Favorite 90’s Songs

Tuesday Tunes: Favorite 90’s Songs

***ETA: Videos have been removed because they were slowing down my blog***

Here we are again for another Tubular Tunes Tuesday!

You saw my Favorite Oldies Songs and My Favorite 80’s songs, now it is time for My Favorite 90’s Songs! Make sure to check out Krystal or Jen‘s blogs to see all the other link-ups.  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

The 90’s were happening during my “coming of age” years….. I attended high school from 91-95 and college from 95-99 and boy, do these songs take me back!!  I think I had over 300 CDs and I was into Rock, Rap and R&B during those years so you will see a mix here!! (Speaking of “mix”…does anyone remember the Kristi Kris Dance Mixes back at SCSU??!)

Rock/Metal Faves….

  • Nutshell by Alice in Chains- Kind of a sad song but I love it.
  • Jet City Woman by Queensryche – It was hard to pick my favorite Queensryche song because there are so many, but this one is a classic. Queensryche still rules!
  • Far Behind by Candlebox
  • Epic by Faith No More
  • All in the Family- Korn with Limp Bizkit

Let’s Slow it down a little with some R &B….

  • I Wanna Be Your Man by Zapp & Roger
  • Die Without You by PM Dawn
  • On Bended Knee by Boys II Men
  • Twisted by Keith Sweat
  • Got Me Waiting by Heavy D

Rap/Dance stuff….

  • What Can I Do (remix) by Ice Cube- Ta-Dow!!!
  • P Control by PRINCE
  • Nuthin’ But A G Thang by Dr Dre
  • Lodi Dodi by Snoop Dogg
  • SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMusic by OutKast
  • Gimme That Nut by Eazy E
  • I Get Around by 2Pac
  • Doin’ It by LL Cool J
  • Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill
  • El Tiburon by Proyecto Uno
  • Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz
  • Regulate by Warren G
Tubular Tunes on Tuesday: My Favorite 80’s Songs

Tubular Tunes on Tuesday: My Favorite 80’s Songs

Krystal and Jen are once again hosting Tubular Tunes Tuesday . Each Tuesday, from November 1st until December 6th, has a different theme.  This weeks theme is 80’s.  Thanks to Ang for finding this fun link-up!!

I could go ON and ON about all my favorite 80’s songs, as I love such a variety of awesome hits from that decade.  Might be the Best Decade of Music EVER!!! I was aged 3-13 during this decade so it made a big impression on me 🙂

Sweetest Taboo by Sade- Everything by Sade is amazing, she has such a sexy voice.  I remember my parents listening to her a LOT.

I Wanna Be Your Lover (and everything else!) by Prince.  Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely LOVE Prince, have since I was only 7 years old (1984!). This song was officially released in 1979 but I have many, many other favorites of his that were in the 80’s

Ballerina Girl by Lionel Richie.  Another ballad that I just love.  So sweet

Rock with You by Michael Jackson.  So grooving, my favorite of his (well, one of them!)

Love Bites by Def Leppard.  This brings me back to the rollerskating days and the “Snowball”….. who remembers that at the good ol’ Saints North Roller Rink??!!

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N Roses.  Totally reminds me of my 6th grade love, BB.

I’m Going to Miss You by Milli Vanilli.  Okay, so these guys in the video were phonies, but I still adore this song.

Talk Dirty to Me by Poison.  Poison totally rocked my world from 4th-7th grade and this one might be one of their best ever 😉

Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins.  So romantic, still adore this song!

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.  Love it!

Every Breath You Take by The Police.  Probably not their best song ever, but it is a classic and it rocks!

Buttermilk Biscuits by Sir Mix A Lot.  Fun & silly, reminds me of 6th grade

You Gotta Fight for your Right To Party by Beastie Boys.  Old school Rap/rock kicks major booty!! True pioneers

One by Metallica.  yes, I was also a metal chick back in the day.  Old School Metallica is the ultimate

La Bamba by Los Lobos.  Family favorite, will always remind me of both my baby brother Jeffrey (home video) and my little cousin Michael performing at my grandparents 40th anniversary party

I Want Your Sex by George Michael. I may have been about 11 when this song was popular and I knew it was kind of a naughty song which made it appeal even more. Not to mention it was very catchy! lol. I can’t believe my mother let me listen to it back then!
That was a lot of fun to look back at one of the best decades, I could go on and on….

Tubular Tunes on Tuesday ~ My Favorite Oldies Songs

Tubular Tunes on Tuesday ~ My Favorite Oldies Songs

Okay, so I know it is Wednesday today, not Tuesday, but who cares if I am a day late? I just heard about this Music-Themed link-up late last night via Ang and I wanted to play along.


Krystal and Jen are hosting this Tuesday Linkup for the next several weeks, so it’s not too late to join in and play along! Each Tuesday, from November 1st until December 6th, has a different theme.  This weeks theme is Oldies (Anything 1979 or earlier).

I love the oldies!! They never go out of style.  Here are some of my favorite oldies songs.   I will have to wait until later to add the videos/music files.  This list will probably be a mile long once I am through 😉

Yesterday by The Beatles.  I LOVE The Beatles and there are hundreds of songs I could list here, but this is one of my favorites.  I also love their cheesy ballads and drug-induced songs as well (think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) 😉

Dancing Queen by ABBA – Totally reminds me of my college days, specifically of my roommate Laura Blonde.  Good stuff!

Funkytown by Lipps Inc.- Such a funky, groovy beat.  Won’t you take me down? To Funkytown?!

California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas– Listening to this song makes me think I may have once been a hippy in a former life. LOL

Daydream Believer by The Monkees– Another great classic

My Girl by the Temptations– Such a laid back, easy and sweet song

Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys – I will always love the Beach Boys and they will forever remind me of my Dad and driving around in his 1960 Little Red Corvette

All My Love by Led Zeppelin– Great old school band.  This song is one of their best!

Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana– Santana is a Guitar God and this is one of his classics.  Sexy and soulful.

Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac – I love Fleetwood Mac, so many great songs.  Reminds me of my BFF Mary Ellen.

Tiny Dancer by Elton John.  I love Sir Elton and this is one of my favorites! I used this song in my Grandparents 60th Anniversary video.

ABC by the Jackson 5– This song just makes me want to groove

Celebration by Kool and the Gang– This song will never get old! Still makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it.

Sade in Concert {Chicago & Minneapolis}

Sade in Concert {Chicago & Minneapolis}


Ohmygoodness, what can I say about this woman to express how

Lovely, Class, Sexy and Beautiful she is?

I am so incredibly blessed to have had the experience of seeing Sade (pronounced Sha-Day) live in concert.  Most people have never had that experience and this past week I got to see her not once, but 2X!!  When the tickets went on sale last spring, we splurged and bought awesome seats to see her in Chicago and also in Minneapolis.

The Chicago show was at the United Center on Sunday, August 7.  Our seats were on the main floor, dead center in the middle section, row 16.  Amazing seats!!  John Legend opened for her and even though I didn’t know any of his music, he put on a good show. I was upset that security made me check my camera because I would have gotten some amazing shots, however halfway through the show I remembered that we had an iPhone with a camera so I started taking a few pics.  We were much closer than these appear…..
Sade in Chicago 11

Her encore was Cherish the Day

The show in Minneapolis was just two days later, on Tuesday August 9. We went to this show with our Bff Rich and his father. Our seats were 17th row, main floor, but in the section on the far right.  Not as good as our seats in Chicago but they were still darn good! I took photos and videos of the first half of the show using my brother Jeff’s Canon G12 but I took so many long videos that the battery ended up going dead halfway through, around the same spot in the show that I started taking pics in Chicago!

Most of the photos I took were really bad until I figured out how to use manual settings on Jeff”s camera.  Once I did that I got some decent shots.  Then the battery died, go figure!

I took some videos too, check them out

It was an amazing experience, worth every penny!

Sade {My Favorite Diva of All Time}

Sade {My Favorite Diva of All Time}

Sade in concert is absolutely AMAZING!!!
I saw her on Sunday night in Chicago and will be seeing her again tonight in Mpls. We had amazing seats for both shows. I wasn’t able to bring my big camera into the show in Chicago but I got a few with the iPhone. For tonight I borrowed my brother Jeff’s camera and I expect to get some awesome photos, stay tuned.

For the time being, here is a video of  Sade performing Love is Found in her show. Can you believe she is 52 years old?

Alice in Chains is Back!

Alice in Chains is Back!

How many of you are Alice in Chains fans?? Or were back in the day when they were in their hay-day?  If so, have you checked out their new album, Black Gives Way to Blue??? It is totally awesome, sounds exactly like their old-school stuff. They got a new lead singer to replace Layne Staley who died back in 2002 and he is so good! Listening to the new stuff really brings you back because it sounds so true, so much like the old albums.  I LOVE IT!!! The more I hear it, the more I love it.  So emotional. Click here to see many of the older Alice in Chains videos.

Here is an interview with the new band members, explaining how they got back together, etc.  You can hear clips of the new album playing in the background.  Its a long video (12 min) but very cool to watch.  Check it out!

Living Colour at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Living Colour at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Last Wednesday Living Colour was in town to play a gig at Fine Line Music Cafe.  We've been fans for about 20 years but  hadn't ever seen them before, we so jumped at the chance when tickets became available.  Before the show we met a friend downtown at Pizza Luce, where we ordered dinner in the restaurant.  It was really good; much better than I remember from a past experience with their late-night pizza-by-the slice.  I'll link to the review as soon as I have it written up.  After dinner the three of us went to the show, which was really good! It was loud but the guys sounded great.  My brother Jeff was kind enough to let me borrow his camera for the weekend, so I got a few decent photos. 






I also discovered that the G9 has HD video…. I owned the same camera for a year (until I dropped it) and must've had it set on the crappiest quality you can get because I was never happy with the overall quality. I took a few videos at the show but had to reduce the size of the video for Youtube. Check out "Cult of Personality" below